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  1. That’s nice of them to provide a specific date. Sounds like you’ll hear soon!
  2. Ah, yes that's soon, but still far away! I know the anguish of the constant waiting (and checking)! I believe your program application date was much later than ours (Dec 1 for the MEd School and Clinical Child Psych), so I heard back in mid February. Hopefully you get some good news about your program application and soon! 😃
  3. Oh trust me, I agree, but I also don’t want to lose my job, and I would ideally like to continue working until I move for grad school. It puts a whole new meaning in working oneself to death I suppose?! I think they’re trying to work out a way for us to still fully do our job in ways that don’t expose us as much to the public. I guess my office is deemed a front-facing service because we deal with members of the public rather than students already enrolled, so we can’t solely shift to fully online until the provincial government gives us the green light. That being said, I called in sick today due to a sore throat, so they might require me to self-isolate anyways.
  4. I'm a full-time staff member in a post-secondary institution. We're still expected to work (and in the case of my office we are still expected to physically be at work), so I suspect there will still be someone to call and annoy if you wish to do so. 🤪
  5. My best guess is that maybe you're on a waitlist of some sort; however, I think your questions are very reasonable, so it might be worthwhile to email the graduate secretary for the respective program you applied to and ask them what's going on with the applications given the current climate with covid-19.
  6. Canadian applicant who applied to a few Canadian schools... Accepted my top choice! School: University of Alberta Type of Program: MEd in School and Clinical Child Psychology Acceptance Date: February 13, 2020
  7. Oh gosh, I sure hope they don’t postpone it that long, but it’s hard to say. The courses seem very scaffolded at U of A, so not sure how that would work. I’m also selling my house to move to Edmonton, so hopefully things start on time. 😬
  8. Given that covid-19 is making its way through Canada along with the added factor of budget cuts to post-secondary education (especially in Alberta), is anyone else who will be starting a program in Fall 2020 concerned about how these things may influence their program?
  9. Hopefully you get some good news! 🤞 Also, I love horror movies too! I find a lot of people don’t like the genre, but I like the thrill of being scared.
  10. Hi everyone, If anyone else is beginning graduate studies at UAlberta in Fall 2020, let's connect! Feel free to tell everyone a little about yourself (e.g., what program you're taking, what you're most looking forward to, hobbies, work/volunteer interests, fun facts, and so on). Vanessa
  11. Wow! For some programs, those numbers are just . . . 😳
  12. Sorry about your rejection. Congrats on your Windsor acceptance! I agree that gaining admission into highly competitive programs can be a long process! In fact, when I discovered my developing interest in psychology, I took a huge risk. That is to say, I gave up my teaching contract and went back to school in my late 20s to get a third undergraduate degree in order to make my dreams a reality, and I took out student loans so I could work less and volunteer more in order to build up my psychology-related experience.
  13. Wow, 530 applicants! That's insane! Just out of curiosity, what website are these stats posted on?
  14. I have no idea how their process actually works, but that’s my best guess. It’s possible she could be on a waitlist of some sort, but ultimately I can’t say for sure. Acceptance dates could be dependent on supervisors too, but again that’s only a guess.
  15. I’m not sure if there’s anyone who is moving to Calgary for graduate studies and will be looking for a place to rent. I own an 1182 sq ft townhouse in Calgary, but I’m moving to Edmonton for my graduate program in the fall. As such, I’m planning on renting out my master bedroom room (or possibly two rooms as I have one roommate now who I rent my spare bedroom to, but she’s amazing and you’ll love her if she stays after my Edmonton move). If you’re interested, pm me and we can chat more about it.
  16. If you’re talking about MP-B then yes, but I was rejected from SCCP at OISE, so don’t worry I’m not your competition. 😀
  17. As far as I can tell, I’m the only person on here who has received an acceptance for UAlberta’s SCCP MEd program. I believe my deadline to accept was March 9, so I suspect the school may send out a second round of offers after that date.
  18. I’m pretty sure CGS-M refers to either SSHRC, NSERC, or CIHR.
  19. The QEII is now part of the Alberta Graduate Scholarship. It was combined into one award instead of having multiple awards under different names. I believe each university department has their own process for awarding these scholarships. I recently reached out to someone at UAlberta to find out more. Usually, you don’t get those until you’re in a program though.
  20. I’m honestly not sure what she said in the email or how she worded it. I was never close with her, but we shared the same honours supervisor in different years, so I heard about the situation from the supervisor.
  21. It usually doesn't hurt to email a program and let them know about this sort of thing. I know a girl who was in a similar situation. When she informed the graduate school about her funding, they accepted her.
  22. Got my rejection from OISE on Feb 21. It seems like they do their acceptances and rejections sporadically.
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