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  1. School: Virginia Tech Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: December 13th Type of invite: Phone call from PI (follow-up to Dec 6th phone interview) Interview date(s): Feb 14th
  2. School: University of Illinois Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: December 11th Type of invite: Email from PI to schedule a phone/Skype preliminary interview
  3. While we're at it, also which program? Feinberg (med school) or Weinberg (grad college)?
  4. School: University of Georgia Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/10/19 Type of invite: Email from Admission Chair Interview date(s): January 31st
  5. As they come upon us soon, does anyone have tips for how to dress for an interview (especially for women)? I've heard that you can't go wrong with a well fitted skirt suit on one hand and then on the other hand that you should never wear any sort of full suit because you'll be overdressed. And hair: I have waist-length hair. Healthy and shiny, but not professional, nor are my typical messy braid or bun looks. Should I chop it or go for an updo?
  6. School: Virginia Tech Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/4/19 Type of invite: Email from POI Interview date(s): Preliminary phone interview 12/6-12/11
  7. Another UGA applicant who hasn't heard anything official. (Although I do know that application review has begun.) Fingers crossed!
  8. In the interest of transparency, I am an applicant to Yale (for a different PI) and I have reported my GRE scores. However, I'm not sure what that means for those who do not. I would hope that considering their reasoning for making it optional they would not look at this unfavorably. I have been told by my current mentor/PI that in general he considers GRE scores holistically alongside GPA. Specially, the clinical program at my current institution (lab manager, not student) they have a 2/4 policy where they have "minimums" for GPA, GRE Verbal, GRE Quant, and GRE Psych and applicants who meet at least 2 out of 4 go on for continued, holistic review. I'd be interested if any other programs anyone knows of have instituted similar policies. Yale and URI were the only two on my list that did not require GRE scores. (And a few were picky about the timeline--within 4 years of intended admission semester.)
  9. I certainly think there was nothing malicious or ill-intended about your actions. (Sounds like you're being a nice and helpful person and I hope that my future program-mates will act similarly!) However, if your graduate student body is unionized, you might want to talk to a union representative about how to best handle these situations. Unfortunately there can sometimes be a fine line between helping out and contributing to a culture of unpaid work.
  10. I would reach out to the admissions office. I had a similar situation at a school where I reported my LSAT score (from my old backup life plan but the score was stellar and the app had a box for it so why not) and they added it to the app checklist as waiting for an official report. I sent an email to check that my app was going to go through anyway (im not paying to send an unrelated bonus score). They sent me a form response but it clarified that applications would be sent on to the department as long as everything marked mandatory was in.
  11. Hello new friends and colleagues! The fourth time is the charm. Second (and third and so on...) round folks, don't feel discouraged. If this is what you want and you put in the work, you can do it! The Backstory Finished undergrad in 2013 Low GPA for a clinical applicant (but from a strong institution) Undergraduate RA experience (and a great rec letter or two) Worked in an area related to my original subfield of interest within clinical psychology (tangential, but very positive rec letter or two) Took GRE (strong scores) Applied in original subfield of interest (1st round)... I get interviews. No offers (2nd round)... I get interviews. I get a waitlist (non-clinical program; no acceptance). I get masters offers. Left job and regrouped life. Consider doing Master's. Got a psychology lab manager job NOT in original subfield of interest and skip an application season to gain skills/experience Applied in original subfield of interest (3rd round)... Had great experience and rec from new job Great interviews! Waitlist. Same program as waitlisted Round 2. No acceptance. The Pivot Heart to heart with advisor/mentor/PI/boss Supportive and surprised that I haven't gotten accepted "I think you can do it, but I want to make sure you really want it and you don't just think you want it because you keep not getting it." Mind blown. Realize that behind the scenes of my own life, I've been at work, in a new (to me) subspecialty of clinical psychology (the one I'm managing a lab within) and I'm showing great promise and actually have more passion and interest in than I have for the original subspecialty at this point. The Comeback Publications (including 1st authorship in a reputable journal in my new subspecialty) Conference Presentations (Flash Talks and Posters) Graduate Stats Coursework (Regression) Networking! Don't want to jinx it, but I'm feeling confident and I've already (through the unofficial grapevine) heard some good things. I'm here to cheer myself on and to cheer on all of you! Here's to months of refreshing your e-mail inbox and the grad cafe results page! DM for specifics.
  12. Might go crazy if I don't ask. Still on UC Irvine (Psychology & Social Behavior/Psychological Science) waitlist. Is anyone here have an offer they think they're declining?
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