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  1. CONGRATS! THATS SO AWESOME!!! So excited for everyone to be hearing back!
  2. Those are all pretty competitive schools & this year they all had a ton of applicants. I would throw in some more safety schools as well!
  3. I'm from Philly, but I don't think Newark is too expensive. Def less than NYC!
  4. Now that application season is winding down, where has everyone committed/is going to commit? Hope to see you all at future SfNs/conferences and wish you all the best of luck in your career! I have committed to Drexel University College of Medicine for the PhD program in Neuroscience!
  5. I applied this round (for 2020 fall admissions) good luck you guys! Also just want to throw this out there - Drexel's College of Medicine is a good program that is often overlooked! Check it out if you want to and again good luck to you all! ❤️
  6. I got this email from UCLA after I emailed them a while ago. Hi Kendra, Thank you for your email and thank you for your application! Applications are still being reviewed at this time. We will reach out to you directly if we need any information from you or to provide you with any updates regarding your application.
  7. It only takes one! Hoping you get an interview offer very soon!
  8. So far DUCOM has been my only interview (on Jan 15/16), hoping to get an offer bc I absolutely loved it! Crossing my fingers for you that you get an interview!
  9. I'm not sure, this is my first time applying lol, but I have heard stories... not sure if they're true or an urban legend 😂
  10. I mean, it's not over until you get a rejection! DUCOM won't be making any decision until mid Feb - mid March, so there still might be hope!
  11. Drexel College of Medicine or Drexel main campus? DUCOM already sent invites and has had two interview weekends already and main is having their interview next weekend, so I assume they sent out interview invites. @NervousNeuro sorry quoted the wrong person!
  12. Nevermind, I found UCLA interview weekends, but can't find any for Albert Einstein.
  13. Does anyone know when the interview weekends for Albert Einsteins or UCLA are? Trying to see if I should hold out any hope.
  14. I haven’t heard anything since I last emailed them! Waiting is driving me nuts. 😭😂
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