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  1. Congratulations!! Is it common for invites to go out at such short notice? Two days isn't a lot of time to prepare, get time off work, etc!
  2. I'm not a current student, but I applied once straight after I graduated a few years ago, and I'm applying again this year, and I have to say I feel genuinely prepared to do a PhD now and am really confident in my decision to apply and what I want out of it, 1000x more than I did the first time I applied. That's not to say I currently have a flawless application or anything, there is a lot I'm worried about in terms of getting in. And I know that however much experience you have, doing a PhD is going to be really hard. But I do understand more about the research process after working in resear
  3. This is a good question, I would appreciate any advice on this as well! I have a late withdrawal on my transcript that I always forget about - it was an elective completely unrelated to my degree, but the average grade (which is shown on the transcript) was a C-, so I definitely dodged a bullet, but I guess it could still raise some eyebrows.
  4. Mine is still there even though they were sent way before the deadline - I emailed the admin team about it earlier this week to ask if they've been received or if I should re-send them, but I haven't received a response yet!
  5. I think the notices section has always been there, just with nothing in it haha. When you click on "my application" and "status" there's a section for admission decision, but I'm not sure if there would be info anywhere else as well. I haven't applied to Calgary before, but when I applied to other programs I didn't get a rejection notification until March or April, even when I hadn't received an interview etc. But maybe some programs send rejection notices earlier (it would probably save us some stress if they did!)
  6. Just wondering if anyone here has been contacted for an interview/accepted into a program with a supervisor that they ranked 2nd or 3rd on an application? Some programs asked us to rank possible supervisors in order of preference, and I suppose it makes sense in terms of finding a match, but I guess I'm wondering if your 3rd choice supervisors would even look at your application when there will likely be plenty of applicants that ranked them first? Has anyone had any luck with someone they didn't rank as their first?
  7. I get a bit nervous sharing details of my application because my existing research area is quite specific and I feel like I would be pretty identifiable if I share too much. I don't necessarily mind sharing schools or POIs though (although admittedly I find DM more comfortable), and I agree that when you hear which schools/POIs have sent out invites for interviews, it can be such a relief to either know it's not your POI, or if it is you can stop stressing about it so much and focus on other things. When people do share POIs I find it's also helpful to see how many people have interests
  8. Welcome to the return of the working week... the season where every email notification makes me jump out of my skin and fills me with existential dread 😩 Anyone else exceedingly jumpy today?
  9. Do you think it's still reasonable to ask for this if the application deadline has already closed? I didn't even consider that asking for them to be removed would be an option, but I would prefer they not look at my scores if they're not required!
  10. I agree, thank you everyone for your kind posts! I think it's safe to say all of us are an ambitious and hard working group - We should absolutely all be proud of our accomplishments and all of the work we put in to our applications! It's definitely a stressful process but it's good to keep in mind that the whole point of graduate programs is that we're still learning and don't need to be perfect in everything to make valuable contributions. It's also nice to know that there are some really supportive current and future students around, hopefully some of us will meet in future prog
  11. Thank you! I'm pretty sure I meet the requirements but it's sometimes hard to tell when not every school website has a gpa calculator or conversion for other grading schemes/countries. It's good to know they take it seriously though! Haha! The answer is always "it depends" isn't it! This is really good advice, thank you! I did this with my other experiences in my statement, but not specifically with my grades. If I have to re-apply next year I will definitely keep this in mind.
  12. How stringent have you found the schools are with the minimum requirements? Obv if your GPA is significantly below the cutoff or you're missing something major you won't meet the criteria, but if your GPA is something like 3.68 instead of 3.7 for example, and the rest of the application is strong, is there a chance they might consider it? I think my application is generally pretty strong, but I'm worried that with the number of applications this year they might take any excuse to whittle down the pile. I have transcripts from a few different universities (some with 4.0 some with 4.3
  13. Only a couple from certain schools! UBCO sent an email to tell me my application had been opened/will be reviewed, and I got a separate email saying my cgsm application will be forwarded to UBCO to review. I got an email from U of C saying they received my cgsm application and will review it. All boring, but still makes me anxious! I feel like once theyve opened it the rejection is imminent 😬 No emails at all from the other schools I applied to though.
  14. It's so hard to stay calm while waiting! I'm trying not to think about it until after the new year, but it's hard when you know some schools are already emailing about interviews. Even just getting some of the automated emails saying they've received your CGSM application, or have accessed your application and it will be reviewed etc, is already giving me the jitters!
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