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  1. Current Quant Psych PhD student at Notre Dame here. I think that it is true that a lot of people may come into grad school with very specific goals or area of interest in mind. This, to my knowledge, is generally true for a lot of areas in psychology (expect a "but..." later). You obviously seem to have done a really good job of research on application stuffs! But I think for quantitative psychology, it can be difficult to come in with a honed-in area of interest: On the one hand, quant psych programs that i know really encourage students to work with multiple faculties and really explore
  2. Hi, I am curious and wonder if anyone may have any input about Notre Dame Clinical Psych Program. The program is not ranked. But the program seems to have some very influential people and have particular strength in depression. The program also seemed to have been adapted from their former counseling psych program. Any input would be appreciated!
  3. I am very glad that someone started this thread. I have been brooding for a while. I know that suit would suffice for the interview day. But what should I wear when the grad student come pick me up? My interview places would be cold but my suit is relatively "thin," what should I wear to keep myself warm? A coat, but would I have to take that off and carry it around awkwardly from a faculty to another faculty? What should I wear for the "grad student party"? What should I wear for post-interview "casual" hangouts (with grad students)?
  4. I just noticed that someone got a phone interview with Vanderbilt clinical psych PhD program, congrats! I would really appreciate if you can PM me more details. Congratulations!
  5. Congrats to the one who got the Harvard interview invite! I would really appreciate it if you can PM your POI (or just the sub-area)! Thanks!
  6. Congratulations to the person receiving an interview invite from Indiana U - Bloomington Clinical Psych program! I would really appreciate it if you would like to PM me your POI. Congrats!
  7. whichever would be fine. Maybe the one that triggers your grieving process?
  8. I listed project titles, PI/supervisor/Lab names, and tasks completed (I bullet pointed tasks completed in addition to make it clearer, but one of my mentors commented that to be too business-y) under position titles. Anyways, another informative thing to do is to go to the program's (the one that you are applying for) website and take a look at their faculties/grad students' cv and perhaps mimic that.
  9. I saw this: So I thought it may be helpful to start a rejection thread. It would be great if we can inherit the old format and post the School that rejected you, the specific area, the rationalization, and your comments. Adding on the tradition, I think it may be helpful to also share your coping tactics. So the sample format would be: School: Area: Rationalization: Comment: Coping tactics: And remember, you may be rejected, but you are still an awesome person!
  10. I agree with Applicant 1746 on talking about the study's purpose and research questions and what you have learnt about the topic from working as a research assistant may be a better spend of space. The reason is that you may be able to compile tasks completed and skills learnt in your CV. For statement of purpose, I think it is even more important to state what motivated you to get involved in this or that research or in this or that positions/specifics in some study. However, depending on the space limit you are working with, I would be cautious about going into details about the studie
  11. What is the method used in research paper 1? Since you are applying to an applied psych. methods program, I would hypothesize that a paper with an outstanding Methodology section would be suitable for this writing sample purpose. By "appropriate" I meant that any methods conveyed clearly should be acceptable, but quantitative methods may be more interesting to the programs than qualitative methods, and it may help if the quantitative methods are somewhat-advanced, well-suited, and/or carefully-planned. Some unsolicited thoughts (that may help your decision with the writing sample length
  12. I am so tired of people trying to get my PERSONAL motivation behind my interest in clinical psychology or my particular interest in depression. There is NO personal motivation, there is only some academic curiosity. Why did I research these? The opportunity presented itself and I took it. That's it. END OF THE STORY. Let alone that it is the state of truth that I have no ulterior motive other than pure academic interest. Even if I do, it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. It is just rude, trying to pull personal pieces from me that are not even in me. Why can't people just mind their own business and d
  13. I have had to reschedule one interview. I think you should at least secure one school that you feel like you have a great chance to get in. Some other things you may want to take into consideration in rescheduling the interview is that you may want to schedule the schools you are more interested in at later dates (so that you have "practiced" interviews with other schools). Other strategic factor playing into this can be the primacy effect/recency effect. According to a friend who was successful in her season, rescheduling a group interview (into an individual interview) has its benefits. It i
  14. I am going to the APS as well! Yay~ I submitted to WPA and APA as well... I have not heard back from these two.
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