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  1. ๐Ÿ‘‹ Hello there, This is my third time applying. From my experience, there are at least a few number of people in similar positions - with a master from someplace else and then getting a second master's. I am one of them ๐Ÿ˜ I got an applied master's quite some time ago and currently doing a research master's - recent research experience and references was what was missing from my application, since I worked a lot of years in clinical roles. My current master's has the option to continue on to a research PhD, however, I will be instead applying to clinical psych PhDs. What I do kn
  2. Thank you! It's been such a crazy crazy year and I still expect some busy summer months. I hope you are well And yes, I do hope we get good news this round. A general question - are people already contacting POIs or is it too early?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm also applying this year(again). Hoping the third time is the charm๐Ÿ˜… I am not able to join that discord, it says invite is invalid. Is there another link?
  4. Hello there, Congrats on the new program! I was in your shoes some time ago (wanting to thank a letter writer with a small gift instead of just an email). First of all, it is not too late at all! Given that you already thanked them after they sent in their letters, I would just send a short message mentioning just this - that you want to send along a small personal gift and you'd like to know where to mail it - they will give you an address that they prefer (whether office or home). That's what I did - asked the person where to send it, they gave me an address and they contacted me
  5. Hello there, I'm going to echo PsyDuck90, as someone who went through the process twice and will go again this year: it's very program/PI specific. I'll give you an example (based on real experience, but details changed) : a program might have 3PIs that do somewhat similar research (let's say addictions). While the program is very competitive since it's clinical, one professor might get more applications because they are doing something hip/trendy (like video game addictions), while the other 2 get less. Maybe one PI is more popular with the undergrad there due to teaching and gets even m
  6. If you are interested in being a doctoral level practitioner, nothing beats a full-funded PhD offer - as long as you like the lab, the PI there etc. I don't know about that program specifically, but given the competitive nature of the process, I wanted to congratulate you on the offer! Since master's level practitioners need more supervision and can't do things like assessments, a PhD can provide a significant advantage after graduation. Best of luck whatever you decide!
  7. You received some very good advice so far. Just chiming in with my experience: I was in your position last year around this time. The POI really liked me but couldn't fund me in clinical, so they offered me a different track. Although I liked the research and the lab, and I've been applying so many times that I lost count, I turned it down. I previously practiced at the master's level clinically and I am very very sure that I want a clinical license. It was difficult, and it added years to my (already long) journey, but I don't regret it. I am also older so had to postpone some othe
  8. Just to echo previous answers - yep, they should not take offense with the question. Also, in practice, it is difficult for programs to lose accreditation. I think it's harder to get accredited and easier to get renewed. Also, in order to lose it, I think they would be placed on some sort of "probation" - check their site for programs on probation. If nothing really bad has happened in the past 10 years and the program maintains similar standards and stats, I wouldn't really worry much about it (I speak as someone who was present when a program was renewing their accreditation, APA in that cas
  9. Being an international student, I did video interviews before it was cool The advice given above is spot on. One-on-one interviews are pretty close to the in-person ones and you can still get a good rapport with people that way. I also did panel interviews but with only two profs (they were in the same room, pre-COVID) and that was ok I guess. More than two people and it gets quite hectic (especially over zoom). I recently had an online meet-and-greet experience with students from my current master's - the group format was really bad for some of us. Not everyone was comfortable spea
  10. Your points really hit home with me in many ways. Is there any way we can start a separate, more permanent thread about this, to discuss grad life in general and more hot-button topics in particular? I'm almost mid30s and I feel so many of these things. Came back to academia after a long absence and things indeed look so different. I still have to apply next year to doctoral programs, so there is that, but I have so many conflicting thoughts regarding my current master's. What I really dislike is that sooo many clinical psych labs state "only if you are interested in research y
  11. Haha, yes! This! I'm an international student so I have a slightly different spelling of a popular English name. I get the English version from my supervisors often, or even weird alternates from admins/ people who don't know me too well. I'm actually fine with it, I realize that they have other things on their mind. As long as my name is ok on official documents, I'm ok. @EileanDonan I realize that having your name misspelled is not the best, but try not to take it as an offense. If they become your supervisor, they will probably know your name by then
  12. I realize that this is probably a year when more people apply due to current circumstances, but please try to not get too anxious about it. It helps to put things into perspective: sometimes people see a down employment market and tend to flock to grad schools, but it does not mean that all new candidates are ready, have enough experience or have narrowed down their interests sufficiently to be a real competition to folks who are on their second or third cycle, after a lot of experience in the field. I'm not trying to downplay how competitive it is, but I know many people who are not a good ma
  13. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news It says so on their website here: https://www.oise.utoronto.ca/aphd/Home/Apply/Tips_for_your_Application.html Under "Choosing a program": "Applications to more than one program within APHD are discouraged. Because all of APHD's programs offer very different experiences and career paths, applicants are strongly encouraged to carefully select the program to which they wish to apply. Applying to more than one program may suggest to the Admissions Committee that you are unsure of your interests."
  14. You are applying to all three at the same time? Doesn't OISE say that they discourage applications to more than one program and that it looks bad to the admin committee?
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