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  1. I had a somewhat similar situation where I messed up the dates for my undergrad degree and I emailed the grad admissions, and they said a minor error like that isn't a big deal, because they look at transcripts to get the full history. Definitely attach it to your transcript, and they can see it was just a course!
  2. Thank you so much! Now that I am submitting applications, some of them don't even have a slot for submitting GRE scores. I just thought I'd let you guys know
  3. Hi everyone, Here with another question - I am wondering how common it is to get in or be interviewed by POI's you list as 2nd or 3rd, as well, as profs you email but get no reply from? Thank you
  4. I am wondering if anyone has any insight into how GRE scores are being considered this year, given that they are not required for most institutions? Specifically, are you at a disadvantage if you do not submit them?
  5. I've personally asked both my references for all the schools I'm applying to plus funding (so 7 schools + 1 for tri-council funding). I'm assuming they would submit the same/similar letters to each
  6. Hi Everyone I am wondering if a lot of you have been having preliminary meetings at this stage with your POIs? A lot of the profs I reached out to said they don't meet with students until short-lists come out in Winter.
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