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  1. I am 95% sure it will be waitlist, but who knows
  2. Still waiting for a decision, letter K over here
  3. It's strange that we've only heard about acceptances and rejections so far, not waitlists.
  4. I think all of our frustrations and emotions are valid right now considering the unexpected changes in timelines for results compared to last year. We should keep this a safe space to vent for people who need it.
  5. I wonder if they are doing this in alphabetical order, would you be ok sharing the first letter of your last name?
  6. They've always given mid April as the time when they send out results, but they're sending them out way later this year than in previous years.
  7. If it's any consolation, in 2019 I received an email from UofT SGS on March 25th at 6pm (waitlist).
  8. I feel like we will hear back from UofT at the beginning of next week (Monday or Tuesday), based on previous years.
  9. We should definitely start getting results from UofT somewhere between March 22nd and April 2nd. In my experience I received results way before mid-April.
  10. From the UofT MSW admissions requirements, they are ideally looking for this: https://socialwork.utoronto.ca/admissions/msw/admission-requirements/ "Experience (voluntary or paid) in the social services and knowledge of critical social issues are recommended. Suitability for professional practice will also be considered."
  11. In my previous applications I received the results around those times (March 26th), and if you look back to previous years' threads people received their results at the end of March/first week of April.
  12. We should hear from UofT 2-year sometime between the weeks of the 22nd and 29th.
  13. Hi guys, Waiting on UofT 2-year and Laurier part-time online for September. I last applied to UofT in 2018 and received a response (waitlist) on March 26th 2019. I took a year off from applying and this year my application had ~4500 hours of work experience (research assistant in various psychology labs, worked full-time in a clinic/lab for past 2.5 years and was able to do clinical/psychiatric assessments and code counselling sessions for treatment fidelity), ~1500 hours of volunteer experience (Kids Help Phone mostly for past 3 years), 1 research publication, 2 conferences/ab
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