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  1. From what I've heard it doesn't matter tooo much as long as you meet the cut offs. But I do know some profs look at specific courses. For instance a prof I worked for really cared about research methods and stats grades and wouldn't consider anyone with less than an A in those courses. I think it's really dependent on each PI's own views of the process and what they look for in their students. I think as long as you meet the cutoffs you will at least be able to get your app into the hands of more people and potentially make the shortlist. With that said, if you dont meet the cut offs it might
  2. The next step would be the open house on feb 26! and I believe next time youre in touch will be about an offer or rejection etc
  3. This confuses me a bit since York doesn’t do second round interviews, unless it’s different for CD. I know that for clinical it’s just one interview and then the PI decides.
  4. That's a good question! I don't know if it matters per se one person I'm thinking of has a MEd. Tbh I think the most important thing would still be your research productivity and experience. I dont think the MA or MEd in counselling would hurt you as long as your application still provides evidence for your skills as a researcher
  5. I know many people who did clinical after a counselling MA so I think it’s definitely an option!!! Congrats on getting in btw!
  6. Interview School: York Program: Clinical Psychology (adult stream) Date of invite: Feb 4th, 2021 Date of interview: Over next few days
  7. Interview School: OISE Program: CCP Date of invite: Feb 1st, 2021 Date of interview: Over next few days
  8. For me location + intensity of the program (since I want to go into academia I want a school and supervisor who encourages research productivity!) but with that said, I think worklife balance is SO important and discussing this with potential PIs is vital
  9. There’s personal reasons why I am conflicted and dont feel the need to publicly post about it, was just hoping for some friendly thoughts from others ..
  10. Anyone know how many schools in Canada are scientist-practitioner vs clinical science models?
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