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  1. I have no idea what their opinion on applicants reapplying
  2. Just wanna curl up and die right now. The Monday of pneumonia and rejections.

  3. *shrug* my first round of applications (2012) I didn't get notifications for a few of them until April/May. When I applied in 2013 UNM didn't send me my rejection letter until August. I actually appreciate so many of them going to email and online applications. :-)
  4. Docdecisionsohio I got the exact same message :-/ Not very helpful
  5. Passed my comprehensive exams! Now, to find someone to give me a PhD! ;-) msKNSs8rmJ5m.gif

    1. Josh J.
    2. Gvh


      Yay! Are you STILL waiting on Dr. L?!

    3. EdNeuroGrl


      Yeah still waiting. I was hoping to hear today, but that didn't happen. I should hear soon though! *fingerscrossed*

  6. I am seriously considering doing a crowd-funding thing and seeing if I can get anything from my extended friends and family... :-/
  7. I didn't see this on the first couple of pages of posts... hope it is not a repeat. I need advice for financing a move, deposit on an apartment, and all that. My credit cards are maxed (and since I am not employed enough to justify a loan) I can't get a loan. I am living on student loans now-- it will BARELY cover my base summer expenses where I am at now, so getting and extra bump for a move to the other side of the US is not an option. My parents aren't in a position to put forward more than a couple hundred. I'm looking at needing a deposit for an apartment between 1k to 2k,
  8. Harsh, but you know now. That is something. The waiting is taking its tole on me... With me being in the Ed Neuro program and not having any idea what timeline they are following *shrug*
  9. For UNM, I'm pretty sure I saw some interviewees walking around the department this morning. I was in class at the time, but it is a fishbowl (glass on 3 of 4 walls) and I was a bunch (like 4) of mid 20's faces in fancy suits being toured around the department *shrug* I dunno if that helps or not.
  10. Comprehensive Exams are done. Now I wait for the defense, and hope I don't go crazy waiting to find out what I'm doing with my life.

  11. Depending on where you live 21K may not get you very far.... I'm in a low cost of living state and 21K barely pays cost of living and you better hope you don't have any medical, transportation, or housing emergencies... :-/ I think you decision on how each will get you go your goal should have more to do with fit in the program and the type of work you would be doing in that program. If those are equal and university prestige is equal... then I'd go where it will be easiest for me... in your case that may be staying in Canada... but I doubt the offers are exactly equal in all other respects
  12. COMPS TOMORROW... Like you know just before the top of the roller coaster when you start wondering if this will be as much fun as it is terrifying, or if you might just actually die in the next few minutes? ROFL Yeah, it will probably be alright... but there is a small chance I'll die ;-) 

    1. rising_star


      You're going to rock your comps!

  13. aaaaaaand I lost it... started laughing in the middle of the library... thanks ;-)
  14. Anyone have any new updates? I am still waiting to hear SOMETHING from Vanderbilt and Western Ontario. The interview at Georgetown went great and I am feeling pretty good about my prospects. I've been told that since I applied to a new-ish program at Vanderbilt, there isn't any established time line other than they have to get approval from 3 departments before anything can happen... so... yeah For Western, it looks like invites went out to the clinical psych group but nothing to the developmental group *shrug* I don't know what is happening there and I don't know anyone else he
  15. Georgetown interview was AWESOME! Now I just wish Western would contact me one way or the other. At least it is not just me though. It seems like only the clinical people have heard anything at all. *shrug*

    1. Gvh


      It's so weird you have't heard yet! Maybe Canada operate on another time-space dimension  :P

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