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  1. Hello there, I am currently applying. Given that the prompt says a statement "in which you describe your research interests and how they relate to the potential thesis supervisors you have listed" my guess is that you should definitely include (and make clear enough) how your choice of POI fits in with your overall interests. Since it's a small space anyway, I would leave it at a couple of phrases/ up to one paragraph, to make sure you have enough left to highlight..well, your highlights This is only my opinion and I don't have any direct info from the program.
  2. Just a quick heads-up here: grad programs require that you mention on your application and send transcripts from all institutions attended. I even had a couple ask me directly on the application if I was ever dismissed from a program, on probation or whether I dropped it. I'm not saying don't leave the master's, just make sure you have a good sense of what you would say in this case and how it appears on your transcript from that institution. Oh and I agree with other posters, you can definitely get into a PhD program without a master's but with relevant research experience. Best of luck!
  3. Thank you for your response! It's a medical research master's, but affiliated with the clinical psych program. And it does have a mentorship model, due to the strong research training offered. The thing is, I have in my statement that I want to work with Dr. X and I am applying because of my interest in her work. So I don't know, would a different POI read that and be like - yes, let's interview this person although it doesn't mention me? I might be a bit too frustrated since I'm an international as well and this process has been quite consuming and expensive as it is. I should have had multiple "backups" lol
  4. Gaaaah... this just happened to me. A week after the deadline which is almost infuriating. Also, it's my back-up master's program... So I corresponded briefly with the POI in late September and they said they are taking a student, encouraging me to apply, keeping an eye on my application, you know the drill. I was quite happy since she is well-known and has collaborations with other clinical programs so even if I didn't continue there with the PhD, I would have a better chance after the master's. Well.. this Wednesday rolls around and POI emails me and says "I have decided that I will not be taking on a new student" and puts me in contact with a different POI with slightly different area of research that is "potentially looking to take on a new graduate student in the coming year", which is very confusing. I say thank you and promptly contact this new POI to see if we have compatible research interests.. and he does not respond. I'm at a loss for words. This was my back-up (since it's a master's) but a really nice program overall. And this application was expensive and energy consuming (many essays, they require separate scholarship applications, they are the only ones who wanted both electronic and hard copy reference letters, etc.) I understand that changes happen, but still.. What do you think? Did this POI realize I'm not competitive for their lab after all? Did this happen to anyone else? Should I just give up and withdraw my application (the admin coordinator mass emailed that we still have some scholarships essays to do etc. and it feels like a waste of time). Sorry for the long rant.
  5. I don't know much about the Social department. I do know that the Clinical one is not accepting internationals this year, that's why I asked. For OGS you should be able to apply through the department - check with the grad admin for more information. I think you need a student visa once they start distributing funds to you (which is in the fall). The department should consider you for scholarships and fellowships where you are eligible based on your application. So if they confirmed, you are fine. Unfortunately, I do not have any databases or other resources for funding It really depends on location and university in particular. Best of luck!
  6. Hey there, So funding as an international is quite tricky. We don't qualify for most funding sources. We do qualify for OGS - but the application depends on the program, and it has to be in Ontario - so maybe for your Toronto school. May I ask which program? We also qualify for some university specific scholarships/fellowships (if you have good GPA, GREs, research, etc.) - this is highly dependent on the university though. From what I hear, most internationals work as RAs and TAs and get funded through that since the visa allows for (some limited) work on campus in these capacities. Maybe someone else can chip in with something I've omitted.
  7. Thank you both for your input! So it seems around 6 is a good mean, that's good to know. Applications do take a lot out of you so it makes sense not to apply to too many. Also it's been sort of difficult finding many more matches for research. I have 6 schools on my list that I am really interested in, and a couple of maybe-matches, from which I will pick one or two. Hopefully it will be enough. Fingers crossed
  8. To how many places are people applying (in Canada)? I had 4 programs last year, all rejections, and somehow I feel this year I need to apply to at least 6+ to increase chances for an interview. What do you guys&gals think?
  9. Everything you are looking for is included in the Fall 2020 Clinical & Counseling PhD/PsyD thread. It's only US schools (since Canda has a separate thread) and yes includes some counseling programs, but it would be sort of funny to discriminate against counseling folk Aren't interview invites posted there as well? I guess you could do an interview only thread, but it might overlap with the original one that already has 11 pages.
  10. That's a difficult situation, sorry to hear that I would report to ETS, maybe they can give you other accommodations. Regarding applications - most have a section where you can add additional information, If you feel that your credentials and any other information you have already provided does not represent you fairly. So you can definitely mention it there. If not, the SOP or other parts of the application could be relevant for this. The only thing I would mention is that most programs prefer scores over the 50th percentile.
  11. Hello, I finally received access but it took over 10 days, maybe there were technical issues. Please note that you don't need to have your statement ready to apply to Ottawa - you first submit a general application with your information (name, education, etc.), pay the fee, and then you get access to the place where you upload the statement. Hope this helps!
  12. Hello all, It's a little quiet around here, hope all your apps are going well For those familiar with Ottawa's application - how long did it take you to get access to uoZone portal? I finished the first part (and paid the fee) last week and I still haven't received the email to access the uoZone where I'm supposed to upload the supporting documents. Thanks!
  13. You can always try contacting the Grad Admin person for that department. I've emailed quite a few POIs and a few of them replied fast, some of them took quite a long time and some didn't reply at all. Some of them emailed back saying they don't know yet and they will decide when they see the applications or when they secure funding. So you never know. I think emailing the department might get you a faster response. And if it's your dream lab/ POI, I would say give it a try and apply unless you are certain they are not taking any students. Otherwise you might regret it.
  14. Just wanted to say a quick thank you for your advice. I sent a couple of follow-ups to POIs that really interest me, so I know for sure whether I should bother applying or not. We will see whether they reply. Thanks again!
  15. Hello there! This is a fairly common dilemma. I am unsure of what the best "etiquette" here is, but what I can tell you is that POIs are not surprised that you are interested in other professors from their university or other programs with similar research labs. From my experience, they often advise to just list both on your application - that's why programs let you list up to three POIs. That said, unless you are quite interested in being co-supervised by them, I would say just contact them separately to gauge their interest in your experience, how it matches with theirs, etc. And maybe this can evolve into a discussion of shared interests or a Skype call as someone on this thread previously mentioned. My personal opinion is that it is expected for POIs with similar research interests to be contacted by the same students. I think things get a bit odd when you express interest in wildly different areas and you don't have some justification for it (you can be perceived as unfocused). I might be wrong about this, so maybe someone else can chime in All the best!
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