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  1. Is anyone else having difficulty adding a 3rd organization for funding on the CGS-M application? I am wondering if I cannot submit for both OISE and UTSC?
  2. Does anyone know what to write for UTSC... I cannot find out what faculty their Clinical Program is in?
  3. Conferences can be peer reviewed too. Anything you have to submit an abstract for usually goes through a review process. The CPA annual conference is a good example of this
  4. I believe we upload them.. there is no where for the institution to send them. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the past three weeks too
  5. Unfortunately, most of the time they are not (e.g., any thesis poster conferences aren’t).
  6. A committee at each school rates the proposals separately from your application. The people you apply to may be in the funding committee but not necessarily. You can think of funding apps and actual apps as two separate processes
  7. Nope for the MA they understand that you have no idea where you’re going or who you’re going to be working with. Your CGS gets sent to multiple schools and you could theoretically apply to multiple profs at each school. So they don’t expect you to execute what you’ve outlined
  8. I’ve heard your proposal doesn’t have to be about anything you plan to study. E.g., you can basically propose something in an entirely different area
  9. I just learned that Mac doesn't know whos accepting bc they just accept the top like 5 students and then whoever those students fit best with they get to go with those profs..
  10. I emailed her like last week and she still hasn't responded.. I haven't had much luck with communicating with her tbh
  11. Anyone know why the McMaster application portal hasn't opened yet/when it will open?
  12. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully it’s soon considering their apps are due in a month and a half
  13. Does anyone know when OISE CCP program will be posting an updated list of accepting faculty for Sept 2021?
  14. Oh wow thanks for this update. Mac is one of my top schools. Interesting that they don’t determine this until after apps are due
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