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  1. Trudeau Foundation does not seem very accountable or transparent. I can actually no longer see my review scores on the portal - too bad for them that I already downloaded the scores as an .xlsx file when that was on offer. This evasiveness is nicely ironic given that as an abolitionist activist and scholar, one of my essay answers was about transformative justice and accountability. I am sorry to hear this. I have been finding lots of strength in my work lately, but I really want fellowships so that I can have more time to do that work and also keep organizing without having to TA. Hop
  2. Did you get into the second round too? Congratulations! I am not saying that non-Canadian applicants didn't go through, but that they probably had higher threshold than 100, which was my score and one of the Canadian second rounder's score. I honestly wish I just didn't have to worry about fellowships because once I start thinking about something I get obsessed about understanding how people assign analytical weight to things. I spent like 2-3 years on GradCafe forums before finally applying to PhD programs when I felt like I understood how American PhD admission committees weigh different com
  3. I am interested in this too, if possible. Because I scored exactly the same as Call_me_Betty and only a point lower than Polisci2016, but have clearly not advanced. Either the scores don't mean what we think; Or as I suspect, schools outside Canada have a quota and selected international candidates scored higher than me. Also, congrats to all three of you! I truly hope that you kill the interview!
  4. This was the last year I could apply, although it was my first time applying. Now moving onto worrying about ASA MFP and Zeit Siftung fellowships.
  5. Thank you for even trying! It's under profile -> grant -> filter to review scores (details).
  6. Congratulations!! If you don't mind me asking, what were your scores on the portal and has the status changed on there for you?
  7. I'm still checking while knowing there's no point. So glad I took the day off from working today for unrelated reasons.
  8. Well, I'll be drunk-knitting and refreshing pages until I fall asleep. Sorry that you're all in this hell too.
  9. Ooooh, good theory. It seems like the scores have been there for a while though. I only discovered how to look at them today, so I dunno.
  10. Yes, I think so. The application had more than two parts, so I feel like two scores could only correspond to the two recommendation letters.
  11. I agree with the previous theory that the scores are possibly only the scores assigned to the 2 recommendation letters. All the max and min scores posted here average out to the average score.
  12. Is it just the one star off to the left that looks like buttons for favoriting? If so, they were always there for me.
  13. Thanks so much! Mine says 100, 100, 100. Clearly not out of a scale of 100 though since somebody here scored 102.
  14. How do you do this?
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