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  1. My GPA is not at all what it should be, but I've come up with a plan to sort of redeem myself and emailed a few advisors from schools I'm interested in who said it sounds like a good plan. The idea is to get good scores on the GREs, take some classes at a community college and do well (both for the grade boost and to be sure I'm completely prepared), and get good recommendations (I have 2 already and I'm currently volunteering in a research lab at a very good school hoping to get a recommendation from the professor there). I've also been told, many times, that I should be narrowing down faculty that I'm interested in working with, reading as many of their publications as possible, and trying to keep in touch with them. I know networking is a big part of success in research (I'm going to school for entomology) and there are certainly professors I'm interested in getting in touch with, but I'm really not sure how to go about doing it. Do I send them emails? What do I say? How formal/casual should it be? How much should I say about their work? I'm assuming they want to know that I've actually been reading and know what I'm talking about, but how much citing and repeating what I've read is obnoxious? I know this is a very informal part of the process, but it is important. If anyone else has done this and had success, I would love to hear your advice. Thanks.
  2. I use a mac and the powerprep software won't work. Is there any way to use it on my computer? I need the PowerPrep II for the revised general test.
  3. I've started using Number2.com for some GRE prep, but it seems to be more focused on the old GRE. I was wondering both how useful is that site overall, if anyone's used it? And, if it is useful, could I still use it even though I'm taking the new GRE? Should I skip the geometry questions or will there still be some geometry on the new GRE, just not as much? Also, does anyone know of any free or cheap online resources that focus on the new GRE?
  4. I'm trying to narrow down my choices for grad school and I want to contact them for information, but I'm really not sure what I should be asking, or even who I should contact. I'm interested in entomology, specifically medical entomology or entomology with an emphasis on vector borne diseases. Although I'm not positive that's what I want to focus on, I'm leaning very far toward that, and I would like to find an entomology program that has opportunities in that area. That said, should I be emailing the head of the entomology departments at these schools or should I be contacting whatever faculty member is doing research/teaching classes on medical entomology or parasitology? Or should I contact both? Then, when I do contact whomever I should be contacting, what do I say?? What should I be asking? What should I be telling them? Should it be really casual or formal? Should I be trying to sell myself, or just save that for if I actually decide to apply? Any information you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you.
  5. The majority of schools I've been looking at require at least a 3.0 gpa for the program I want to get into (exceptions are at the discretion of the graduate advisory committee). However, I'm not quite there and I don't know if I'll be able to get myself to a 3.0 by the end of this (my last) semester. If I did the calculations right I think I may end up just below the line. That said, I was planning on doing a certificate in biotech at a community college near my house during the spring semester as a way to get any physical/chemical science requirements that I might not have out of the way. I was also hoping this would help me if I don't get quite the gpa I need. Does anyone know my chances of getting into a decent graduate program without a 3.0 GPA if I have a biotech certificate on top of my B.S. (ideally with good grades, of course) as well as good scores on the GRE? Is there anything else I should be doing to improve my chances before I apply? I know I have people willing to give me good recommendations and I do have lab research experience.
  6. Is there a place that has a list of all the entomology graduate programs in the U.S. and where they're ranked?
  7. Thank you to those who answered so far. I'm surprised to hear that about Ithaca. I'm not sure why, I just never imagined it being a particularly queer-friendly place. And I'm not too worried about terribly bad things happening (especially in Davis). I had a lesbian friend who grew up there and she never had any problems. I'm more concerned about what opportunities I'd have there to meet other gay people. Of course, if anyone thinks I should be concerned for my safety in a certain place please let me know, but I'd mostly like to know what sort of... social scene, I guess... is available for gay people.
  8. I'm in my last semester as an undergrad and I'm looking at graduate schools now, but I don't plan on actually going for about a year and a half/ two years after I graduate. I will probably start applying after 1 year, but still not right away. I'd like to know when I should start asking for letters of recommendation. I won't want them sent in to schools until I'm ready to send in applications, but I won't be in school at that point so I'll need the teachers I want recommendations from to be ready. Should I have my teachers write them now and give them to me sealed so I can send them later or what?
  9. I'm beginning my search for graduate schools and I would like to know if there are places that are better or worse than others for lesbian social life. A few of the schools I'm looking at are in Honolulu HI, Davis CA, Storrs CT, Ithaca NY, Fort Collins CO, Corvallis OR. Those are just a few that I like so far so if anyone knows anything about those specific areas that would be helpful. However, if you think a specific place not on that list is particularly good or bad as far as lesbian life (or safety?) please feel free to let me know. I've only just started searching a few weeks ago, so any information I can get is more than welcome.
  10. I want to go to graduate school for entomology (leaning toward Medical or Veterinary ent right now, but that part may change) and I think I'd like to go for my Ph.D eventually, but I'm not sure when. Does anyone know how much longer it takes to get a Master's and then a Ph.D vs. just going straight for a Ph.D? Also, does anyone know if it's better to get a Ph.D in that field or if it would be ok to just get a master's? What are the benefits of each? I'm fairly new to this search, although I have a few ideas of which schools I like, so any advice/information is more than welcome. Thank you.
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