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  1. Hello everyone! I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum. Has anyone who hasn't accepted their offer yet, received an email about their financial aid/funding package from NYU Steinhardt? I've been rather impatiently waiting since being accepted on March 22nd and haven't heard anything from them.
  2. For GA Tech, did you apply to the Digital Media program or the HCI program? Because if you applied to the Digital Media program, you applied to the wrong program. The Digital Media program is Game Studies and AR focused, much like at UCSC. The HCI program I don't know anything about. As for Parsons, as you said, it's a highly creative program and it's good if you want be a designer generalist with multiple emerging technologies at your disposal. There's new courses popping up under the "Currents" moniker. The campus is amazing. If you don't mind the cost, then Parsons would be a good choice
  3. Sounds like your goal is to create a startup. If that's your goal, why are you getting a PhD?
  4. I signed up for today's Zoom info session: NYU Steinhardt Music Technology Online Studio Tour | NYU Steinhardt Pretty excited to meet the program director and hear more about the facilities.
  5. Checked the portal today and found out I was accepted to NYU for the MM in Music Technology! What a relief!
  6. I would compare the courses for all 3 programs. I'm familiar with the program at Parsons and it's a really good, highly creative program, but UX Design is not a concentration. You would study it through random electives. Compare that to the other two programs that do have UX design as a concentration. From looking at the courses for all 3 programs, CMU looks to be the strongest for what you want to do, and this coming from someone who was part of an ad comm for a UX Design program. Also, to be a good well-rounded UX Designer, you need to be decent at visual design. You can take visual desig
  7. Thanks! I appreciate it. Hopefully I'll hear from them today.
  8. I only applied to NYU. Still waiting on a decision. They haven't looked at my portfolio yet. I must be in the bottom of the pile.
  9. I also applied to NYU for music tech. Out of those 3, I would choose NYU because music production/audio engineering is one of the focuses in the program and that's what you want to do, whereas the other programs you applied to don't have this focus. NYU also has an advanced certificate in Tonmeister Studies, which is recording/producing classical music but with opportunities to produce other music. If you get accepted into NYU, I would look into whether you can tack on the certificate as that would look really good on your resume for sure. Given your career goals, I would not have applied t
  10. Hi everyone! Did anyone here apply to the Music Technology masters program at NYU? It was a late deadline (February 2), so I don't expect to hear anything until late March, but I've been checking the portal often anyway.
  11. Seems like this is what you're looking for: Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management (MSc) (warwick.ac.uk) Look at the Core Modules: The Fundamentals of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering Biochemical Engineering Entrepreneurship and Commercialisation Bioproduct Plant Design and Economic Analysis Dissertation/Project Drug Discovery and Biopharmaceutical Development Marketing Management Accounting and Financial Management Business Strategy
  12. Hmmm... Perhaps Biotechnology Management would be something to look into. Good luck in your search.
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