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  1. Heard back from McMaster POI in July and we chatted in August. It's probably different for every POI but McMaster psych department is going through a lot right now (Google for more information).
  2. You seem very on point! I don't really have a plan yet, but I've started brainstorming personal statement content. Hopefully I don't end up rushing at the last minute like I did with undergrad apps 😂
  3. I know we can't control what profs do but damn.....if GRE requirements are waived then profs should be bros and respect those requirements. Several studies have shown that GRE scores poorly predict grad school and future performance. I'd expect researchers to be aware of this evidence and act accordingly. Then again, GPA, prior research experience, etc. may also be poor predictors of performance. This discussion just opens up a whole new can of worms ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. That sounds like an efficient method. I have an informal interview scheduled mid-August as well, but this one was scheduled by the prof herself. Wouldn't hurt to contact profs again and get the ball rolling on actual conversations
  5. You bring up some good points about the start of Fall term. Hmm maybe I should email them again mid-late August and this time directly request a meeting? Is that what you did? My reasoning was that profs may not be 100% certain they're taking students until the fall, and if I contact them in the fall they might be more likely to remember who I am.
  6. I would try to schedule a Zoom meeting or something. I would do this in the Fall, at least that's what I'm planning to do. By that time profs may have a more solid idea of whether/not they're taking students, their funding situation, etc. For questions, I second @clinical_psych_hopeful. Specifically Mitch's guide page 30 and onwards.
  7. Provincial in Ontario there's OGS, Quebec there's the FRQSC, AB there's the AB Graduate Excellence scholarship. Those are the ones I know of. I think these scholarships are based on merit and specific criteria like are you enrolled in a FT grad program in this province. Also I'm pretty sure these scholarships aren't taxed even if they pass the minimum tax bracket. Also for funding, can't forget about TA-ships, RA-ships (from your PI's own pool of grant funding), GA-ships, but you'd have to put in the hours for these dollars. There are also department/university-specific scholarships base
  8. My question for you is: are you interested in doing research as a career/getting into academia and/or getting into a PhD after a masters program? In that case, looking for a PI who is active in research could be a top priority. Mentorship style, healthy lab environment, match, etc. can be just as if not even more important. I would consider all these factors holistically. If you have 3-5 labs/school then you have more freedom to judge and select between PIs. I think in a Masters program these factors might be less important than in a PhD as the time commitments are different. But I think they'
  9. We can apply for federal level masters funding which is the CGS-M scholarship (funded by SSHRC, CIHR, or NSERC depending on what your project topic is) which is like ~17,500/year for 1 year in any year of your masters. If you're applying for Ontario, you can also apply for the OGS scholarship but some schools automatically consider you for OGS when you apply for their program (not sure if it's some or all schools that do this). Other provinces have their own provincial scholarships. Deadline is in December or something the year before you wanna apply, so Dec 2020 for us. Applying for + getting
  10. If your program doesn't offer courses required for registration in another province, or if they don't give you as much space in your schedule to finish those courses, then you might need to take those courses (courses could be undergrad or grad) at the same or another institution. It's a pre-req courses kind of thing. Agreed with @laura23 you should also check out requirements for hours, and see if your program fulfills those requirements. Other than that ... if you have the masters then you can register in a province that only requires a masters. The most 'frowned upon' action would be t
  11. You're correct with the example you provided. Your question is interesting so I did a quick search on AB Psych College's website and found this info sheet on mobility. They talk about the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) which guarantees the free movement of labour province-to-province. This agreement applies to psych graduates as well, so you can graduate from MA Clin Psyc in Ontario and register+work in AB and other provinces that only req a masters to register as a psychologist. Other than finishing studies at the masters level, I can think of one other factor that might limit mobi
  12. Some the day of, some within a few days, others ~ 1 week, and right now I've been waiting almost 2 weeks for 2 PIs to contact me back. It varies a lot.
  13. I just included a short intro about my degree and research interests and asked if they were accepting students. I attached my CV but I don't know if anyone actually read it. Email should be concise. On 2nd thought I'm going to edit this answer -- you could include more info on your research experiences and what you're doing now (e.g., "I did a honour's thesis under Dr. X and I am a research assistant on a _____ project right now"). You could also comment on their current research (e.g., "I found your use of Y methodology very fascinating, I would also follow-up with Z population"). I may
  14. Agreed with @freudianslipintogradschool you should look into Counselling MA programs. You could also look into Counselling MEd programs but those are more focused on education and kids of course. Program structure can differ between schools, but I think most schools offer at least 2 streams for counselling masters: 1) More thesis focused stream where you can do an independent research project at a masters level w/ a supervisor of your choice (with clinical practicums/internships but this might differ b/w schools I think); and 2) More internship/practicum based where you get good clinical exper
  15. I've started e-mailing profs and most have gotten back to me about whether/not they're accepting Fall 2021. Of course many profs may not know 100% if they're accepting, but they'll probably tell you. Some department websites have updated which profs are accepting for 2021 too, so I checked there but also e-mailed to confirm.
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