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  1. Lol I feel that - love those schools but my French is abysmal. Re contacting supervisors . . . I also am tempted to jump the gun and email them, but I think I will wait until August for my few top ones and then September for any others (depending on the responses from my first batch of emails)!
  2. I may have to write the psych GRE as well, but I am waiting to come up with my final list of schools before I start worrying about that. Most of the programs I am looking into do not require it. Do you know if the psych one is also being offered online?
  3. Agreed! Was kinda hoping schools would be letting prospective students apply without GRE scores with everything that is going on . . . but of course ETS is going online and sustaining the massive profit they make every year lol
  4. Those are definitely great schools :). And thanks! I am just hoping to bump my quant score to at least a 50 lol. I am definitely very excited to apply -especially with not much to do right now with everything locked down. I just finished my BSc honours in psyc and this will be my first time applying . . . so I am also a little nervous. Hopefully there is some more activity on this thread in the coming months!
  5. So glad you started this up!! I am applying this fall to Clinical Psychology programs in Canada and already have my eye on a few laboratories with clinical supervisors at UBC and Western. How are people feeling about doing online versions of the GREs? I did mine last summer but then decided to take a gap year before applying. I am now thinking of rewriting because although I did well overall, my quant score leaves something to be desired (V=94%ile, Q=45%ile, A=92%ile). However, I am not sure how I feel about writing the GRE from home (thanks to covid). Excited to hear about everyone's application journeys this year!!
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