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  1. For those who are re-applying next year - are you thinking of starting to study for the GRE? I'm unsure if I should start and prep, or if I should wait a couple months until the application cycle is over to see if it will be required next cycle? I just wish to use this extra time to prep, rather than finding out last minute it will be required
  2. Me too please Also I just saw someone posted on the results page - would you be willing to share POI? Thank you in advance
  3. Thank you so much! This is what I figured and I am completing this form Thank you to those who PM'd me as well about this - your support means a lot!
  4. Thank you! I was confused because I saw on their website that everyone is considered for OGS. Does this mean we would complete the 2nd form in the link (students who applied to tri-council funding)? I tried contacting them but no luck
  5. Hey guys For those short-listed at Ryerson: We don't have to complete the separate OGS form if we submitted a CGS-M right?
  6. School: Ryerson University Program: Clinical Psychology, MA. Interview type: Visiting Day on Feb 8th, following clinical interview, from program coordinator Date of Invite: January 29th, 2021 Happy to share POI if you are interested!
  7. School: University of Western Ontario Program: Clinical Psychology, M.Sc. Interview type: Formal Interview day via email from POI Date of Invite: January 22nd, 2021 DM for POI: Yes! Happy to share
  8. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about Western interview invites? I know the website says after Jan 25th, but historically it appeared that applicants heard back sooner than the posted date :)!
  9. Me too! It's all I think about and everything almost feels like a dream/surreal due to the times with COVID and everything being virtual. I feel like working from home etc. is amplifying my anxiety! However, I am excited today, as tomorrow is the start of a new week!
  10. I think it is always a good idea and shows you're interested as well as professionalism I did this after my informal chats, and am planning on doing it after other informal/formal interviews as well if I am lucky enough to get any.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone has experience/insight about informal interviews. Specifically, if you had an informal chat with a POI before deadlines, if they would typically reach out for another informal one, or would they typically only extend a formal invite if they thought you are a good candidate (cause another informal may be redundant)? Just curious so I know what to expect! Of course, I know it may depend on the POI but I'm wondering if anyone has experience with this.
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