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  1. hello all has anyone heard from McMaster RE interviews?
  2. hello has anyone heard back from Dal / have any idea when we can expect to hear back?
  3. not sure if things have changed this year, but in past years queen's typically has a departmental interview day held in mid-to-late feb. :)
  4. No prob I’m thinking of applying to counselling psychology programs at U of T (OISE), University of Ottawa, McMaster, Western, and Yorkville. Also thinking of Dalhousie’s MSW program! How about you?
  5. Hey Everyone I know it's a bit early but I wanted to create a space for counselling psychology 2022 applicants to come to! I'm looking forward to applying! I recently noticed that the McGill Counselling Psychology Professional/Internship stream isn't accepting applicants for Fall 2022 start, which I'm a little disappointed about... Looking forward to sharing this space with you all 🤗
  6. Does anyone have any updates on Queen's? / Have formal interview invites been sent out yet? Thanks!
  7. I believe (based on previous years) that Queen's does their formal interview day around mid-to-late Feb. As of now it seems like POIs are conducting preliminary interviews before extending official invites to Queen's interview day!
  8. Hi all! Has anybody applied to Acadia University? Also, any updates on Ottawa & Concordia?
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