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  1. Hi, all! I just wrote a statement of purpose for my application for Yale's Classical Art and Archaeology program and I wanted to know if anyone would be willing to look it over? I know it's a bit rough in places but I'm a bit stuck on knowing how/where to polish it. Thanks in advance!
  2. Thank you! I just finished my second (of ten) statement of purpose last night. I'm very nervous. Thanks for the open invitation, too :3
  3. I noticed we haven't started the Fall 2021 Applicants thread yet, so I wanted to get it rolling! I've been working on my statements of purpose and just finished emailing my professors for letters of recommendation. I had to take Columbia off my list because Classics isn't taking students for Fall 2021. I hope everyone is having good luck with their applications so far! I'm waiting for some of the other apps to open. I'm mainly focused on interdisciplinary programs and Art/Archaeology.
  4. I did the program while living with family and working a full-time museum job so I can't speak to how how the cost of living will affect you. Since I was a Tuition Scholar, all of my tuition was covered, but I did take out small loans for supplies (and my new laptop was paid for by an external scholarship). If you do end up at Villanova in person you could always see if you can get a volunteer or intern position at the Penn Museum too! Honestly, a lot of times with Museum Studies certs, there's an oversaturation of that credential specifically (when I realized this I was already halfway
  5. I just wanted to chime in and talk up the Classical Studies program at Villanova University, which can be taken fully online or hybrid/in-person. You can choose the culture track but still sit in on translation sections of the courses. They have been offering intensive Latin / intensive Greek some semesters as well (it doesn't count toward the MA itself but is a good refresher/jump into the language(s)). So perhaps a program that allows you to do something like this will help? My first MA was in Museum Studies and my plan is to curate as well. I'm probably going to do a PhD with a focus
  6. Thank you so much! I wonder if that's why I didn't find much information or prep guides for it aside from the ETS one. I'll keep my eye out for those tricky questions!
  7. Hello, all! So I wanted to know for those of you who did a MAT in Latin or were required to take the Latin Praxis test as part of your MA requirements, did you do any kind of test prep or use any guide of some sort? How would you suggest preparing for the test? There's not much information about this so I'd like to see what y'all would suggest. Thank you in advance!
  8. I personally would choose the place that fits more into your specific research interests; if you want to work with this person because it aligns with your research interest, I find that that's more important than the school itself. If you find someone who you want to work with, that would personally be my top priority. I also have heard of people who started off at a "prestigious" school but then ended up following the person they were working with to a new university after they got hired elsewhere. To me, that makes more sense than having to manipulate things that could possibly not work out
  9. Hi, I graduated from UD in 2015, so it might be a little different, but here's some of what's good about the Newark area: UD has free buses that go around the campus so you can get to the North/Center/East/West/South area of the main campus pretty easily There's a lot of food/stuff to do on Main St if you know where to go (it was a little different when I visited it a year ago, but it's got quite a bit there!) I would suggest getting a bike (if possible) if you don't want to rely on the buses because they can be a little wonky with their times/not come soon enough before your
  10. I've actually had a bit of trouble with this myself because from what I've seen, if you're doing Classical archaeology through an Anthropology program, you have less of a focus on languages. It also depends on whether you're doing an MA or a PhD as well. Imo, since you're focused on Late Bronze Age, you might be okay with not "catching up" on languages and filling in the gaps once you're in the program. I would also suggest reaching out to the schools of interest to you to see what language requirements they have and whether they give options for ancient/modern languages, because I know
  11. Thank you for the update and congratulations on getting into your dream school! That's got to be the best feeling 😄
  12. Oh, that's excellent! Thank you for letting me know about that. Are you in the program now, or about to start it next term?
  13. Hello, all! I'll be pursuing a PhD soon, and I wanted to ask if anyone here did intensive courses abroad for either French or German. My options are somewhat limited because I work full-time, so I would only be able to do it 2 weeks at a time, so I was looking for summer programs or others that offer 2-week options. Once I'm accepted into my PhD program, I'm considering doing a full summer in France at an intensive program because I would have to quit my job to start the program anyway. If you have done this for either French or German, please let me know which program(s) you have done a
  14. I'm so sorry, that's so disappointing. I hope you get some good news soon!
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