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  1. I'm sorry it worked out that way, @Catalystica. It is incredibly frustrating when you have to wait past the due date for decisions when schools might not be as gracious with their due dates for submitting our materials. I'll definitely be here for the next cycle!
  2. Just here to say I'm crossing my fingers for everyone who got waitlisted to get off the list and accepted since I'm seeing a few of those come out now!!! 🤞
  3. Not sure if you've decided yet, but. Echoing what's already been said here, but I would say consider cost of living, but also consider where you would be living: Arizona's weather is very different from Colorado's weather. Which place do you think you would be happier at, which environment do you think would be more conducive to your studying? Obviously, choose the program that has more of what you'd like to focus on in the future. I would suggest to go and search both of their sites to see what courses have been offered in this past Spring / what they're offering in the Fall if the
  4. I hope you get off the waitlist soon!!
  5. So, while it's a bummer I didn't get into any of the PhD programs I applied to, I did have one other thing I was waiting on: I officially got the acceptance offer for the UPenn Post-Bacc! This year they're also offering a Fellowship, so I'll be waiting to hear back about that later in the month. But, this means I'll be able to strengthen my languages (usually it's 1 Greek, 1 Latin class per semester for the Post-Bacc, but I'm going to ask if I can do 2 Greek, 1 Latin per semester) while I do my next round of applications. Here's to hoping it helps on my next go. 🤞
  6. I would say that it would be safe to reach out to people if you haven't heard anything by the beginning of August - I heard from a few people that they actually never heard back from some schools that they applied to. I feel like reaching out in the beginning of April to request a timeline on their decisions, since it comes close to the date universities usually let students know (April 15th) whether or not they've accepted an offer.
  7. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you 🥳
  8. It definitely was a difficult time! But since I posted last I have put in an application for a MAT program that only takes 14 months, and emailed a potential supervisor at one of the universities abroad I was looking at. Compiling my list of potential places to go. I hope everyone's going to get news soon, and for those who didn't, I am always up to commiserate about this cycle's outcome.
  9. Thank you so much! I wish everyone the best of luck with this year too and I sincerely hope it's been than the last one!
  10. I'm glad to have helped, and I appreciate the rooting! Many people don't get in on their first round - I had someone message me and tell her it took four tries. I'm extremely stubborn, so I'm not giving up! And I hope you get good news soon, too!
  11. I am incredibly lucky because I have a support system of a bunch of lovely people who have been helpful with helping me do certain things; one of my friends who is already a professor has offered to coach me through next application season and I have many people overseas who I know asking around to see if professors would be keen about my research so I know who to reach out to, so that's helped immensely. I played video games all day today after my Greek class, I have stuff to distract me tomorrow, and I teach during the week, so I definitely have things to distract me before diving back into
  12. Well, as of an hour ago, it's official: all rejections.
  13. Thank you, @TaciturnTales! "You only need one" is definitely my motto this year (and other years, of course). I do have a plan on how I'm going to tackle everything depending on the outcome, so now I just need it to happen so I can move forward. The anxiety has been the worst, so I'm looking forward to not waiting anymore, lol. So I'm just crossing my fingers now.
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