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    instrument building, music production, music technology, progressive rock, ambient music, synthwave, immersive virtual reality, presence, simulations, head-mounted displays, digital immortality, mind uploading, virtual concerts, paranormal, spirit communication
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    2015 Fall
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  1. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Rejected at Berklee Valencia in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation Accepted at Temple in Music Technology 🤘
  2. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    No, I don't have a classical background. I do like to incorporate orchestral instruments in my music, though. I come from a non-traditional music background. I took private bass guitar lessons from when I was around 17 up until I was 21. I didn't study music in high school or undergrad otherwise. I don't have a degree in music. My goal is to teach music production at the college level, so yes, I am applying to a couple of Music Tech programs. But I'm currently self-employed and looking for a full-time (or part-time) gig in the meantime. I'm applying to technician jobs and looking for an adjunct teaching gig that will accept my masters in another closely related field. Pro Tools is a common requirement for these jobs. I know practically every music production software but Pro Tools. So that is why I need to start learning now. But you're right about learning while in school. One of the schools I'm applying to, Berklee Valencia (Spain campus that opened in 2012) is heavily geared towards music production and they mention learning Pro Tools as part of the program. Plus, they do have their own studio on campus, and I'm going to assume all the other schools I'm applying to have one as well. NYU has a course in the Music Technology program that involves composing for the Buchla, so that's why I asked. I wish you luck with your apps. Combining classical music with technology sounds really interesting. Not really far off from what I'm trying to achieve artistically.
  3. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    I don't really count because none of my apps are in, but I've been working on finishing off unfinished work to submit as part of my portfolio. I have one piece where I'm not really sure what to call it - progressive hip-hop maybe? It's in 10/8 time. The second piece I haven't even recorded yet, but I was experimenting with sampling the bassline from "The National Anthem" by Radiohead because the vocal melody is very similar. Didn't sound quite right, so I will have to put some new strings on my bass and record from scratch. I'm also taking a Pro Tools 101 online course that starts on Monday because a lot of jobs I've been interested in require you to at least know your way around the software. Stimmung, what you've described about your pieces sounds like the Music Technology program at NYU. Have you studied there?
  4. DrF8

    Looking at MA in Music Technology Programs

    I forgot to mention the amazing program at Carnegie Mellon (whose deadline I also missed) https://www.cs.cmu.edu/~music/mat/master-apply.html.
  5. DrF8

    Looking at MA in Music Technology Programs

    I'm applying to 4 Masters programs in Music Technology for Fall 2019: 1. Temple University - MS in Music Technology - a brand new program 2. Brooklyn College - MFA in Sonic Arts - started in 2016 3. Berklee Valencia - MM in Music Production, Technology, and Innovation 4. FIU - MM in Music Technology I'm also applying to CalArts's Performer/Composer MFA program. CalArts also has a Music Technology program that is similar to the programs at Stanford (highly tech-based). Some other schools to look into are: NYU, Music Technology American University, Audio Technology SUNY Purchase, Studio Composition Michigan, Media Arts (aka Performing Arts Technology) - a really interesting program that unfortunately the deadline passed for!
  6. DrF8

    Think the GRE is useless? Think again.

    The GRE does not test for your creative intelligence, which for a lot of fields (such as music, media, art, design, and engineering) is far more important than what the GRE tests for. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/careers/careers-leadership/what-is-creative-intelligence/article14972926/
  7. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    I'm a composer, but the only Composition-related program I'm applying to is CalArts. And I'll be focusing more on performance. What programs did you apply to?
  8. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    I just discovered today on the results page the MMus in Creative Practice at Goldsmiths. There's only 1 result, so it's obviously not popular on here. But it looks like a very interesting program that combines media with music. That's in line with my interests because I'd like to incorporate interactive media with my live performances, much like the band Muse does with their live tours. I was in the middle of applying to the Popular Music program, but the Creative Practice program includes studies in popular music composition, so I'm going to apply to that program instead.
  9. DrF8

    Music Fall 2019 applicants

    Anyone applying to CalArts? I'm applying to the Performer-Composer MFA program. I'm a little late to the game - the deadline already passed, but there are rolling admissions. I spoke with someone in general admissions and they said that there's no guarantee that my application will be reviewed. So I'm freaking out a little. I'm just hoping it's not as competitive of a program as other programs in the school. I do see a lot of green on the results page.
  10. Hey Everyone, I'm looking for programs that combine Music Technology with Music Education - are there any programs out there? Specifically, I'm interested in teaching music production. FYI, I do not have a bachelors in music. My only academic background is the two music courses at NYU (and soon to be third) I've taken as a non-degree student.
  11. Speech Language Pathology is a really competitive field (my sister is in this field), so applying to 10-15 schools is not out of the question.
  12. DrF8

    SVA vs Parsons? (MFA)

    Now that you bring up NYU and CMU game design programs, I should mention that graduate level game design courses at Parsons are limited. They used to have a lot more. NYU Game Center would be a better choice in my opinion.
  13. After much contemplation, I declined the other day. There was no way I was going to be able to pay for it (even if I got a full-time job on campus and arranged a payment plan) without going into debt, and I'm already $50k in debt from a previous masters.
  14. On second thought, I gave SVA another look and there is no electives and none of the faculty members have masters degrees. So keep that in mind.

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