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  1. Thanks for the reply! My main academic reason would be that I prefer working in a smaller neural system (insects for example, perhaps up to rodents) than a larger one, because the former is easier to apply more systematic computational models on, and most of MIT seem to be focused on higher cognitive functions in more complex animals. Another reason might be that I did both my undergrad and masters at MIT and perhaps it's good to change the academic environment, but I'm not sure how strong that argument is.
  2. My top two choices right now are Rockefeller U and MIT BCS, interested in neuroscience. My background is entirely computational with no wet lab experience. I recognize that it's a really good time to enter the field with strong computational/theoretical knowledge and MIT definitely has more computational/theoretical resources and PIs, however I feel that if I go to MIT I may be very tempted to stay too far from neuroscience and get pulled back to doing AI stuff, since it's such a dominant culture there. That being said, MIT obviously has its far-reaching prestige and its close connection with
  3. Wow then you've been waiting even longer! I feel like this track is the latest, and hopefully they'll let us know next week! Good to know I'm not alone lol. At this point any type of decision would make my life easier...
  4. Is there anyone who's still waiting to hear back from Columbia? I interviewed the second weekend, it the Neurobio of behavior and cognition track (Darcy). I'm not sure if I should do something since everyone I know that had applied to Columbia received some news on their application, and I emailed Darcy on Monday but haven't received any replies... Am I the only one?
  5. I really feel this. I'm not sure if it's the fact that I'm international, or I just suck at interviews lol
  6. Does anyone know what we can do while on the waitlist, apart from just waiting?
  7. Nope, not at all. I emailed Darcy yesterday but haven't got any replies yet
  8. I feel like their strategy might be to softly waitlist people without telling them they are waitlisted... Just a guess
  9. At least we don't have any results from the tracks we applied to yet, and from people on this forum it seems like a LOT of interviewees haven't heard back yet? I'm getting pretty anxious too since I expected to hear back last week at the latest 😕
  10. Why? Do they send out offers first, then waitlist, then rejections?
  11. Through email! Doesn't seem personalized, but as someone posted above it sounds like one person is making the final decision and sending out offers, so maybe it'll take a while. And thank you and good luck to you too!!
  12. I applied to Neurobiology of behavior track and also have no news 😕
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