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  1. April 15th is in a few days and I'm in a pickle. Got into 2 MA (but basically direct PhD entry) programs, one is clinical, the other is counselling. Both have major cons like poor location (clinical program), low funding (clinical & counselling programs), poor internship match + career uncertainty (counselling program), or hands-off supervisor (counselling program). Right now I'm leaning towards the clinical program, which is still amazing in other respects and will lead me to my desired career. If I feel the pros > cons, I could attend another school for the PhD? But what does everyone
  2. Got SSHRC CGS-M at UNB and McGill. I was rejected from the UNB program so declined the offer, hopefully that frees up space for alternates 🤙
  3. Re: Lakehead, most of us are still waiting for the official offer letters, which have been delayed by the cyberattack 😅 Might explain slow waitlist movement
  4. I guess it's what they don't say that matters... 👀 👀 Online reviews and forums have been a mixed bag, some people said they had a good exp and found a job, some said you need to hustle to find practicum opportunities, some people said to run.
  5. Not personally interested in Yorkville or Adler, but I was wondering ... how is their training quality, employment rates post-grad, etc? My impression isn't that positive but I also lack knowledge about these programs
  6. Good Q. This is my first year applying. Differences between last year would be more research experiences, but these experiences were also of high quality. To me, this means: ability to be involved with multiple aspects of the research process, opportunity for research team collaboration, leading research project(s), research relates to grad school research interests, writing a manuscript to submit for publication, presenting a poster. I also developed more concrete/specific research interests (developed through these additional research experiences). I think a big factor in my interview o
  7. Yup, application requires you to name POI(s) + your research interests for project stream.
  8. Just got email from Lakehead POI and was accepted with funding!! I didn't apply to external funding as I discovered this POI after scholarship deadlines, so overall funding isn't that high for 1st year Masters. Would welcome any DMs and/or advice re: funding.
  9. I haven't heard anything yet, but on the Results page someone recently got an acceptance!
  10. For the person on the results page who got the acceptance from Concordia, could you DM who your POI was and/or what the rejection said? I haven't received anything yet
  11. For anyone who applied to BK, I emailed him last year and he said he isn't taking new grad students 😕
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