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  1. Hey I am interested in applying to the blended/online program with UofC, how did you feel about the application. Any tips or advice?
  2. No I dont, but I am hoping we get an alert to check quest instead of a letter! I am not sure how many spots they offer either. I haven't really heard many people discussing that program which i found surprising because I was impressed with how organized their information/website was. What was the social issue you wanted to study?
  3. Sometime in March!! Me neither thats why it is nice to hear from someone else who also applied I heard they were one of the first schools to ever create a distance ed program for social work. i only applied to laurier and waterloo because I can't move right now but I would say waterloo is my top choice. Hbu? Did you apply anywhere else?
  4. I applied to the part-time advanced standing! and ugh I know right, I am so nervous. Is it your top choice?
  5. i still haven't heard anything, gah this is stressful
  6. Did anyone apply to Laurier Jan 2021 Start and hear back?
  7. some people have heard but I haven't yet
  8. You might want to check out Guelph's MSc in Couples and Family. It is a Masters of Science program focusing more on therapy and relationships. Many people apply to focus on couples/marriage counselling, parent and child counselling, and family counselling. Although its not social work, it does qualify you to register either as a marriage therapist or as a psychotherapist in Ontario!
  9. Has anyone applied to or looked into U Calgary's Social Work online/blended program? (Specifically their clinical social work route)
  10. Hello! 1) Yes and no - it would depend on what you were doing. Fast food and museum jobs would be unlikely, but maybe the government/on campus jobs may count depending on what the position was. For example, I held two positions on campus while I was at school, one being a intern/receptionist and the other one was an event coordinator. The intern position did not count even though I was working with people everyday. but the event coordinator did because I was doing events and working with participants at health and wellness based events (topics like food insecurity, depression/self-harm, et
  11. I don't believe it is possible to resubmit your grades in January as some graduate admissions committees could possibly meet before then. I would probably double check with the school but it would be very unlikely
  12. oh my goodness that is an amazing application!! how did you feel about applying to Kings / do you have any suggestions or advice? my top two schools that I would like to apply to are Laurier and Kings as well and from what I have heard they are both so competitive!
  13. I plan on applying to Laurier and Waterloo as my top two choices, then Dalhousie as my third, and Lakehead as my fourth. Does anybody have any suggestions/tips/experiences/advice for any of these schools?
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