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  1. Happy April 15th! We're finally done with this cycle! applying during the pandemic put a new level of stress on top of one of the biggest decisions we'll make anyway. Without being able to visit schools and interview in person, I've definitely leaned on y'all for information, so thank you congratulations to everyone regardless of acceptances, we all made it through and came out of this stronger. I'm headed to MD Anderson! if any of y'all are too, message me!
  2. Is anyone planning to go to the MD Anderson admitted students chat?
  3. Hey congrats! I'll be down the road from you at MD Anderson, see you in Houston
  4. I know the city of Houston (especially the TMC) is taking it extremely seriously. I've looked at social media from my school and they're being vocal about their support of masks. Edit: wanted to add that despite Greg Abbott's ridiculous call, it is still the right of all private businesses to require masks. I have a friend in Houston who said that since the mandate was lifted, he's seen just as many people continuing to wear them and that all businesses he's encountered still have their mask reqs in place.
  5. I just scrolled through here and saw your signature change, congrats on MD Anderson!!
  6. I heard back from MD Anderson 6 days after my interview (and that included a weekend and a holiday, so 3 business days) and they said expect results in 2 weeks. Dartmouth and A&M both said "about 2 weeks" and I heard back like a month later. 2 weeks can mean a couple days or a month lol. Choosing people and then securing funding takes a lot of time on the school's part, so don't fret! No news is still good news imo 🙂
  7. Good luck with BCM and MD Anderson! Hope to see you in my cohort!
  8. There are biomedical science PhD programs too! Look into ones that offer broad medical science programs, there are ones like BCM DDMT I know you have the option to take classes on various organ systems
  9. hello neighbor! I'm not going to Rice, but I'm going to MD Anderson UTHealth! I've been to Houston a lot (west Louisiana native) but I know I've barely seen any of what's there. any suggestions for neat places to go?
  10. I think it's reasonable. MD Anderson paid for my food+hotel room, but this was after I accepted their offer. Thankfully I didn't have to fly, which I know my school is discouraging rn due to COVID.
  11. Thank you! Good luck in your interview! Everyone was really nice in mine, you could just tell how genuine everyone was. It gave me home vibes immediately. I interviewed January 15 and got accepted on January 21, so expect to hear back quickly! Which GSBS programs are you looking at?
  12. Hello! I don't think this part of the forum is as active, but I figured I'd start this group anyways
  13. I've been accepted to three awesome schools, and I couldn't be happier. Grad admissions are officially over for me, and I've learned a whole lot about myself. I wish you the best of luck as well!
  14. I sure hope so! Someone in my interview asked when we should hear back and they said the adcom starts meeting this week.
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