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  1. Check out the interview resources page on Discord, lots of crowd-sourced interview Qs https://discord.gg/yMYVJfV8Ts
  2. Canada server invite link: https://discord.gg/2M3yAHapvy Here's an invite for the US Discord server to get an idea of how the server could develop: https://discord.gg/JArZZech Invite your friends! Invite your supervisors! Invite your pets 😄
  3. Would anyone be interested in joining a Discord sever or Slack group for Canadian applicants? I belong to groups for US applicants and I find the discussions are much more organized. For example you have different sections like 'Interview Invites', 'Resources', 'Emotional Support', etc. And you can ctrl+f in the entire chat to find what you're looking for. Discord would still maintain anonymity, though we could hold Zoom get-togethers or game nights if we wanted.
  4. UNB PIs are doing interviews right now. Department is meeting end of January to discuss *first round of offers/next steps
  5. Thanks y'all. Seems like it varies, like other posters have said on the Results page. If anyone knows a Lakehead grad student who's willing to chat about the program, my DMs are open
  6. Does anyone know how Lakehead admission works? I heard they just offer acceptance/rejection without an interview.
  7. Heard there were some trolls posing about US results. Have you encountered any Canadian trolls lmao
  8. A question: what does everyone think will happen to the GRE requirement for 'F22 admission?
  9. For anyone applying to McMaster, PNB department was recently investigated in response to several sexual assault charges against a few faculty and grad students. A law firm independently reviewed the department culture. Interesting read and the dept is defs taking steps to address their issues. https://www.thespec.com/news/hamilton-region/2020/12/03/review-uncovered-systemic-and-cultural-issues-at-mcmasters-psychology-department.html
  10. Congrats!! Is this a department-level interview or an interview with mainly your POI?
  11. Seems like that PI has got your back. Sounds like precursor to a supportive supervisor-supervisee relationship if you get accepted!!
  12. For anyone who applied to Lakehead: Did you need to wait 24 h to start the 2nd part of the application/actually upload documents? And can you submit unofficial transcripts or electronic official transcripts? They want official transcripts but also said unofficial is fine in the interim...
  13. I can't seem to find info on Lakehead's guaranteed funding for psych, but I'll take your word on this. You both provided very logical advice. Thanks so much!
  14. I have 2 questions: 1) There was no grading scheme included with my unofficial transcripts. Is this ok lol 2) Just found out I might want to work with a prof at Lakehead. Might have decent research fit but kinda iffy on fit at this point (haven't had chance to meet and discuss). I could apply now, but I've already missed the OGS deadline. I didn't apply for CGS-M with Lakehead either. Is it still worth it to apply?
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