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  1. It is still really early, I would try not to worry yet. These are unofficial interviews for the most part. Good luck 🍀
  2. Thank you! Good luck on your interview as well. I didn’t even think to check that out before the interviews, what a good idea! 😅
  3. Me too! All of my imposter syndrome is running rampant at the moment. We just have to remind ourselves we worked really hard to get here. I am sure you will do well and I am sending you good vibes!
  4. Congrats!!! I hope your interview goes well!!! I also just got two invites for informal Skype interviews next week and I am super stressed. One of them is for my dream school, so on one hand I am super excited but on the other hand I am afraid to do something wrong to jeopardize it. 😬
  5. Oh wow seems like you and I have some overlap in our schools. Would you care to share which POIs you are interested in at UChicago, UCSB, and Boulder? Are you also interested in affective and social neuroscience? Yeah I got flat out rejected last year from 7 programs which was incredibly disappointing. There is so much that goes into getting accepted. It’s important to not get discouraged and to always pick yourself back up and improve yourself. I learned so much from my first round of rejections.
  6. Fingers crossed for you! Where did you apply?
  7. I am glad it went through. I am still waiting on two of my apps to update my GRE scores but at least I got confirmation emails from the department they were received 😅! Traveling is a great idea! I am just trying to keep busy at work by taking on more projects but I am still finding myself refreshing my email 100 times a day 😂.
  8. I’m sure you are far more competitive now! What is your area of interest?
  9. I totally agree with you. Did you apply last year as well? How many places did you apply to this time?
  10. Fingers crossed for your last app! Good luck with all of them. Now comes the most frustrating part of applying... the waiting game. How does everyone plan on keeping busy while waiting?
  11. The deadline really depends on the school, but I would aim for before 23:59 EST. I also wouldn’t wait until the last minute because anything could happen, like the website going down because of high traffic. Regarding recommendation letters, I think there are a few days post deadline grace period most schools give because they understand it’s sort of out of the applicant’s hands.
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