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  1. Hi! To the person who posted their interview invite today on the results page for clinical psychology at UofT can you please message me? Thanks!!
  2. Hi everyone! I saw a couple of people (like 4) report on the results page that they got emails for pre interviews with POIs for the clinical psychology (Utsg) program. Just wondering if pre-interviews with POIs are required for the formal interview or not? If you don’t get an invite for a pre interview should you just assume you haven’t been chosen this year?
  3. anyone else finding it really tough to write a statement of only 500 words for western?? its stressing me out to leave out SO many details due to the word limit i wish it was at least 750 words - that seems reasonable if they want you to talk about research and work experience lol
  4. omg same!!! i can see all the documents, like whats been submitted and received. its just weird to not be able to see the status yet..
  5. ugh thats so frustrating!! mine still hasnt updated, but hopefully thatll change soon! its weird because Mac uses the same type of system and their submission page shows the status right away, so i would think it would be the same for uoft. anyways, fingers crossed for us!!
  6. hey guys, is anyone able to view their application status through SGS for OISE uoft? I can see my application and all, but theres no specific section that shows whether your applicstion is under review or not. I thought it might show up after the 25th since they give you 10 extra days to upload any docs, but i just checked and still couldnt see anything. Please let me know if this is the same for you as well, or if it is something odd on my end. Thanks!
  7. hey, does anyone know if guelph's cft program looks at applications on a rolling basis if they are completed before the deadline? i just finished uploading all the docs and my references are also all submitted so im wondering if my application will only be viewed after the deadline (dec 6) or before that? i know i wont hear back till early march regardless. this isnt a very important question but just for my own curiosity lol TIA! hope everyone's applications are going well!!
  8. awesome, thanks so much for your reply!! good luck with submissions today, wishing you all the best!
  9. Hi all, does anyone know if referees have to submit their references by nov 15 for uoft or are they able to also submit them past nov 15? thanks!
  10. Hi all! I am so eager to apply to a couple of counselling programs this year. I applied to Guelph's CFT program last year but was ultimately not admitted, however that was expected and I was more happy to get familiar with the admissions process to prepare myself better this year. I am applying to the following programs/universities: 1. University of Guelph CFT 2. UofT OISE Counselling and Psychotherapy 3. McMaster Psychotherapy (although this one is a bit iffy for me as they are still not recognized as an accredited program from CRPO) 3. UWO MA Counselling Psychology
  11. Hi all! I’m applying to this program in Sept for Fall 2022 admission. I’d love to chat with anyone who has applied and/or has gotten interviewed/accepted! Feel free to shoot me a DM! Stay safe & healthy!
  12. Hi all, thought I’d let you know that I was rejected from Western. Unfortunately this means I was rejected from both schools I applied to. I’m not in too much shock considering it was a slim chance due to my low sGPA. If anyone who was accepted to Western or UofT this year can private message me their stats, that will be sooo helpful and appreciated so I can improve my application for next year! I will be continuing my job as a direct support professional for a year, and I’ll also be looking for research opportunities with profs (although idk how likely this is considering I’m graduating
  13. Hi everyone! Less than 4 hours to go!! I just want to thank all of you for supporting each other through this journey. No matter what the outcome may be for you, we should all be proud of the hard work we’ve put into this application cycle, and the resilience we’ve shown going through this experience while living through the pandemic. We all have a lot to celebrate and be proud of. I am proud of each & every one of you! Good luck and stay resilient ❤️
  14. Hey guys, anybody else feeling super anxious for April 1st? I can't seem to focus on anythingggg going on in my life besides application results. I keep obsessively checking Western's portal page even though I know I won't find out until April 1st lol. My birthday is also coming up in a week and normally I'm really excited about my birthday (especially this year when we have nothing else to celebrate due to the pandemic), but the stress of finding out whether I got into Western or not is absolutely killing me... so much so that I impulsively cut 12 inches off of my 4-year long grown hair lmao.
  15. Yes, I got my SLP to provide a clinical reference letter, although the requirement was waived this year!
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