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  1. I'm also waitlisted for a program I'm REALLY interested in, so I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us
  2. Heading into interviews tomorrow and Tuesday. Couldn't make the official weekend so I'm here a few days early. Really worried that I'm already at a disadvantage since I'm not here for the "official" visit because they might misinterpret my schedule conflict as lack of interest in the program (which it is not). Has anyone else been in this situation? Does anyone have any advice to share?
  3. Mine too! I was waitlisted at one and accepted at another, with one more interview left to go. It was great being surrounded by others who shared my passion for my research topic and really reignited my excitement about grad school. The application process had really left me drained and discouraged and the interviews, even the one I ended up getting waitlisted for, just filled my tank back to full! Obviously still take them seriously and prepare (I read A LOT of articles before each one), but also be sure to enjoy the experience and get a feel for the people. If you get in/accept, these are going to be folks you spend alot of time with :).
  4. Yes, hopefully people won't horde offers. I know they are nice to hold onto but someone is out there waiting to love the one you're going to turn down. So make their day :).
  5. PsychPhdBound


    I'm not in clinical, which I understand is different, but I am applying to Psych PhD programs (with pretty good success) and my quant score was very much not 50%+, so I think there will always be exceptions to the rules and you never know what that secret sauce is. All we can do is share our own experiences.
  6. Ugh, he sounds like someone who would be an awful advisor. This was an awful interview because of him, not you! You're amazing and brilliant and absolutely qualified to be in a PhD program. Doesn't sound like someone I'd want to work with for 5-6 years. I want to be somewhere where I'm appreciated, not that makes me cry during first impressions, but I know this is a very personal process. About the letter, that is unfortunate if it's true (not that you're lying but that he might be exaggerating), but hopefully your LOR writer wouldn't have agreed to submit a letter if they didn't believe in you. Try to stay strong but if you need some time to sit in the disappointment, then you take it! I'm in my own pit today :).
  7. I've been waiting all week for news to come from a program I fell in love with last weekend. But it's 6pm EST on Friday, so I guess I should start trying to move on :(.
  8. If the person who posted about acceptance into UK's Developmental program, I'd love to know who you'll be working with if you'd gave to share
  9. Not sure which comments in particular you were responding to, but in case it was mine, I agree that blanket statements are not wise. That's why I specified that my comments were regarding social/developmental programs, not clinical, and that I've been told it "could be" a sign of a poorly funded program, so it was important to keep that in mind when interviewing and to ask about funding available to students (not just tuition, but travel and conferences).
  10. I was one of five this past weekend at an interview, and that was mentally brutal. So sorry that you're going through this! Fingers crossed for all of us!!
  11. I can't make an interview weekend at a "top" program (had already confirmed another visit) and they won't pay for me to come another time (which is a bit frustrating, since they know we are likely to have conflicts). They said they would "feel bad" making me pay my own way and have offered for me to connect to department faculty and grad students via Skype, but am I totally screwed? Has anyone gotten into a top 5 program doing just virtual interviews? Part of me feels like they are just annoyed that I'm not coming since my PI told me she's never had a candidate miss interview weekend (which I find hard to believe over the course of a 30 year career).
  12. All of my interviews have offered to reimburse/pay for my travel and accommodation (developmental/social programs). I've been told it a school asks for you to conver the costs you should be mindful about asking in the interview about funds available to students in the program (since it could be a sign of a poorly funded program).
  13. Yes! I had an interview this past weekend and felt GREAT the whole time and the few days after (we stayed to explore the city a bit). But then when I woke up yesterday (Monday) morning, I felt totally paralyzed and was checking my email constantly. I really loved the program and the city is somewhere we could build a great life so now I'm stuck in this "oh my god, they're not going to accept me" loop 🤪
  14. This! All we can do is be ourselves since there is no magic formula and we want to be sure wherever we get in we'll be appreciated and valued. It's like dating. If you're hoping to get married you don't fake your way through dates just trying to be what you think they want. You seek out a pairing that works really well for both sides. You would never marry someone just because other people thought they were the best, but you had to fake who you were to get them to fall in love with you. Be your shiniest, authentic self. Remember this is a relationship you'll have to be "married" to for 5-6 years, that will set up the rest of your career.
  15. I have to do this for one of my programs and feel like it's probably tanking my chances. I tried to visit another weekend, since I have a conflict, but they said the department would only pay for my trip if I came on the "official" visiting weekend. I offered to cover my own costs and the PI said she would feel bad making me pay and that I could connect with faculty and Grad students via Skype, which seemed like a bad sign. They are a really high ranked program and I got the sense that they aren't used to being the ones who are asked to move, so they were irked by my request. Oh well, what can you do? My other programs are much "lower" ranked but have been so much more inviting and supportive. I'd rather go somewhere I'm really valued and wanted.
  16. Agreed! Represent who you truly are, don't be afraid to be authentic. If you're worried, you can always just be mindful of how you phrase things. For example, saying that you have other hobbies you prefer to prioritize and don't feel relaxed reading for pleasure is different than saying "I don't read much". They are both completely true, the wrapping is just nicer :).
  17. What I've heard that makes it even more complicated is that an advisor could be very well regarded in a subfield, even though their program is ranked "low". For example, someone I'm looking at is really well known in the field but is in a department that's ranked ~90th. She used to be at a "top tier" institution but moved a few years back to raise her kids where she's from. So I was told that it was important to look at how she's viewed and where her students end up, not just the department as a whole. And her students, from her new institution, have indeed gone on to do amazing things. It seems like as long as you're an outstanding candidate, even from a "lower" you can still go on to do important work. Will you get a TT position at Michigan, probably not, but that doesn't mean you can't be successful.
  18. Are you going to ASU visiting weekend? I'll be there too!
  19. I just finished my first interview visit and will say, at least at this program, everyone was SOOOOO young. So that's definitely something to be aware of 🤣
  20. Me too! Not sure if we were at the same visit :), but everyone was so friendly and welcoming and even though it was a LONG day they were all so supportive and made sure we were totally taken care of! Still waiting to hear about the final decision, and still waiting on two more visits, but I think I could be really happy in that program! Good luck everyone!!
  21. Just in case anyone is looking at this thread, I'd love to hear from current grad students who live in Lexington. I'm still deciding between UK and one other program, but if I choose UK I'll be moving with me partner and be looking to buy a house. Curious about the neighborhoods and what a reasonable distance would be (20 mins? 30 mins?). Thanks!
  22. PsychPhdBound

    Portland, OR

    In case anyone from this round is considering Portland I just wanted to let you know I'm here to answer any questions and the city. Feel free to message me!
  23. Thank you! It's my first interview so I'm pretty excited to get this next stage in the process started!
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