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  1. Depending on which schools/programs you applied to it may still be quite early to hear a response. Some programs did not contact students for interviews until late January/early February last year. Nothing's official until you receive a response!
  2. So far, everyone who's indicated which MSW stream they applied to has said Mental health stream. I am also one of those people! 🙊 I'm mentally preparing myself for the difficulty to get into this program on account for their potentially being more mental health stream applicants! I'm assuming they try to accept equal numbers of people into each stream? But I guess I don't know for sure!
  3. Okay, thanks for this info, helpful to know! And congrats on the formal invite!!
  4. Ugh okay thanks for letting me know! Not the most hopeful but guess I'll wait to see.
  5. Also wondering this. If the graduate administrator has already sent at least one applicant a formal invite, I'm guessing they sent the others as well. I hope people not extended a formal invite will be notified sooner rather than later ...
  6. Luckily, only 1 or 2 schools I applied to mentioned a writing sample and it was optional. I didn't submit one for the exact reason you mention. I've been out of school since 2013 and I'm a much better writer now, so any sample from school would not have been an accurate depiction of my current writing skills. If I had applied anywhere that had a mandatory writing sample requirement, I likely would have looked into whether it can be something I draft specifically for the application. As someone mentioned, peer-reviewed papers are tricky because it's rare one person writes the entire thing
  7. Congrats @babooshka!! Has anyone else received a formal invite from UTSC? Please DM me if so! 🙏
  8. Wow I didn't know some programs actually asked this question, not like anyone would answer "no"! I think if it were me, I would be prepared to speak to why the program is the right fit for me similar to what we mention in our SOIs, and use that reasoning to justify why the school ranks highly. And if it's a CGS-M school, then I would further reference that as evidence of the program ranking highly for me. But if it's not a CGS-M school... I would likely lean towards mentioning why but in a way that still makes me look the best as I possibly can in that situation lol. I'd be too nervous to leav
  9. Does this week seem fairly quiet to other people or is this to be expected? I was expecting to hear of more invites during this second week of January but it's been quiet on here and the discord page. Tough seeing American schools have so many invites being sent while we wait for our POIs to dust off the application pile... lol And congrats @SoundofSilence!! Envious of your ability to relax now and it's only January 😵!
  10. I'm sorry to hear that you did not get accepted. But sounds like you're already using this as an opportunity to improve your skills/experience for the next admission cycle, which is a great attitude! Good luck with your new job, as it sounds like it will be quite relevant on your CV. Last year, I applied to only two clin psych programs (and no MSW ones). For one program i got to the interview and waitlist stage and was ultimately rejected. Because i had contact with several dept. faculty members, I did end up sending a follow up email for feedback after i was rejected. But for another p
  11. I echo this last point here ! I applied to primarily Canadian programs with the exception of one American clin psych program. And for that US school, right after the application deadline, a generic email was sent to all applicants with a timeline of when interview invites would be sent out, when interviews would be held, and when the first round of admission offers would be sent. This reduces so much anxiety because now i know if I hear nothing the week interview invites get sent, then i can focus my attention towards other schools. I know it can be challenging when a lot of applications get s
  12. I believe people started hearing back late January/early February for interviews. Despite an early application deadline, they were one of the later programs to reach out
  13. I know some programs explicitly say they look at the GPA for your last 2 years only,so you could check the websites of those programs you listed. You could also email the program administrators to ask about that if the website isn't clear, I.e., do they look at last 2 years GPA only. Other than the GPA, sounds like you have great experience and would be a good candidate.
  14. Did you consider a Masters in Social Work? It's versatile but also leads to licensure/registration and you can do counselling with an MSW
  15. Mine is the same. I think it's still quite early for any news
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