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  1. Hello all- What are everyone’s thoughts on taking the GRE? None of the schools I’m applying to require it and half of them don’t let you submit scores. I’m wondering if I should take it and submit scores to the ones that do take it (but don’t require it) just to have an extra notch on my application? I have a higher undergrad GPA (3.99), so I don’t need it to make up for that. But my top pick is Harvard so I’m wondering if I should submit it anyway to give myself the best shot?
  2. Would you mind posting a little bit about your experiences and qualifications etc?
  3. Do you mind me asking how you found such a niche topic of interest? I’m only just finishing my undergraduate (i graduate may 2021) and I have specific things I’d like to study, but it’s a lot less narrowed down than a lot of other people.
  4. How many schools are you all applying to? I've heard so many horror stories of people not being accepted places that I have a list of 17 schools right now. I am trying to narrow it down (mostly for cost's sake, as the app fees add up to $1600), but I don't want to undershoot it 😥
  5. I know it's early but...is it ever really too early to start a community so we can all help each other out with this crazy process? I don't know about all of you, but applying this year is all I can think about.
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