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  1. Yes SCCP. Sorry I should have mentioned that. Thank you all for the kind messages, I was kind of expecting it since I didn't interview.
  2. Yep. Received an email 40 minutes ago with "decision reached"
  3. .... and a big fat no from OISE. life goes on 🙃
  4. First of all, congrats! That is awesome! This might be an over-simplification, but if you are going for a mostly clinical career, a funded PsyD sounds awesome. Make sure you check internship match rates and completion rates for both. In theory, a PsyD should focus more on clinical training and be shorter in duration. A PhD makes more sense if you want to pursue a research or academic career. The reputation of the program/ supervisor pedigree is also important for future post-docs and academic positions. Try and get a sense of where students of the program go after graduation - how many of them are licensed, how soon after graduation they get licensed, what types of roles they pursue, etc. This should help clarify if the outcomes of the program match your career direction.
  5. Yes, the compulsive e-mail checking is still going on for me as well. Although I haven't received anything in weeks lol. I've gotten around to making beach-vacation plans for this summer, got plane tickets and hotels and everything for a large group of friends. I needed to plan something I guess
  6. *raises hand* I'm almost mid-30s and will most likely start a second master's this year, with the goal of reapplying to PhDs in 2021. If all goes well (and it won't take two more rounds to get in), I'll finish by early 40s. I also have a spouse that I'm dragging half way across the world (again). I'm pretty worried about job opportunities for him and also losing the close support of family and friends. I question myself often on this decision. I guess sometimes you just have to "jump". I'm also debating whether it would be a good idea to consider starting a family in the later years of a PhD. Anybody have any experience with that? As in, how hard was it go manage baby and research? I would be ok with the program taking longer to complete, I would just be scared of getting kicked out since you're not as "productive" I guess. It's nice to get a chance to talk to people in similar situations on here, since most of similarly-aged friends have no idea why we are doing this to ourselves lol :))
  7. This seriously just blows. I don't understand this from POIs, really. I mean you can always weed out match with candidates from prelim Skype interviews. Why do they have to have 7+ people incur the expenses of travelling, missing work/school and everything else, when you only have one spot? It just seems excessive to me and not really aware of their own privilege. It also gets the hopes up of all these great applicants, and it makes it harder to choose for the POI.
  8. So, I woke up yesterday to a rejection from Queen's. Didn't interview there, but honestly I'm glad I'm starting to hear from school so I can get to plan B,C etc. for the fall. How is everyone holding up so far?
  9. oh? so is Ottawa already done making decisions?
  10. I'm sorry This is my second time applying to UBC, but I didn't (yet) get this email. I didn't get the chance to interview so I guess it's not the best of news either. Maybe they straight up forgot about me this year lol Hang in there! One way or another we'll get through this application season.
  11. Yes, this! I have a black leather one and it's so great for any kind of interview (and sometimes conferences). You can keep CV's there, pens, notes, it looks great and you have something to do with your hands. Can't go wrong if you opt that route.
  12. This advice is pretty spot on. I had the same thing happen to me for a program. It was sad when my first choice POI said that she wasn't planning on taking students after all, however, she was kind enough to put me in touch with another lovely PI with matching interests. To be honest, I am a better match with this last PI, so things worked out great. But yes, do show enthusiasm for this POIs lab and research (if it's honest, of course) so they can see that you want to work with them. Ask questions, get a feel for their mentorship style, try and see how you connect. For the first POI, I think just having general questions about the program, training, placements would be just fine. It sounds like you're so much more prepared this time. Best of luck!
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