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  1. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Fantastic, that's less than a month away!! Since you are currently in the program, do you mind sharing what they typically look for in successful applicants to the clinical stream?
  2. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Has anyone else applied to the 1 year MSW at University of Calgary? I've applied to the clinical specialization. I applied to the two year program back in 2015 and obviously didn't get in, but now I'm applying with my BSW, better grades and an extra 3 years of experience in social, here's hoping it's my year!
  3. I haven't heard anything yet for the 2 year program. I was told that they are hoping to make a decision by the end of March.
  4. I know you asked about finding work in the GTA- which I can't comment on- but I can comment on finding work in the Calgary region. Calgary is currently hiring caseworkers for children's services if this is something you are interested in. The posting is still up for it on the government website. I'm working as a caseworker currently, and although it is hard work, it is rewarding and pays well. I work mostly with people who have their BSW, but there are also several others who have their MSW, as well as those who (like myself) have a regular bachelors degree and a ton of experience.
  5. I can see how a teaching background would compliment that specialization, so probably a good choice! I chose the clinical specialization because my experience has exclusively been with families and individuals in a therapeutic capacity. I checked the website and I couldn't find anything saying when we would hear back... The Edmonton site says that all applicants will hear back by March 30th at the latest, but I don't think this timeline necessarily applies to the Calgary location. Good luck to you too, and hopefully the wait isn't too long! Another question- Does anyone know how competitive this program is and what qualities UofC values more in their applicants? I vaguely remember reading that they only accept 10 people into each specialization, but I could have dreamed that up!
  6. Hi everyone! I came across this forum when searching for information on when admissions decisions would be made. I found the posts to be really helpful, so I thought I would join the conversation I have applied to University of Calgary's 2 year MSW-clinical specialization. They are the only one that I intend on applying to, so hopefully they accept me! Has anyone else here applied to the U of C program?