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  1. Well from what my advisors told me (I am living in another country) the most important thing is if you don’t do a PhD at a top university then you will need to do a post doc at one. I’m not sure if that is also true for Americans, but here in Israel a lot of students do their PhDs here and then go abroad to a top 10 University to do their post doc.
  2. Yeah I think you are right about the publishing. I, too, am working on getting some of the research I have worked on published.
  3. I would try to post the question to the forum on ResearchGate
  4. Yeah I also am considering applying to a few masters programs here in Israel. I will also continue working in the lab I work at now. This whole process is so stressful and emotionally taxing .
  5. Yeah this process is so brutal. So far I have been rejected from two places and have had mostly radio silence from the other places. The one school I was in touch with has been ghosting me for a month, so I feel what you are going through. Do you have any alternative plans for next year?
  6. Congrats to the poster who got accepted to Clark University’s Social Program. Would you mind PMing your POI?
  7. The application process is very competitive and the probability of getting accepted is so low so try not to get discouraged. Many of the post docs I have spoken to applied two or three years in a row before finally getting accepted. I, too, have received two rejections so far and am not so optimistic this cycle but it is super important to not let these rejections affect our self worth. I am happy you have been getting positive feedback about lab manager positions. A post doc I know said doing a year as a lab manager really helped him get accepted the second time around. Good luck 🍀
  8. Did anyone in this group apply to Clark’s Psychology of Genocide program? If so, has anyone heard anything back? The admissions office said the committee was meeting this week and we should expect answers by the end of the week... today is Friday so I am getting really impatient.
  9. Congratulations!! Do you mind if I ask which specific sub discipline you applied to?
  10. I completely empathize with you! I feel the exact same way. I also have only had one interview out of the 8 places I applied, it went well but haven’t heard anything else and have begun thinking of things to do from now until next cycle when I will have to reapply ?
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