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  1. I also applied this round (Fall 2020), still waiting for a few programs to reject me. I've heard many programs have double numbers of applicants since they dropped the GRE requirement. I applied to 12, maybe too many for a domestic applicant but not enough for an international student.
  2. Hopefully there still might be hope! But sorry to ask this same question again - are there any cases in neuroscience programs in previous years that a student did not get an interview, but eventually got an offer?
  3. Has anyone heard from Stony Brook? I just saw one post on the result page. A little surprised b/c their deadline is Jan 15.
  4. Do programs that still require GRE also have doubled applicants? Like NYU neural science and BU GPN? BTW has anyone heard from BU GPN?
  5. To the UMass Amherst question above several days ago - I just got the interview invitation earlier today. Hopefully they are not done yet.
  6. Not really surprised b/c no interview so far. But it seems they have many many more applicants than before. From the stats on UNC website it’s like ~1000 a few years ago? Also - although someone already asked in this stream - could someone get an offer without receiving an interview? It looks like some programs have already sent out all interviews, but no rejections. Why do they keep us in the false hope
  7. Just got my rejection from UNC BBSP. In the email they said they have over 1900 applicants this year.
  8. Thank you so much for the information! And may I add one more question - assuming you see an opening posted, and send out an application, how long would it usually take to receive a feedback (if they give you a feedback that you can get the job)? Just a bit concerned about the timeline due to visa issues.
  9. May I ask a question about the timeline for applying RA positions - typically when do people start applying, and how long does it take to know whether or not you would get the RA position, and then do people start immediately, or after a certain period of time?
  10. Thanks a lot! I've heard NIH postbac is a very good choice, but probably I won't apply for that (for personal reasons). But still many thanks!
  11. I am currently in US with student visa, so probably going to work on F-1 OPT. Yes I have seen someone posted in this thread working on J-1 visa. I'm not sure how difficult it is procedurally, but I know that many postdocs (with or without US PhD degree) can work with J-1 visa. I also know a few international students work on F-2 or J-2 or H-4 in US (if you are married). Is it possible to apply for RA jobs in Europe? Hopefully interviews are not done yet, and sometimes people can get an offer in March or April even without an interview. Good luck! (Now I have 2 rejections and 6 silent
  12. Do you mean UMass Amherst Neuroscience & Behavior program?
  13. Similar situation. Also international. So far no interviews. I have 2 rejections, 5 schools probably close to rejection (they sent interviews but I didn’t receive any). Several schools haven’t sent interviews but my feeling is that they might be the same. I was wondering if I should plan for another year
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