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  1. This is sort of unrelated to what you said, but it reminded me of something and I think it's useful to share - this cycle, I've learned that many profs don't actually review students who put them as second choice or lower, because so many students put them as a first choice that they have more than enough to form a shortlist just from those alone. I think it's ridiculous in that case that some schools encourage students to list multiple potential supervisors, but I guess it's helpful to know how some profs individually operate even though the application instructions online may say so otherwis
  2. Haha well in all seriousness I don't know! Sounds like the profs just have to submit a list to the committee and how they shortlist is up to each prof. No idea if they were an anomaly!
  3. I think if you prepared answers for those you will be more than fine. It's important to not over-prepare - these interviews have been slightly more conversational than job interviews IMO, so be ready to be a little flexible and ask follow-up questions of your own to things that your POI shares with you!
  4. I was told in my prelim today that Queen's clinical interviews will likely be second week of Feb, and decisions of who will be invited to interview there will be out after the 25th
  5. Ooooof, I cringed so hard reading that statistic. Thoughts and prayers to UTSC applicants for sure. How do you even systematically pick out of so many applicants?!
  6. I have not yet even had my prelim (I am having it on Monday) so I am assuming towards the end of this week at the earliest!
  7. School: University of Calgary Program: Counselling Psychology MSc Invite Date: January 14 Interview Date: January 17
  8. Anyone heard back from McGill yet? I think it's still a little early for them but just checking!
  9. RE: the CGSM vs OGS point... literally the way my applications worked out is that I applied to three non-Ontario schools and two Ontario schools, so I just saved the Ontario schools for OGS and used the others for CGSM. No rhyme or reason - just strategically spread out my applications like that to increase my chances of getting funding somewhere. Would that be a reasonable thing to say in an interview should they ask? I kinda doubt they will ask about that (it's kinda pointless to deliberate over it IMO since the results for either award aren't out till later), but just in case?
  10. Does anyone know if being a repeat applicant influences some schools'/profs' decisions? I've heard mixed thoughts - some say it does not influence but others have said that profs do notice repeat applicants and, if they came close to making a prof's shortlist in other cycles, may have an advantage as it shows persistence!
  11. Yes and no, this week feels about right to me but overall the whole cycle feels more silent compared to last year. I do wonder if some schools choosing to extend their winter breaks and/or transition back to online learning impacted this.
  12. Can the person who posted the interview for U of C share POI details please :') were the interviews sent per supervisor or was it a general mass email?
  13. I haven't heard anything yet, I really want to know if they were sent yet or not
  14. Hey guys, does anyone know if Queen's has a formal departmental interview, or is all interviewing done by the POI's? Trying to figure out if my interview is "THE" interview or a prelim - it is with my POI and she said I should expect to meet for an hour.
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