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  1. I'm applying to both US and UK schools, and I'm not sure what to do! Some UK decisions will come out in May/June/July. How do I navigate this? It would obviously be foolish to deny any US acceptance ~in case~ I get into a UK school. Is there was to request an early decision? I'm sure plenty of people apply to multiple countries--what do they do?
  2. Update: 2 schools have now confirmed May/June/July decisions. I don't know how to navigate these two systems! It's as if applying in 2 countries is the craziest idea anyone has ever heard! 😳
  3. Hello! I need some advice. I want to apply to schools in the US, Canada, and UK, but there's an issue... In the US, students must commit to a grad school by April 15th. In the UK, it seems as though schools may not be releasing decisions until June/July (specifically DClinPsy programs). Does anyone have advice for navigating this timing issue? I want to apply in both countries, but that's pointless if I have to either turn down all US programs or commit to one US program before even knowing if I have a place in a UK program.
  4. HI @jmm0548 I haven't seen anything directly related to that. I'd be skeptical just because of all the troubles I've had. The US and UK systems ~apparently~ do not work very well together. I just got notice today that my BA in psych isn't valid over there. So, that's a bummer. That being said, I've seen US programs that don't require a BA in psychology. The personal statement is a great place to address weaknesses in your application... maybe you could spin it! Tell the reviewers why your background in administration is a strength. Or, maybe you could reach out to potential advisors
  5. Wow! They finally made a call. Thanks for sharing! I'm sure programs will follow.
  6. Hi, all! I'm trying to see if it's at all feasible for me to get a clinical psychology degree (DClinPsy) in the UK. One of the main issues I've run into is related to visas/right to work without restriction. There are a couple of schools accepting self-funded applicants, but most seem not to be. For example, I really had my eye on the University of Edinburgh, but I can't receive NHS funding if I'm not from the EU/EEA, and I can't opt for a self-funded option. It seems like I'll only be able to apply if I can find a way to "work without restriction." I have no real connection
  7. I looked into all the masters programs last year and couldn't find a good solution. Now, I'm looking into DClinPsy. Problem here is that most schools don't seem to accept "self-funded" students. But, they also won't fund you if you're non-EU/non-EA. So, I'm not sure where to go with that. And, I don't see any good way to get a visa. I'm happy to chat if you want to work on figuring this out together! I've been doing a fair amount of research.
  8. I'm also having trouble finding information. In fact, a lot of schools don't even seem to be accepting self-fund applicants. I'm having trouble even finding places where I can apply for the degree I'd like. Have you discovered anything about visas for non-EU students? I'm trying to find out if there's any way I can get the right to work without restriction.
  9. @PsyDuck90 Unfortunately, I've seen that This has been something I've wanted to do, so I'm trying to view the pros/cons. If I need to get re-licensed, then that may just be an issue I tackle when it comes up. I'm also not entirely opposed to just staying in the UK (if they'll have me). @psychapplicant21 "I think it is very difficult to get a job as a Psychologist in the UK after your training is completed. Almost all qualified trainees apply for Psych jobs in the NHS and the NHS will not hire anyone without a valid visa and it's difficult to get this after training." Yikes!!
  10. Hi, @psychapplicant21 Thank you for your offer, and sorry for the delay! I postponed my applications by a year, so here I am again. In addition to PhD programs in the US, I'm now looking at DClinPsy programs in the UK. Do you happen know anything about international (non-EU) students attending postgraduate programs? I'm struggling to understand the logistics a bit, because I've never had to do anything like this before (visa--definitely, BPA accreditation, etc.). Then, after whatever I work I put in, is anyone even likely to accept me if I come with the responsibility of sponsorship
  11. I would include it! Just be strategic about how you're presenting it. "Engaged in discussion regarding..." "Discussed current research..." "Actively participated in (adjective) weekly meetings..."' Frame it in a way that emphasizes your participation. If you can't get that much out of it, you can always just tack it onto your CV in a clubs/organizations-type section.
  12. *Bump* Any updates on Toledo since 2012?
  13. Thanks very much!! And that's an important point that I'll need to consider. Thank you for noting it.
  14. @PsyDuck90 Let's see... Here's the PhD dual degree: https://ssw.umich.edu/offices/phd Here's an MSW dual degree: https://ssw.umich.edu/programs/msw/overview/dual-degree
  15. @PsyDuck90 Ah, interesting about the PhD in social work! Wouldn't have guessed that offhand. I was just looking into UMichigan's dual social work/clin psych PhD.
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