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  1. Might be late info but I JUST got an official rejection from UW Seattle! International here, which might explain why things are a bit lagging behind.
  2. That's very helpful, thanks a lot! And not an actual question about strength and weakness, but generally how you stand out and why they would admit you out of hundreds of applicants. It might be a great match of interest (and hence the question how do you specifically show your interest and passion if you don't have to read papers), strong intellectual ability, or a clear idea of what research you would want to do as a PhD (when your current field isn't directly relevant to your POIs, and when you have done many other different types of projects, how do you show that you are focused and
  3. Hello fellow researchers!! I applied for 5 programs this year, and I got one interview invitation from my dream program, a confirmed rejection from a safe choice (which was surprising) and haven't heard from others (they have sent interview invitations in Dec so I assume they all failed.) The very tiny pool of interview invitations made me confused about why I even got invited by the very competitive, top program (and I even had a dream that I got another email saying the invitation was a mistake 😂). As I am preparing for the only interview weekend I have so far, I feel less and les
  4. I'm also on the lower side of the balance lol, but I'm sure we will all get something eventually. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes... Whether we have 1 or 10 or no interviews at all, it doesn't hurt to start preping! Does anyone know if there is an existing interview prep group/chat for all those who want some "peer-reviews?" If not, is anyone interested in starting one together...?
  5. It also depends on the programs you have applied for. I'm sure you will get something, unless you only applied for a few very top ones. Don't panic there's one more workday before Christmas! and January to come of course. Not sure if the "irrelevant" reference will do anything, but if it's strong then it will still boost your apps. IMHO you have a great profile of relevant research too, not just good grades. And good grades are important (I'm often ashamed about how to explain the dip in my 3rd and 4th year major electives), at least you won't be easily cut out by the numbers!
  6. 3 in limbo too, uh how much I hate it!! I got a very positive response from one POI but then the program was the first to reject me. Not the level of contact compared to you though.
  7. Does anyone know the usual number of slots of acceptance/interviews at Caltech/Princeton/Stanford? Just want to have a rough idea...
  8. I know right. The thing like "you don't have to be neuro/life science major,""we don't have a minimal GPA," "publications are not required," etc. is not completely true, if not a lie. I know a third-year PhD in the program who was very encouraging and they told me it wouldn't be as crazy as I imagined. Yes it isn't, cuz it's crazier than I've ever thought. Thanks a lot for the info btw. Best of luck with your apps this year!
  9. Thanks for the info! I guess it's gonna be harder and harder every year....
  10. And no I haven't seen one US PhD with Jan. deadlines yet, not as I remember. A lot in UK and Canada (almost any one you can think of) are open further till Feb and even later (without fundings). I haven't applied for any one yet, was busy and lazy in filling the apps... How about masters in US? Have you seen any and would you mind sharing?
  11. @EVIL GENIUS sounds real fierce (They do admit a few more than other programs I guess). I'm not ashamed! @t_lulu and @siguy, you both got really strong background, I bet you are popular!! Have you got any other invitations? Best of luck with all interviews everyone!
  12. Any internationals got Harvard PiN yet? I guess they have sent all invitations and I'm just not qualified. Harvard invites, mind sharing your stats?
  13. I think someone on the result page said they've sent out all invitations. Sadly I didn't get one somehow I thought it would be a safe choice
  14. That's very impressive! Thanks loads for sharing the info, I will start looking...
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