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  1. Hi! I applied to Ottawa twice and it usually took around a week to get the credentials to upload the supporting documents. Their uozone system is not at all intuitive, which is the reason for one of my previous rants about them. When I applied again this year, they asked if I applied in the past, because I think they do a check to match accounts. They found mine from 2 years ago and sent me the same credentials basically. It might be possible that they did a similar check with yours and somehow found someone with a similar name/info? If you haven't applied to them in the past that m
  2. So glad it's working out! This process is making all of us slightly crazy Best of luck!
  3. Hey! So this happens a lot, since most referees are pretty busy and many submit just at the last second. I had the same thing happen, they asked for a one week reminder and after that I still got crickets. By some miracle they managed to submit it last night, but I spent the day thinking of strategies to nudge them to submit the letter but not annoy them. It's a delicate dance What I would do - maybe send a gentle email, or text, to ask if they got the link and are able to access it and see what they say. Even if they don't submit today, a lot of programs are more flexible w
  4. To underscore (again) how bad this process is, I just got a quick email from one of my recommendation writers and they were pretty upset about how terrible some of the online portals were. They were so upset about the UNB process, that they were like "remind me to never submit a reference here again". 😱 I'm giving it a last try - any other McMaster fellow applicants - what did you do about the "no CV" thing? Did you just bulk up your personal statement or you're just submitting your regular one and hoping for the best? I also welcome any advice from people who are not applying there, all
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it! I mean I know we are all in the same boat here, it's just that I feel some applications don't really represent all my hard work. And I'm sure it's probably the same for everyone. Having a standardized process would make things so much easier for all people involved. I'm really looking forward to having this be done. I hope everyone is staying warm and sane! We're almost there, at least with this part
  6. hey that's not a half bad idea. I've honestly had it with this application season. It's my third time and it's the worst yet. Between programs switching deadlines to early November when they were usually in December (I'm looking at you SFU) and all the crappy online portals that drive me mad, I'm at my wits' end. I've done Ottawa's application once before and I still had trouble this time around locating the damn place to upload the documents. Not to mention that some programs are ok with your standard stuff (as in regular CV and 2 page statement), but some are just crazy with their
  7. Oh my... but why? I mean I do detail some things in the personal statement, but that is not exactly something to take the place of the CV as well. How are you approaching this issue?
  8. Quick question for people applying to McMaster - where do I upload my CV? I can't seem to find that anywhere in the online application portal.
  9. in many countries you usually need at least a master's degree. sometimes even to work in I/O psych - the thing is, a general psych bachelors doesn't equip you with much beyond some theoretical knowledge. To get specialist exposure, you have to pursue further studies.
  10. So this kinds of hits on multiple things, but let's take it one at a time. If you are not from the US/Canada, I am assuming that you need to take courses only in your intended main major field. This comes with the downside that you need to figure out some things earlier, instead of at the end of your degree. Just because you are not a native English speaker, it does not mean that you cannot practice in the field. It does mean that you would have to put in more effort to get fluent in the language and also get comfortable with cultural phrases/way of talking and other cultural references
  11. Hi I think that as a first year you are still exploring options, and that's ok. The thing is, I would advise to best plan for the paths you'd like to take when choosing a major. So if you are really drawn to psych, whether that's counselling or anything related that basically requires a grad degree so that you can follow that career path, then you need to have a really solid psych background. If you are interested in business - psych can actually be a good addition there so you can look at taking classes in both. However, a business type of career doesn't really require you to major in b
  12. Hi! So the previous academic work basically means you're applying to a grad school program - and that it requires a bachelors (so a previous degree). Don't worry about it, it's pretty standard. Regarding references - I can't say for sure, but most programs are pretty understanding that referees might not submit on time and there's not much you can do. You can always contact the program and see if they can give you an extension for references.
  13. Ok so I know this is more of a rant, but whyyy have programs moved their deadlines this year? I know that most US ones are earlier, but Canadian programs were at least December 1st. And it's not even the whole Psych department for most of them, just the clinical program. Most of my materials for them were rushed (which I know the blame here lies on me), but my letter writers also have a busy period and it was hard on them too. Am I the only one annoyed by this? Will programs at least process the documents earlier and give us some results before the end of the year?
  14. I think @t_ruth makes a very good point - there are many types of PhD programs that match your interests and experience. The best would be to get your CV as competitive as possible, so gaining more research experience is key. Look at labs that do work that interests you and see if they offer any RA positions; some offer remote roles so that might work well for you. I think you have a lot of options - you just need to narrow down to some labs/programs. Take a look at the literature at recent research that looks interesting to you and see where those labs are located, that might help. Best of lu
  15. I think so far it is a good plan - getting undergrad research experience, which can support you for a master's and then you can use the master's experience to get to the PhD. I think you can go straight to the master's (people usually take time off for research after bachelor's if they don't go into a master's). The master's, if you stay productive, can be a very good spring board into the next step. Good luck!
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