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  1. @SoundofSilenceYes yes yes!! you bring up so many important points. This year has really shifted my thinking about what to expect from my future career. Still my number 1 goal is to become a clinical academic, but considering not only the difficulties getting in to a program, but the time it takes to complete, the abysmal work-life balance, the awful "pay" as a graduate student for 5-7 years, and the very real possibility that your supervisor could suck and you have zero support - it's going to suck it a lot of ways. Whereas a "regular" old non-clinical PhD will be done in 3 years, sti
  2. it is! a total lottery! I feel like the chances of winning the lottery are actually higher! You sound like an amazing applicant!! Yeah, there are other paths that are rewarding and challenging and that we can be successful in. I think I will apply one more year since I'm finishing a few courses to improve my transcripts and it feels like a waste if I don't apply again, but next year I think I will at the same time apply for non-clinical programs as well. Thanks so much everyone for agreeing - it makes me feel a lot better to know that other people think this is super F-ed up.
  3. omg this is ridiculous. Does anyone else feel like it's completely pointless to even apply?? I didn't apply to UTSC but I know a lot of programs will have similar numbers. I feel so discouraged by the stats. I know that I am a really good applicant and would do really well in clinical psych. I know it's hard, but I know I have the skills and background to do a good job. I've been working in research for years. I have more publications than many PhD students have when they finish their PhD. I have plenty of conference abstracts, and I've won awards for presentations. I know if I applied to
  4. Thank you both! I looked for a phone number but unfortunately they didn't have one, so I emailed back like you both suggest and just said thanks for notifying me about my application, and I have confirmed on the portal that everything is complete, then I asked them to clarify what the specific issue was. I also listed all of the transcripts and dates to confirm what they should have... It is kind of annoying since I have a lot of transcripts from exchange programs and my MSc so hopefully someone just made a mistake reading it and they can put it back into the "maybe" pile instead of the garbag
  5. I got an email from one of the funding admins at a program saying that my application is incomplete and won't be considered - they're saying my transcripts are missing, but I checked the portal and they're complete. I'm need to email back and say there's a mistake, but I'm not sure how to phrase this without panicking? / Do you think emailing them will make a difference or do you think that's that since they must have so many applications to go through anyway?
  6. No you're completely right, it's something I didn't really consider since my co-authors did very little writing on what I submitted but of course this would vary a lot within other teams and even other papers. Now I'm very nervous about my decision, despite being really proud of my work because I guess they have no idea how much of it I wrote 🤦🏼‍♀️ It's tricky though because I've been out of university for quite a long time and so any assignments, my thesis, etc are all quite old and I'm a much better academic writer now, so my publications are the only thing that I have really to show th
  7. Hmm, that's a really interesting point, I didn't think of that! How would anyone at our stage in their career have a sole-author publication though? Surely to get published in a peer-reviewed journal you would have to have at the very least your supervisor as a co-author. Unless perhaps it's a letter to the editor or something?
  8. I submitted a publication I was first author on (not a good idea if you're co-author since it's not your writing), but if I didn't have a journal article I would have submitted an assignment I did well on in a relevant course /on a relevant topic, like maybe you wrote a paper in a drugs and behaviour class and you're applying to a POI who studies addiction for example. I think submitting your thesis is too long, you can't expect the admissions committee/POI to read a 50 page document. Although maybe you could submit just your intro and literature review since it is a "sample". This i
  9. I've never heard of this podcast! Thanks for sharing, I'll check it out!
  10. I would love for this to be true, but I think the number of applicants will be the same as previous years (hopefully less than last year in the case that a few schools had 2-3X the applicants). I think there does tend to be fluctuation in terms of how busy these forums are, so I don't really think it can be an indication of the number of applicants. Maybe there are just more lurkers or people are using older topics to look at previous year's advice, etc?
  11. Thank you both for the advice! These are good suggestions!
  12. Good luck to everyone who is getting interviews! Does anyone have any good interview prep/resources they would be willing to share? There's a lot online for general PhD programs, but not a lot for clinical psych. No results posted yet for any of the programs I applied to but the nerves are getting high 😬 trying not to freak out thinking 'are people getting interviews for these programs but nobody is posting about it?' I know it's still early but it's so easy to obsess over it.
  13. Thank you! This was a good idea, not all of the schools I applied to had anything helpful, but a couple had orientation dates from this past September so I can use that as a guide! Thank you so much for your insight! It's nice to know it's not the end of the world if you miss orientation, but would probably be useful. I didn't even consider virtual orientation - that would be helpful too, I wonder if they'll continue offering virtual options into next year.
  14. Hi all! Does anyone know generally when you're expected to be in the city/University when you start your program? I'm assuming courses start first week of September kind of thing, but would there be orientation (with the university or program) or lab responsibilities/settling in with your supervisor etc that would be expected in August? I haven't been accepted/interviewed yet, this is all hypothetical for now. I'm just trying to give my availability for a family event that's happening in August where my mom lives, but I'm currently living far away, and all of the universities I applied t
  15. Thank you! It's really helpful to hear from current students. Is there anything you wish you had known or prepared for before starting the clinical training?
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