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  1. Can someone walk me through how we actually upload documents? When I follow the link in this email, it takes me to an empty folder with no option to upload anything.
  2. Congratulations!! Would you be willing to share your subcommittee and stats? I got funded with a lower score than I see a lot of other people posting so I was curious how the rest of committee 4 fared.
  3. I went into my app with no publications and got the CGS-D this year! I wouldn't count yourself out yet!
  4. My pleasure! I'm keeping fingers and toes crossed for everyone who has to wait this last day out!
  5. My subcommittee (4E) funded 58 applications (42.6%) and didn't fund the other 78 (57.4%). My score was in the mid 9 range and I received the CGS-D.
  6. I was also funded! CGS-D, Committee 4, last name D. @worldlyreader I would let your supervisor know! Mine had no idea until I called them.
  7. Congratulations and thank you so much for keeping us updated!
  8. Nope... at least for now, it's empty. It says "There are no documents in this view" and that's it.
  9. I'm sorry but this is just... so silly 😂 Can they not do the required work on the portal so half of applicants don't have to wait an extra day based on their names?
  10. This sounds awesome! How creative to propose sci-fi to help support folks learning science, and a perfect fit for community-based work*! (Edited because I realized you didn't specify participatory!)
  11. Bahaha welcome to the chaos! The more the merrier to ride out the next cursed 48 hours 🫠
  12. Results started to get released on April 26th, and then their systems crashed. Everyone from committees 1-3 had heard, but only some from 4, and no one from 5. Then it took them five days to resolve the tech issues. So those people who hadn't heard yet were just sitting in limbo.
  13. I emailed again to confirm that results would be out today! Here was the response: "Good morning, The results will be downloaded in 2 batches. Some will be downloaded on the Extranet tonight and the rest tomorrow night. You will receive an email probably this afternoon with information on how to see your results." So... some of us will be out of our misery today, but not all of us. 🙃🙃
  14. Still nothing from me... I think we might be waiting another day. I amused myself by going back and reading last year's thread from about April 26th onwards. It was utter chaos but what really stuck out was how much solidarity people on the thread were showing each other! I know the wait is excruciating but you're all amazing and I so hope things pan out for you. ❤️💪🏽
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