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  1. hi everyone! I think that I have finally narrowed down the schools that I am going to apply to. After much consideration I have decided to apply to Laurier, King's and McMaster, as I would like to consider a thesis option as well as the practicum based ones. Any and all advice is welcome for applying to these schools. TYIA, T
  2. Hey I am applying to a 1 year MSW right out of my BSW!! I think it depends on how much value is placed on experience, which differs from school to school :)
  3. Hey Friends :) I am so excited to see others starting to apply as well, despite applications not opening up for a short period of time yet. I made a spreadsheet of the top schools that I am considering applying to. For reference, I am a 4th year BSW this year hoping to apply for the advanced standing masters for entry during Fall 2022. My top schools so far are King's at Western, Laurier and U of T. I am currently considering uWindsor as well :) If anyone has any advice regarding the application process, or any help with determining the level of competitiveness of each school please do no
  4. Hello everyone I just wanted to start a forum for everyone interested in applying for MSW programs for September 2022. The previous forums were quite helpful, and it would be nice to connect with others! thank you
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