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  1. Although I'm not sure if the same holds for Counseling Programs, I second the recommendation to get a paid position in a lab. I understand I am incredibly fortunate to have a very supportive PI, but my CV coming into this application cycle looks as good if not better than anyone I know coming out of a master's program.
  2. I'm so with you on this (although the security issues are beyond the pale and should be handled). So many schools with large endowments or great federal/state funding have awful websites.
  3. CUDCP guidelines suggest using this term for an individual who would in a typical year get an offer before April 15th. Not a guarantee for sure, but good news!
  4. I feel like I have a good idea of what is important to me in a program in addition to the basics like funding information, but I'd like to start a thread to crowd source questions to ask oneself before accepting or declining offers. Input from current students regarding questions you wish you had asked or factors you should have considered are especially appreciated. A list to get us started -- Funding including amount, duration, requirements and benefits. Fees and Costs including uncovered program fees and health insurance. Advisor Fit including mentorship style, availability, and research interests. Location including cost of living, housing options, and amenities. Program Fit including clinical vs. research balance, available coursework, and program length/expectations. Outcomes including publication rate, conference presentations, internship match, post doc, and jobs. Those are some big obvious ones to me, but please add yours!
  5. If your goals are clinical practice, 2 seems like a great option to me. As for location, it is very rare to stay in the same location for grad school and career. You can go to location 1 for internship or work after having a great learning and training environment at 2.
  6. I am waiting on other potential offers and to finish out my interview schedule.
  7. Also in the attending-but-haven't-formally-accepted-any-offers boat. I'm winding down things at my current position and making sure things are documented so they don't fall apart when I leave my lab manager post. Somehow I didn't get the relax memo though and I'm working on a manuscript haha. (I don't want a big gap on my CV and I enjoy the work--hence applying for PhD).
  8. If there is any chance you could see yourself attending the other school, you should go to the interview.
  9. I'm in this boat (or nearing it) for 7 of my interviews. It doesn't seem like others have heard either.
  10. I had this decision in a previous cycle. I chose paid research position and I would choose it again 1000x over. PM for more info.
  11. While in my field it is not typical to give any sort of presentation at interviews, and I think it would have been nice for the POI to be a bit more explicit that you would be presenting in front of other applications, it is very typical to bring out 3 candidates for a single spot. I have seen as many as EIGHT for one spot.
  12. I was cold called for my offer but I had heard that if I was going to get an offer then I would receive a call around that date/time. My POI actually called three times in a row--my ringer wasn't on and I guess he didn't want to leave a message! Glad I caught it the last time!
  13. Unfortunately sometimes it can take lot of persistence. It took me nearly 6 months of applications to land my lab manager job, but it was so worth it. Consider looking for other jobs that you can use to pay the bills post grad while you keep looking.
  14. I think this is a good sign! Honestly interviews often are just that, personality checks. So much of this process is a black box and there are so many bureaucratic reasons that one may or may not receive an offer, but it sounds to me like you should feel good about your chances.
  15. I would look into a paid position in a research lab! I was able to switch back to academia after 4 years out by doing this. Lab coordinator/manager positions are often set up purposefully to be post-bacc/pre-PhD experiences.
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