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  1. hi! did anybody apply to U of T/OISE programs and get an email about activitating a JOINid account? im just a bit confused on what my student number is because in the email it says not to use your application number? thanks!
  2. hey! for the letters, i was told that they would continue to be accepted after the deadline but thats what i was told through email however, they should be submitted asap. i would suggest emailing just so its like somewhat on your record (so if there's an issue in the future about why your letters might've been late, you can say you emailed and were told it was fine)
  3. hi! if anybody applied to or is planning on applying to concordia, please dm me! im having trouble with something on the application, thank you!
  4. hey! i actually applied very late last night and noticed this as well, i found that i wasn't even close to reaching the word limit for a lot of questions (like what are your career goals, i could only reach like 300-500 words before i was satisfied with my answer). i also over thought about this application a lot and found that for me personally, if i felt i had explained everything that needed to be explained in depth, then that was it. i didn't end up adding in more or making it like "filler" if that makes sense! i ended up not being too worried about maximum word limit as long as i answere
  5. hi! if anybody has applied to dalhousie for their msc program pls dm me! im having some trouble with their site, id really appreciate any help!
  6. hey guys! i was wondering if anybody could give me some advice on cutting down my list of schools. i kind of went to find anybody doing the research i was interested in and now have a long list of canadian/american schools. what r some factors yall would consider in order to condense ur list! thank u!
  7. hi everybody! i'm hoping to apply again this cycle. im having a bit of a hard time finding people of interest at the schools i was hoping to apply to. any advice, both in canada and america? my research interests are child psych, interventions, trauma/ptsd and pediatric care (like hospital settings). let me know! any help would be really appreciated!
  8. hi everybody! i'll be applying again to american and canadian phd programs this cycle, specifically in child psych. if anybody wants to talk id be more than happy. i did have a question though, how can i make myself more competitive this cycle (as compared to last cycle). im hoping to stay in my psych labs through my profs and hopefully do more posters and such and also gain some clinical experience! id love to know what u guys r doing to be "different" from the last cycle! thank you
  9. hey guys! so im a bit confused based on my CGS-M comments. i got rejected from all the schools i wrote in my CGS-M application but one of the schools said ineligible (First-class average) and im not sure what that means, can anybody explain
  10. i was wondering if anybody heard from guelph regarding their CCAP program, i only saw one interview posted on the results page from january
  11. what schools would you guys say we can assume rejection for? like if we applied to a certain school and havent heard back at this point, we can assume rejection
  12. hi! if anybody's applied to eastern michigan (MA) or detroit mercy, please dm me! thanks
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