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  1. Yesterday was the best day ever! I accepted into Boston University's GPN and received the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Can't wait to start working towards my PhD in Computational Neuroscience in the fall! To everyone still waiting to hear back or who are currently waitlisted at their top choice, don't give up or let it get you down! Even if you don't get in to your top choice (or any where this application cycle), take consolidation that between university budget cuts, the amount of students who deferred a year last cycle, and the waiving of the GRE requirements, this was one of the
  2. Just heard back from Shelley and she said I am on the next list off offers to be sent out. If anyone got an offer from BU GPN and is planning on declining, please please please go ahead and do so to save my sanity!
  3. I just heard back from Sandra and she says I’ve been waitlisted. It’s better than rejection at least!
  4. Maybe they are rolling out based on tracks? I applied to the comp neuro. Where are people posting their acceptances?
  5. They did? Well this isn't how I hoped the day would go lol.....
  6. IKR! I'm trying not to read too much into one of the PI's I met with having said 'I hope to see you at BU!' in his reply to an interview followup/thank you email I sent. I don't want to get my hopes up but I'm cautiously optimistic!
  7. Just got the rejection from Columbia NBB. The only consolation is that the coordinator said they had to take a much smaller cohort this cycle because they had so many people from last year defer to this year. It just sucks because I have been doing everything right throughout undergrad preparing to be a competitive applicant for grad school and bc of COVID most schools are only taking a fraction of the normal amount of students this cycle bc of all the deferrals from last year Here's to hoping there's positive news from BU later this week!
  8. Is the general deadline for decisions April 15th or April 1st? I'm still waiting to hear back from 2 schools so I'm hoping its the former not the latter since that will give me more time to decide.
  9. Me too! I also interviewed for the neurobiology of behavior and cognition track. I attended the first weekend and still haven't heard anything back despite Darcy telling me she'd be in touch soon on 2/22. I'm not sure if this means I'm rejected or on the waitlist or could still hold out hope for getting an acceptance.
  10. Still haven't heard anything back from Columbia despite the coordinator telling me they'd be in touch soon on 2/22. I'm not sure if this means I'm rejected or on the waitlist or could still hold out hope for getting an acceptance. It's weird having interviewed 6 weeks ago and still being in limbo.
  11. For everyone who interviewed last week for BU's GPN, I'm really hoping that we hear back soon!
  12. We should go ahead and start a Columbia waiting anxiety support group. It's been like 6 weeks since I attended the first interview weekend and I've been on edge since then 😬
  13. I applied neurobiology of behavior and cognition and haven't heard anything yet as well. Fingers crossed for you!
  14. I guess Columbia is really trying to make us all sweat on these admission decisions. I couldn't think of anything else all weekend. 😅
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