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  1. Of course, I understand, especially since we don't know yet if the academic year will start on time or not. Having an income until then is essential. Hopefully this helps them understand people should start isolating sooner rather than later. Hope you feel well soon!
  2. Thank you for your response! I guess it makes sense. I've heard people on internship get leniency with their hours, so hopefully you will receive some accommodations as well. I just don't understand this. Can't phones be forwarded to home offices? I realize that there are some things that require physical presence in the office, but most of us have been disrupted in some way or another, why risk the wellbeing of the staff in this way?
  3. I just got a rejection from Memorial. Apparently the decision was made on Feb. 27th. No idea why they waited so long to let me know. Honestly, if it's a no, I don't need to wait to get a fancy "we are sorry" letter. It would have made other plans and decisions much easier and faster for me. Sorry for the rant, this process is getting to me, on top of everything else that is going on with the coronavirus Anyway. I still have to hear from Regina. Did anyone (without interviews) get any news from them? Given the current situation I guess everything will be delayed, which is perfectly understandable. How's everyone holding up? I would love to hear from current Canadian students though. How are you faring with clinical work? Are telehealth measures being implemented? Should we make a separate thread for this?
  4. I had this dilemma this application cycle. I chose to not re-apply to most programs where I applied the year before, because I wanted to add some new ones in the mix. I did re-apply to one, which was a favorite, and I didn't get an interview. My situation did change (regarding research experience, a bit higher GRE scores) but it did not seem to matter. The thing is, I re-applied after one year. So maybe programs see this as too little time. If you were to reapply after more time, I believe programs would look at your application differently (assuming you have added new/interesting things to your experience). This is only my experience though. Also, if you are on good terms with the POIs were you interviewed, can you ask them their opinion?
  5. Sorry to hear that 😞 I just woke up to a rejection from UBC V. Had rejections all across the board last year as well. Would a master's degree from Europe help with your career goals? It also depends which country you are interested in, since there is quite a diversity in training.
  6. there was a post on the results page with an acceptance. I just got the email to check the portal with "We’ve updated your admission file" about 2 hours ago. Hope this helps!
  7. I didn't get an email, but just checked the portal after you posted and mine says "Refused". Maybe you're on a waitlist?
  8. Wish we had an answer for this, to ease your mind, but we don't. Someone who knows the program might be more helpful. However, being a high alternate means just that - that you are high ranked on the waitlist, so there is a chance. Some schools do long lists for waitlists, so a high alternate means you have a higher chance. However, you can be next in line and the person before you can accept or you can be next next and the two ranked above decline the offer. No way to tell what your chances are. So - congrats on making it this far, just a little while to wait! If you find something to keep your mind off of this that would be great. Fingers crossed!
  9. Thank you so much! It's not good news for me, but it's so difficult to find any news on Memorial on the board, and I really appreciate it.
  10. *raises hand* I know it's only polite, but yeah, I won't do that if I will be in their shoes. A nice "best of luck, you're a great applicant" is enough.
  11. I know this is over-used, but any news on Ottawa, Memorial or Regina? They are the final ones on my list and I kind of want to move on Didn't interview at them and I don't hold much hope.
  12. Yes SCCP. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Thank you all for the kind messages, I was kind of expecting it since I didn't interview.
  13. Yep. Received an email 40 minutes ago with "decision reached"
  14. .... and a big fat no from OISE. life goes on 🙃
  15. First of all, congrats! That is awesome! This might be an over-simplification, but if you are going for a mostly clinical career, a funded PsyD sounds awesome. Make sure you check internship match rates and completion rates for both. In theory, a PsyD should focus more on clinical training and be shorter in duration. A PhD makes more sense if you want to pursue a research or academic career. The reputation of the program/ supervisor pedigree is also important for future post-docs and academic positions. Try and get a sense of where students of the program go after graduation - how many of them are licensed, how soon after graduation they get licensed, what types of roles they pursue, etc. This should help clarify if the outcomes of the program match your career direction.
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