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  1. Have you considered using superscripts and footers for this? What I might do in this case is use superscript numbers in the text. In your footer, list the superscript number and a note next to it (e.g., full name is ___ / refers to / whatever you chose to label it). Sometimes you’ll see this done in articles. CPA also uses this type of referencing in some of their articles. Superscript references are also acceptable in SSHRC proposals too, which can save you a lot of space.
  2. Anyone here applying to PhD programs and completing the doctoral SSHRC applications? For the doctoral SSHRC CCV in the "Work Experience" section it says, "The information entered in the Current Position section should not be repeated here. List a maximum of 15 other positions, academic and non-academic, you have held. Once the data are saved, the system will automatically sort the data in reverse chronological order, based on start year." My page only lets me fill in 6 boxes/positions and that's it. I see there's a "New Page" button in the top left, but that just clears my 6 entries. Any idea
  3. I don't know the precise numbers, but I suspect the majority of psychologists in Alberta are master-level ones. The Collage of AB Psychs (CAP) might be able to provide you with specific data or direct you to where you could find such numbers, but anecdotally speaking, everyone I know who is registered in Alberta is at that master-level here. However, all of these individuals are either working in the counselling psychology field or the school psychology field. I suspect a master-level clinical psychologist is rare. Some jobs will specifically request a PhD-level psychologist and graduation fro
  4. Sweet! During my masters app cycle I applied to all those programs that you listed (though I applied to SACP at UCalgary not to their clinical psych stream). I was admitted to all but SCCP at OISE. First of all, I will say that there's no one student profile for those who get admitted. We all have interesting and diverse skills sets and experiences. For example, some people in my program have worked as psychometrists and/or volunteered in various roles at hospitals whereas I have not. When I applied, this is what my application looked liked: GPA: BA Psych Honours (3.94/4.0 overa
  5. Applied for a masters for the first time at 28. I only applied to one program at the time and I was rejected due to not enough courses and training in the field (I was wanting to make a career change from teaching to psychology). I went back to school at 29 to get a third undergraduate degree as I was determined to do anything to make my dreams a reality. At 32, I applied to a masters program and was admitted to multiple ones. By the time classes started, I was 33. I’ll finish my master’s degree at 35, and I’ll likely finish my PhD by or before 40. Being older has some added benefits. For me,
  6. I'll be applying to continue to the PhD in SCCP at UAlberta. I'm only applying to this program because my supervisor is such a great person and so easy to work with, I want to stay in Alberta and work permanently in the province, and the program is a perfect fit. Currently, I'm heading into my second year of my master's in SCCP this fall. As many of you have mentioned, once your foot is in the door, things get (somewhat) easier. I say somewhat easier because there's always going to be pressure to produce meaningful research contributions, secure funding, etc. Students who are currently complet
  7. I believe the form, 2022-2023 Clinical Psychology Applications - Canada, might be the closest to what you're looking for. I'm currently completing my master's in SCCP at UAlberta! I'll be heading into my second year this fall. I'll also be applying to the PhD program in SCCP to start in 2022. My supervisor is top notch and the program is a perfect fit for me and exactly what I'm looking for, so I'm only applying to the SCCP PhD program at UAlberta. I'll continue my studies there. Students currently in the program are required to apply, but it's more of a formality than anything. I believe OISE
  8. Also, I believe your offer expiry date is indeed April 22nd even if the notification was input into the system at an earlier date. I’ve included a picture of what I see in my portal. Once you click to open your application, your offer expiry date should be there.
  9. Basically you need to be a full-time student for the tenure of the award. If you start the award in September but then finish your program in it’s entirety by next April, you’d be under the year mark and won’t receive the full award or might have to pay back part of the award, so that’s why they suggest taking the award at the soonest possible time. I’m currently in the first year of my program and I set Sept 1, 2021 as my award start date. My department said this is fine to do. Basically, the award tenure will run from Sept 1, 2021 to Aug 31, 2022. With choosing this option, I won’t be able t
  10. I was also notified about receiving SSHRC funding at UAlberta last week! I'm so thrilled! As well, I was pleasantly surprised about the top-up award email. I always thought it was something students had to apply to and compete for, but I was wrong!
  11. Mine said that when I logged in, but then I had to click to open to application. Hopefully you'll see something if you open the full application.
  12. So, I double checked the portal again, and the date I saw when first entered was indeed my submission date. However, when I clicked to open the application file, I saw the new date. It's entered as March 30th, 2021. I suspect you should see this there too. I attached a screenshot of what I see/what it should look like.
  13. That should be fine. The date in my portal didn't change either, so it's still showing the date I submitted the application, and I'm certain I'm eligible as well.
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