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    neuroscience; neuropharmacology; learning and memory; synaptic plasticity; brain electrophysiology and biophysics
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  1. Neuronista

    Buffalo, NY

    Hi everyone. So where is the best place to shop in Buffalo? Like for groceries, electronics, appliances, clothes, and furniture. I'm moving in next week so I need some suggestions where to start. Thanks!
  2. Wow that sounds amazing. I think he would really like something like that. Lucky to have a friend that does embossing. I hope I can find someone online who can do this for me!
  3. Hi all and thank you for your suggestions. I like the idea of getting him something from the place or university I'm going to. I also LOOOOVE these coasters, maybe I'll have to wait till they're back in stock to get a set for myself! Thanks again everyone!
  4. Hi everyone. I've been working as a research assistant in a lab and was applying for grad school. I got accepted into a PhD program, and to my surprise, the PI of the lab in which I'm working got me a present (it's a book about the field I got accepted into). What should I give him back? He is relatively young. He likes coffee (but says he's trying to cut back on it). He is also one of the people who wrote my recommendation letters. Thanks!
  5. This is what I will be doing personally. I think the money paid will be worth it Any suggestions what to bring for my first semester at Buffalo?
  6. Hi everyone! Congrats on being accepted! Heading for UB this fall for the biomedical sciences program. Good luck to all of you
  7. Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that I've accepted my offer from the University at Buffalo. Thanks all for your help and advice!
  8. Neuronista

    Buffalo, NY

    And congratulations on being accepted!
  9. Neuronista

    Buffalo, NY

    Hi everyone! I have been admitted to the biomedical science program and I have accepted the offer. I live overseas as well, and my housing plan is to sign up for on-campus housing for the first year, and then as I get to know the city more (and see the housing options first hand), I'll decide where to live (either move out or stay on-campus). I feel it's really difficult for me to decide when I'm so far away and never been to the place before. Also, people have different preferences and tastes so I feel I'm getting contradictory reports of the different housing areas and options available. S
  10. hmmmm. Is it normal to get random e-mails with faculty publication lists and videos about the program from the school that accepted you? I mean, why would they?

  11. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement. I feel much better already and even excited! I really feel that there will be a lot of opportunities for exploration, especially that I actually do like exploring and wandering about. And for those still waiting on decisions, I wish you the best of luck! However, no-one has yet answered this question: is it acceptable to contact current students to ask about their impressions regarding the program?
  12. Hey! I don't think this is necessarily a bad sign at this stage. I've applied to 8 schools and only heard back from two so far. Sometimes I get the urge to email those remaining schools to ask, but then I think I should just let them take their sweet time. If they have decided on anything, there is no reason they should not inform me! You can check the status of your application on the online system. Some of mine say something like "under review" or "out to department." So this indicates that no decision has been made yet. If it says nothing at all, I also believe this means there is no de
  13. I guess you're right. I did research the school before applying. At that time, and after applying to many places with no success, ranking and presitge were not major criteria for me. All I wanted was to get into a place where people are doing research that match my interests and experience (and therefore more likely to accept me). Now that I'm accepted and things became real, I started to doubt my choices! I guess it's weird human nature, or perhaps weird me!
  14. Thanks for your input! I think I'll be living on-campus for some time, then I might consider other options as I get used to the city and surroundings.
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