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  1. I saw a couple people got interviews to BU GPN. Should I hold onto any hope, or have all invites gone out?!
  2. Just got the R from Mount sinai -- so much silence elsewhere ugh
  3. Did brown-NIH interviews go out from the program, or POI? definitely a top choice of mine, haven’t heard anything
  4. Seeing a flurry of rejections to Northwestern on the results page...anyone else not receive an interview or rejection yet?!
  5. Congrats!!! Can I ask what your POI’s specialization/research area is?!
  6. First official rejection from UCSF. Not at all surprised though lol I almost forgot I applied
  7. Just want to say I’m in the same boat — 3.2, but years of experience and check all the other boxes (I think). I just talked to someone at a top school who told me that as long as you applied to Several schools, it’s not over — You may only get 1 or 2 invites, but there are a few people in top programs whose letters and experience carried them. I’m not sure what’s next if I don’t get in, but I know I love neuroscience/research and that I will keep on keepin’ on! I have a feeling those top stat people get invited first, but all we need is 1 school to take a chance on us. You never know!
  8. I’m not international, but still have total silence on my end 😆 looks like three of the programs I applied to sent out interviews, so here’s to hoping the other 11 pull through!!!!
  9. Me too also from the results page it looks like Sinai and Northwestern neuroscience sent out invites, so that is unfortunate
  10. Congrats to all those with interviews!! I managed to stay off this site for ~5 days and just relapsed and keep refreshing this thread and the results page 😮 The silence is deafening!!!!
  11. Omg I did this too ahaha. Also one of my LORs is still not in so there’s that....sigh
  12. Aww I love that haha I hope so too!! Thanks for all the advice here, Re: BU, safeties, etc. is anyone else struggling with their essays as much as I am?! I know how to write about my experience but am really uncertain on how to organize and introduce everything. Are you all taking a more technical tone and just sticking to what eachprompt asks, or are people being creative?
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