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  1. CONGRATS @JMarble and 😊@Lovey1115! Looking forward to meeting all of you Orillia folks 😊
  2. My letter read: "Social Work courses scheduled for the 2021 summer session of the One Year HBSW program will be delivered in an online format. Students are not required to be on campus during the months of July and August but must be available to attend and fully participate in all virtual classes. At this time, Fall and Winter courses are scheduled to be delivered on-campus. We will keep you informed of any further developments."
  3. I got accepted into Orillia and I will be accepting. Good luck to everyone waitlisted!
  4. Saaaame. Every day. This site says mid-April for 2021 though... https://www.lakeheadu.ca/studentcentral/applying/general-admission-requirements/admission-requirements-for-one-year-social-work
  5. @blueeyedblonde Excellent, thank you so much!
  6. @blueeyedblonde Hey there! If you're still around, I was just wondering how much time did you get off between the summer and fall semester? Thank you, hope you're doing well!
  7. Hey @AlexaS looking at this forum, I've seen a lot of different anecdotal numbers "25/475" (Thunderbay), "70/500" (unspecifed), "20/500" (unspecified campus)... so I honestly have no idea. I think they really do consider the applications holistically; someone posted that they had excellent grades and references but very little experience and got in, but the majority of their cohort had a lot of volunteer/work experience. Lastly, I think a lot of people apply to the HBSW as a backup to the MSW so the waitlist moves quite a bit. I hope any of this is the slightest bit helpful but I also kno
  8. Saaaame. Glad to see that at the very least, I'll get to spend my pandemic summer in my home city. I think there's a real case to make here that the program should just be online since classes run for less than a year and relocation for the period of time is just destabilizing.
  9. The waiting game is the worst 😭 Yeah I find the short notice ridiculous, especially during a pandemic where we rely so much on our community and relocating is more complicated. I think the summer semester will be online according to the course timetable. https://www.lakeheadu.ca/timetable/?campus=Orillia+Campus&simple=true&term=2021+Spring%2FSummer&acad_level=Undergraduate&subject[]=Social+Work&sec_name=&fac_uid=#search-form https://www.lakeheadu.ca/timetable/?campus=Thunder+Bay+Campus&simple=true&term=2021+Spring%2FSummer&acad_level=Und
  10. I had about 15 minutes to spare, even having prepared with the prompt questions. I didn't expect there to be so many situational questions but appreciated them. I did not write two pages for all of them either but felt that I answered the questions pretty thoroughly with a good deal of nuance and didn't want to write fluff.
  11. For Orillia, it looks as though everything was and is online: https://www.lakeheadu.ca/timetable/?campus=Orillia+Campus&simple=true&term=2020+Fall%2FWinter&acad_level=Undergraduate&subject[]=Social+Work&sec_name=&semester=&fac_uid=#search-form
  12. Hi @JMarble I'm in the middle of applying as it's been my plan for some time.
  13. Hey y'all, I am also interested in this program and was wondering how competitive acceptance is, grade-wise. Thank you for your time!
  14. Hi there! I know this topic is over a year old but I'm hoping folks are still around. I was wondering how competitive the program is, grade-wise? I have significant work/volunteer experience but my grades aren't anything to write home about and they're worth 40% in the consideration... also, how large was the class size? Thank you kindly for your time 🙂
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