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  1. Hi! Just wanted to see if anyone can confirm that York's admission deadline for the 2-year MSW program is Dec 15? The website says the application is available from October 15-Dec 15, but I couldn't find a specific deadline listed for documents (SOP, CV, supplementary form) and just wanted to check
  2. does anyone know how York FGS feels about students applying to more than one grad program? i'm planning on applying to a program within the department of psychology and their master of social work program (I think both are in the Faculty of Health), but was unsure if this would be perceived poorly by admissions or something? was just wondering since I know some schools recommend that students only apply to one grad program within the same department/faculty, and I couldn't find anything on the York admissions website related to this
  3. I think I remember reading somewhere on the website that if no word count is specified by the program for each question, the default is 1500 words! They also said they encourage applicants to be brief in their responses (I think this basically indicates that even though the word limit is super high by default, they don't want you to write too much)
  4. Does anyone applying to OISE SCCP know if they just require answers to the faculty questions or a statement of intent in addition to that? On the website, the Application Steps page says: A statement of intent (also known as a plan of study or letter of intent) is not required. Instead, you must answer questions created by a program to learn more about you. Enter your response to each question in the text box provided. Do not upload a separate document. But the APHD Application Tips page still has a paragraph talking about how the statement of intent is one of the most important parts of
  5. hi friends!! i'm reapplying to clinical and applying to SACP programs this year, and I'm currently debating whether I should also apply to either counselling or social work programs as well - does anyone have any thoughts/experience regarding MSW vs. MACP?
  6. Does anyone have any advice on sending a thank you email after a panel interview? The clinical coordinator of the program wasn't there, but 3 faculty members were - should I send one to them all? Or the coordinator of the program even though they weren't there? If anyone has any advice on this (including what to include in the email) I would appreciate it!
  7. Hi! Is it bad to only indicate one POI on an application? I read somewhere that listing more than one (2-3) is good, but if I have one POI at a university that i'm very very interested in working with (and have a good fit with), would listing another one make it seem like my research interests are too broad? Or would tailoring my SOI to just one POI make it seem like my interests are too specific?
  8. Hi! For anyone who applied to McMaster/contacted POIs - would it be possible for you to send me the first letter of the last name for POIs who said they aren't accepting students? I think i got my wires crossed about something and would appreciate any help!
  9. Hi, I have 2 quick questions and would appreciate any help! 1. For anyone who has started/completed their application to York: when I input my education history it asks me "Did you graduate?" - do I answer yes or no to this? I'm currently in the process of completing my degree and expect to graduate in May. If I put "No", does that imply that I didn't complete my degree? 2. For anyone applying to McGill, do you know if they accept official transcripts sent digitally directly from the academic institution? I requested a physical copy of my transcript so I could scan and upload it, but
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