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  1. I'm in the School & Clinical Child Psych (SCCP) program at U of A and there was no interview for that program last year, so I wouldn't stress too much about not hearing back from U of A. I could be wrong, but I imagine the U of A Counselling Psyc program would be similar to SCCP in that they likely don't conduct pre-admission interviews. To put things into perspective, my acceptance for SCCP came on Feb 13, 2020 last year. I had contact with a POI in October 2019, but had no contact with the program between October, 2019 to February, 2020 (when my acceptance came). Given that counsell
  2. I know someone who previously got SSHRC funding despite a spelling mistake in their proposal, so I wouldn’t stress too much.
  3. Wow, 3/8 is a lot! 0/8 in my cohort have a graduate degree (but I’m in Alberta not Ontario, so maybe that makes a difference). However, 2/8 in my cohort have more than one undergrad degree.
  4. I personally like being a member because I volunteer as a mentor via their mentorship program, and you do indeed get to learn about upcoming conferences. There’s also some funding opportunities that members can apply for.
  5. Sometimes I read about what other labs at other universities are working on. I’m especially interested in SCCP because that’s my area of study. In my readings, I came across this lab: https://www.academicinterventionlab.com/people. If you read the profiles, at least three individuals in the MA SCCP program at OISE already had their master’s degree before doing their MA at OISE. Looking at that, if you don’t get in, consider that fact that so many of these individuals (not all, but a lot it seems like!) already have graduate degrees prior to entering that program. I don’t think all schools are
  6. You can apply to UVic and take the courses as a post-professional student or whatever they call it now. It might be worth considering if UVic is a top choice for you. It will be semi-expensive, but in my situation I figured I’d do anything for my dreams, even if it meant doing more courses or spending more money. The courses might even be online for you now if you wanted to take them and take them soon, but I lived in Victoria for two months as there were no online options at the time. Side note...I don’t recommend staying in campus townhomes. I’ll spare you the story! Anyways, I did the
  7. Yes, at my school I’m aware that an admissions committee first makes a shortlist and then professors would review those applications in more detail and select from there. I think it’s possible for the professor to want to take a student who did not rank on the shortlist (e.g., maybe they emailed and/or spoke with the prof when contacting schools), but I believe such situations are rare because the professor would need some strong reasons backed by evidence to suggest to the committee why that particular student should be accepted. I’m unaware of the other situation you describe, but I sup
  8. I doubt you'd be asked about this, but who knows. If that question comes up, you could approach it from a motivation perspective. You could say you wanted to be able to enjoy the course and learn the content without focusing so much on the final grade. Taking this approach could demonstrate that you're more concerned about learning the material rather than churning out a bunch of 'A' grades for your transcript. It also would show that you're internally motivated and not externally motivated. As for the late withdrawal situation, if the course is outside of your major, you could approach it
  9. You may want to take additional courses and/or re-do some classes to increase your GPA. If you do this, when you apply, ask one of your references to tell a story about your improvement and the steps you've taken toward that. Also, you want to make sure you have strong grades in stats and methods courses. Academic performance in these types of courses is often valued by many programs and faculty. While I'm unsure about the specific programs you've listed, as I didn't apply to any of those, some programs will not look at all applications in great detail. Thus, if your GPA falls below a cut poin
  10. I would think that at most schools an admissions committee would have the final say, but I could be wrong. I've been collecting some information about my own program to pass along to a mentee, and I've learned a few things in the process. For example, I've learned that if a student fell below the typically accepted GPA range, a professor couldn't outright accept that student. For instance, the professor couldn't just say they know the student and would like to work with them. Instead, the professor would need to have specific reasons, including some concrete evidence (e.g., the student retook
  11. I started SCCP at UAlberta last year and I can confirm that they don’t conduct formal interviews prior to admission decisions. I was not interviewed prior to my admission offer there last year.
  12. I'm not so sure the do-your-degree-in-one-place thing is all that bad. At my most recent undergrad institution, I recall seeing three degrees on a professor's wall that were all from the same university. That particular professor is full professor, has won numerous teaching awards, has been the chair of the psych dept many times over, and is one of the most prolific in terms of publications. That said, personally I think going to another institution can lead to personal and professional growth, but expanding one's horizons, as some would like to put it, is not a prerequisite for a successful c
  13. It probably does depend on professor and program. A girl in my grad program did her undergrad thesis with the supervisor she is working with for her master's degree, so it's definitely possible a supervisor could take a student they've previously worked with, but it's also also not a guarantee that'll happen.
  14. The U of T/OISE School & Clinical Child Psych program and the U of A School and Clinical Child Psych program both don’t require it. As well, I don’t think Concordia requires it.
  15. It’ll be interesting to see how the applicant numbers stack up between programs that never required the GRE and ones that always required the GRE but dropped the GRE requirement due to Covid. If the schools that never required the GRE get significantly more applicants too, then perhaps more people are applying to grad school this year in general?
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