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  1. Is there a Facebook page for the Orillia Campus HBSW students ?
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to update you all that I got in today off the waitlist for the Orillia Campus !!
  3. Hello BK23, I do not think we hear back until April.
  4. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has done the one year HBSW at Lakehead or has applied for it for 2021. I wanted to know how competitive it is to get in and what their acceptance rate is. Also if they have done the personal statement exam how they found the personal statement exam ? Thank you !
  5. Hi @itswingless I was wondering if you had applied yet or was waiting until you got some more information.
  6. Hi there, I am looking for information regarding the one year HBSW at Lakehead. If you are a former student of the program please share your experience regarding the program itself and the admission process. I am curious to know how competitive the program is ?
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