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  1. You can contact them via email (or at least you used to) and ask for a breakdown of your score. The first year I was waitlisted -- and here we are again at 11.75/20 -- the scores were so discordant (like 7.5 and 2.5) that I learned not to get in my feelings about what a crapshoot this process is. Seems they may have addressed that this year "In the event of a discrepancy of scores of 3.5 or more points between members, a third committee reader is assigned to review the application."
  2. I know some people tried resetting their password like I just did and got the same result you did. (howls in frustration)
  3. I broke in. I exist, but I have no results. U of T, committee 4.
  4. Oohkay. Has anyone tried the password hack and gotten any results?
  5. It seems they've completely stopped sending out password information to the extranet. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!?!?!
  6. The hive mind sleuthing that goes on in a group like this is priceless. Also! I *HATE* email notifications around times like this. I wish I had an filter that said "no notifications except from sshrc@gimmeresultsplease.ca.
  7. U of T, last name C, committee 4, no email as of 9:09 pm Eastern. Maybe somebody went home.
  8. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...how am I supposed to get any work done now???
  9. Call and ask. Some schools are pretty open to international students (I was one from the US) and others will tell you straight up they don't really consider international applicants because of the tuition differential. I had one school in 2016 where the PI would have accepted me but the department said no because she didn't have her own funding to support me.
  10. Isn't there Connaught's? Not sure if that's specific to U of T, but also, some schools waive the international differential these days. I know U of T does for PhD programs (not sure about the master's year)
  11. Ditto this. My master's supervisor interviewed me via phone call....and I didn't find out that WAS my interview until later when I was accepted in the program.
  12. Tomorrow...come check it out, meet some faculty, meet some current students...yaaassss <3
  13. I was 38 when I graduated with my master's and I'll be 44 when I'm done with the PhD, but it's worth it. One thing you don't want to be is old and in debt because there's really no way to recover from that. Best of luck in whatever you decide!
  14. Re: thinking you want to do clinical until you discover developmental, that happened to me. Now I'm in a program with both clinical and developmental, and there are all clinical people in my lab except for me. I don't want to do ANY of that, not the classes, not the practicum, not the internship, none of it. I just want to do research and that's what I'm doing!
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