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  1. Do a literature search/review on Google Scholar for the topics you're interested in and then see what departments the authors are in. That's how I identified the PI's I wanted to work with. Good luck!
  2. I would look at the placement rates for both programs and go with the one that best aligns with your goals. If they were similar, then I'd go off of which advisor you liked best. Good luck!!
  3. Mine is fully funded, but I wasn't sure if that was why there wasn't a deposit?
  4. Do literature searches to identify your potential PI's and apply based on research fit, not rankings. There is no school that should be viewed as out of reach or a safety school, it mostly comes down to fit so apply with intention.
  5. Hi all! With April 15th just around the corner, I'm trying to make sure I've crossed all of my T's and dotted all of my I's. I have seen a number of people mentioning required deposits for their programs, and I'm curious if this is universal. I wasn't prompted to make a deposit when I accepted my offer through the online portal, and no one has said anything about it, but I don't want to make assumptions and have things fall through the cracks. I emailed the graduate school's admissions folks on April 5th, and again today, but haven't heard back. I also emailed the program coordinator this morn
  6. The program would be the best resource to learn more about the placement stats/details, and I'd reach out to current grad students to learn more about the faculty.
  7. If you want to go into practice and not continue with research or into academia, I was under the impression that you only need a master's degree, but maybe I'm wrong. I'm pursuing a PhD in Developmental, but want to stay in academia. I think the best bet would be to reach out to people who are currently doing what you hope to be long term and ask them about their journey. It sounds like a PhD would be way more then you need, but again, people currently working in the field would have more insight. Good luck!!
  8. Yes, because the current offer holders have until the 15th to give their final answers. Good luck!!
  9. Once your program begins you'll have very little free time to focus on anything else. So perhaps this time could be used cultivating/enjoying the hobbies that bring you joy? I know it's tempting to jump ahead, but it's also a gift to be able to control your time and attention. Congrats on the acceptance and I hope you can appreciate the next few months of freedom!
  10. I say School A. Between research fit, shorter commute, and being in your current city, it seems like a great fit!
  11. I think at this point it's still really early and we should all do our best to not fall down the speculation rabbit hole. If it's still a problem come summer I'm sure plans will be made, but there is no use borrowing worry and stoking the "what if" panic. We're psychologists, let's rise above the fear contagion :).
  12. Great! I just didn't want it to sound presumptuous, but I like the suggestion to just say I want to be removed from the waitlist.
  13. Great thank you for the guidance!
  14. I just formally accepted my offer to Michigan!! Still can't believe it! I'm so excited about the program and my advisor and can't wait to get started!! Anyone else headed to Ann Arbor? Good luck to those still waiting! I'm SOOO thrilled to be done and hope your waiting ends soon (and with the outcome you desire)!!
  15. This may be an odd question, but if we've accepted another offer should we notify advisors who have waitlisted us, the way we notify programs where we have been accepted? It feels weird to tell them, since I'm not technically turning down an offer, but it feels like it would be more awkward if they end up offering me a spot later. Also, it's someone I'm hoping to still work with in the future, so I want to handle the situation well. Thanks for any help!
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