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  1. Did anyone get a skype interview invite from NYU or Einstein or Rochester or Pittsburgh? I haven't heard anything and my last hope is that they simply contact international students later.
  2. Same situation. Also, international. I have seen that people apply to RA Jobs in US on J-1 visa in this thread but after googling I got the idea that few employers would hire people on J-1 cause it's a long process or something. How are you planning on getting RA position? I feel that's the only of getting experience that would be significant for a phd consideration.
  3. Mount Sinai sent out rejection notifications now. Were they impressed by everyone's credentials?
  4. Also nothing. No interview invite, no rejection (I'm an international student, without visa).
  5. Some of international students who get interviews, especially from places like Mount Sinai (in person interviews), are you international studying in the US or people who are from foreign universities with no visas?
  6. Yes, same. But haven't seen many PhD programs in US with Jan deadlines. If you don't mind sharing which one have you seen.. I thought I might apply to Master's then cause haven't anything from few PhD programs I applied to...
  7. Do you think maybe it's different for international applicants?
  8. Undergrad Institution: Best in Kazakhstan (US type of system, taught in English)Major(s): BiologyMinor(s): Computer ScienceGPA in Major: ~3.7Overall GPA: 3.33 (will be higher hopefully, by Nov)Position in Class: averageType of Student: International, female, minority (Asian)GRE Scores (revised): not taken yet, but practice ~160 Q:V:W:B:IELTS: ~ 8 (take soon)Research Experience: Molecular Biology Lab Technical work for 1 year > no publications (ongoing big project) Going to start BCI research this semester, review paper in the makingAwards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's list several timesPertinent Activities or Jobs: private tutoring for SATsAny Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help:Special Bonus Points: I'm auditing Master's level robotics class? (can be mentioned on transcript)Any Other Info That Shows Up On Your App and Might Matter: took Computer Science classes, participated in Mobile Application Development Incubator, interested in neuroengineering or research related to technology within neuroscience (any Lab suggestions are welcome) Applying to Where: Neuroscience (where there's also engineering involved in research)University of PittsburgUCSD (how many international students they accept?)Rochester, Emory Not Sure: University of Washington, Northwestern, MIT, John Hopkins, UPenn, Boston University Brandeis, Mount Sinai, Baylor, UMich What are my chances? I feel like compared to other candidates my application is flat, no glowing LORs (I will be lucky if they will be ok), average GPA, no research. Should I take a gap year and not even try? Is it better to go to Master's somewhere in Europe or apply for RA job in US, or do I maybe have chances to get into MSc in US? If you send GRE scores 1 time, would they still have them next year?
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