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  1. Decisions for UVic counselling psych are updated on the portal, at least it was for me today. Unfortunately I was not admitted
  2. I log onto grad cafe results page/forum every day like that song "hello darkness my old friend" waiting for someone to post admissions decisions for the school I applied to lmao
  3. Question for the group: how likely do we think it is that these programs contact our referees or LOR writers? I ask because I applied to UVic back in November and there is no interview for this program and it just seems so weird to me that they would extend offers without doing any sort of background check. Does anyone have similar experiences with this, where they applied and were made an offer without anyone contacting their referees?
  4. I applied to the MA in Counselling Psych (project-based) at UVic and still waiting to hear back. I know this program doesn't have an interview component but it feels so weird to me that I could wait 4 months for an admission decision and the department would have absolutely no contact at all with me during that time even when considering my application. I'm curious to hear if this has been other's experience (like not hearing anything then suddenly getting an acceptance) or if you are aware that a grad program contacted your references as an indicator they were considering your application?
  5. Yes, same here! I've accepted it's okay to keep refreshing my portal because I know the checking tendencies will go away once I actually get a decision one way or the other - keep going, soon this will be over!!
  6. Did you mean for the Msc in Counselling Psych? I know last year they got back to folks in the first/second week of Feb with offers
  7. Hey I also applied to UVic! Although I did my undergrad at UBC. Do you want to DM me to chat about the pre-reqs? so nice to finally meet another person who applied to UVic lol
  8. I didn't apply to UBC this year (applied to UVic) although I'm considering applying next year if I'm not successful this cycle. I did my undergrad at UBC and I know some of the faculty in the CNPS department if you have any questions perhaps I can help feel free to DM
  9. I did my undergrad at UBC actually but yes UVic is super particular about their pre-reqs - I had to go back after I graduated to take some additional classes and even then I didn't complete all the pre-reqs because one of them isn't really offered in the Lower Mainland (Group Processes) but I contacted the department and they said they understand because it's hard to find outside of the island. So yes I completely understand when people say the pre-reqs are demanding!
  10. I applied to the MA in Counselling Psychology at UVic and there is no interview process for that program and even then they take until early March to get back to applicants - it seems most Canadian masters in counselling programs take several months to get back to applicants with the exception of a few programs (like Calgary for example). Waiting sucks, I know!
  11. I'm so confused as to why anyone would want to lie about their results - it's not fair to anyone
  12. Does anyone know if UVic's MA in Counselling program has an interview component? I know they usually get back to applicants in March with final decisions but it seems a little long to wait with no interview considering their deadline was Dec 1
  13. I remember when I applied last year to Calgary the department head emailed us over the holidays to let us know we would be informed by mid-January if we were selected for an interview, so hopefully people start hearing back in the next week or so!
  14. I hear you have a lot of enthusiasm for the field but I might invite you to consider that the categories you've listed are not mutually exclusive with each other - for example, trauma survivors can experience hearing voices as a response to their trauma.
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