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  1. Hey all, went through this whole process last year and am a first year in a Neuroscience PhD program. If I can recommend anything, don't go by previous year statistics/try to "chance yourselves," or even think too much about professor email responses. At the end of the day, I got accepted to programs that I thought would reject me, and rejected from programs that I thought I had a good shot at getting into. A lot of it is down to research fit and pure chance. Wishing all of you the best of luck!!!!!!!
  2. Definitely recommended! I contacted multiple POIs at most schools I applied to to see if they were taking students/if our research interests were a match and POIs were very receptive to me reaching out. I would recommend reaching out anytime in late August through December 1st when applications are due for PhD programs.
  3. Yay, nice to meet you all!! So excited to move to NYC!!!!!!! Are you all planning on moving your furniture cross-country (if you're out-of-state) or are you thinking of getting all new furniture once you're there?
  4. Currently debating between early July and early August leases! I kind of like the idea of being in the city for a month and a half before the program starts so I have some time to really get to know the city without the stress of grad school, but I'm kind of at the mercy of the housing market/my future roommates 😂
  5. Nice! I committed to NB&B (Neurobiology and Behavior) a few weeks ago When are you planning on moving to the city!?!
  6. So happy for you!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! You're on to do amazing things
  7. I completely relate to this 😂 I probably won't just because it's hard to schedule this with my current workplace, but if it doesn't impact your work, I 100% think it's worth it to go visit each school
  8. Nice to meet you!! I'll be in the Neurobiology and Behavior PhD program! I haven't committed yet, but am very likely to in the next couple of weeks
  9. Hi all! Figured I would create a space for people committed to/possible committing to Columbia for graduate study in Fall 2021
  10. I completely understand and haven't committed yet myself! Only commit when you are 100% sure, whether that is right now, or weeks from now, or even on April 15th if it comes to that!
  11. Never too early! If enough people respond early, people might get off the waitlist/told that a program will not be taking students off the waitlist earlier.
  12. I'm trying to be optimistic, but feel similarly. At least the person who wrote that did not specify whether a PI or a co-director sent the email (maybe a PI that really wants them wanted to let them know personally).
  13. Hi all, I saw in the results page that someone was waitlisted for Columbia's program in Neurobiology and Behavior. Does anyone have any more information on this (which track/etc)?
  14. I personally am waiting to hear from all of my programs before making a decision, but if you are 100% confident in this program, I say go ahead! All of your programs will appreciate it since you are securing a spot at the program you like the best and will go to and also be telling other programs that you will not be taking one of their spots (makes it easier to roll people off of waitlists prior to the April 15th deadline).
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