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  1. I completely understand and haven't committed yet myself! Only commit when you are 100% sure, whether that is right now, or weeks from now, or even on April 15th if it comes to that!
  2. Never too early! If enough people respond early, people might get off the waitlist/told that a program will not be taking students off the waitlist earlier.
  3. I'm trying to be optimistic, but feel similarly. At least the person who wrote that did not specify whether a PI or a co-director sent the email (maybe a PI that really wants them wanted to let them know personally).
  4. Hi all, I saw in the results page that someone was waitlisted for Columbia's program in Neurobiology and Behavior. Does anyone have any more information on this (which track/etc)?
  5. I personally am waiting to hear from all of my programs before making a decision, but if you are 100% confident in this program, I say go ahead! All of your programs will appreciate it since you are securing a spot at the program you like the best and will go to and also be telling other programs that you will not be taking one of their spots (makes it easier to roll people off of waitlists prior to the April 15th deadline).
  6. Congrats!!!! So excited for you I applied under the Animal Models of Nervous System Disorders tract so I'm hoping that those decisions haven't all gone out yet since Columbia is my top choice as well.
  7. Hey, I saw that there were 2 new acceptances for Columbia Neurobiology & Behavior. Were both of you cellular/molecular?
  8. It definitely depends on the program, but a lot of them send results a week or two after the interview weekend ended. Some wait until after all of the weekends have ended though before making decisions.
  9. For those that can't fly, a good option (and free, though obviously less immersive of an option) is to spend a few hours on apple maps/google maps in 3D mode exploring the city to try to get some type of vibe for it if you've never been
  10. I went to the second interview weekend and the program said that they would send decisions out two weeks latest (ie: the week of 15th-19th). Not sure if this applies to the first weekend, but hopefully this calms y'all down! It very likely could have been an unofficial acceptance from a PI as well
  11. Yes, so the cohort size of NB&B is between 10-20 usually (it definitely varies), but since the matriculation rate probably between 30-50% (most top programs are like this), they likely have to make twice as many offer in order to get the cohort size they want.
  12. I think maybe 15/weekend if this is what you mean. I'd assume they give a little over 30-35 offers (out of 60 interviews).
  13. I completely understand how you are feeling! Just know that we are going to find out our decisions very soon (probably by next Friday the 19th)!!!
  14. I don't think my tract has sent an email yet! I think the person who sent you the interview email is the person who would send this email.
  15. I know certain tracts have gotten it! Who send the email? I know Ken and Wes have sent emails to some applicants
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