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  1. Just in case anyone is looking at this thread, I'd love to hear from current grad students who live in Lexington. I'm still deciding between UK and one other program, but if I choose UK I'll be moving with me partner and be looking to buy a house. Curious about the neighborhoods and what a reasonable distance would be (20 mins? 30 mins?). Thanks!
  2. PsychPhdBound

    Portland, OR

    In case anyone from this round is considering Portland I just wanted to let you know I'm here to answer any questions and the city. Feel free to message me!
  3. Thank you! It's my first interview so I'm pretty excited to get this next stage in the process started!
  4. No, don't wear it. This process is meant to present the best versions of our actual selves, not for us to try and fit into some cultural expectations. I don't wear makeup (I'm a woman) and don't plan on changing that for my visits. This is my first time applying, but I was in my post-bacc program last year when applicants came for visiting day and you could TOTALLY tell who was uncomfortable in their clothes and who wasn't. Definitely look sharp and put together (I didn't see any jeans accept at the socials), but be yourself and wear comfortable shoes. I will be in nice wrap dresses for all of my visits, not packing a single blazer. But I'm also 37 and a little more at home in my sense of self than I know many other people are. It can be hard when you're in your early 20's (I don't know if you are) to feel confident enough to just be the shiniest version of yourself. But I'm sure you'll shine in so many ways, don't stress too much about the outfit!
  5. I would always err on the side of honest and not worry so much about whether it's a "good" or "right" answer. The best thing you can do is to represent your authentic self. It will be a LONG process if you have to fake your way through it (interviews and PhD programs). Take a deep breath, remember that they invited you because they are excited by what you have to offer, and try to enjoy this experience!! Good luck!
  6. Just focus on your own answers and being authentic. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but you're not there to "beat" anyone, this is your opportunity to show them who you are. It's clear in a group setting when people aren't being themselves, so take a deep breath, remind yourself that they invited you because they are excited about what you have to offer, and focus on being your best self. If that doesn't end up being what they want then it's for the best. But you don't want to act one way in the interview and then show up to the program as someone else. That doesn't benefit anyone in the long run. Good luck, have fun, and remember, you're the only you in that room!
  7. I applied to UK's Experimental Psychology Ph.D. program (social, developmental, health track) and my interview is this coming week 😃
  8. Agreed!! I'm so grateful for these forums! No one else in my life really understands what this process is like. They are all trying to be supportive but from the start they've all been "of course you'll get in, you're so smart" and I've had to explain 1,000 times, it's not about smart, most serious applicants are smart, it's about SOOOOO much more and it doesn't make much sense. For example, I've been invited to interview at a "Top 5" program, but didn't hear a word from my personal top choice which is toward the bottom of the "Top 20". Also, I'm interviewing at a "lower ranked" program, I think it's like #60/70, and I'm actually MORE excited about it than the #2 school, so who the heck knows! 🤣
  9. School: Arizona State University Type of Program: Family and Human Development Acceptance Date: 12/19/2019
  10. I totally agree! I'll definitely need to visit in person. I've asked the second school, even though it's "ranked" #2, if there is an option for an alternate interview/visiting date. My advisors think I should have asked the other school to move, but I had already committed and am equally interested, so I'm rolling the dice and going with my gut. I know ranking matters, but so does fit and knowing I'm at a program that really wants me. We'll see what happens. First interview is next week (SUPER EXCITED) and in about a month this craziness will all be over! Of course then we'll have the craziness of grad school 🤣
  11. Totally understand your frustrations and your feelings are completely valid! The only thing I would suggest is to try and use this as a learning/growth opportunity. If you can begin to train yourself to focus on your experiences and successes, independent of comparisons and/or judgments of others around you, your grad school journey (and career) will be so much richer. If you allow your "wins" to be dampened by the fact that you can find others who, from your vantage point, are winning "more" you'll always be left wanting. Mindfulness is a great tool to cultivate in this regard! Good luck!!
  12. Hopefully you sent a thank you email after your Skype, but I'd wait until Monday to follow-up. I've heard from a couple of my POI's over the weekend. I think for alot of them it's when they get caught up with emails. As we all know, while this is our entire world and everything we think about, it's just a tiny % of their jobs and isn't necessarily top of mind for them. Good luck!!
  13. I heard today about setting up a Skype interview for next week with in-person invites coming the following week. Hope that helps!
  14. I have this same issue as well! I hate this situation and am still trying to sort it out. Is your conflict also 2/21-22? All the advice being given is not helpful for me because I'm equally excited about both programs so I don't have an obvious "first choice". So I've just reached out to both to see which would be accommodating to a request for an alternate visit. Would love to know what you're doing!
  15. I was also accepted to ASU's FHD program! Still trying to decide though between that and two others. Can't wait to do all of my visits!
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