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  1. Hello, all! I am back and ready to get my applications out into the universe again. I figured I would kick things off again since I've begun working on my second round of applications - this time with a new list, with some shiny UK universities on it as well, so I have applications to prepare and proposals to write. I'll be looking into UK funding for international students, too, so if anyone has any advice on that, I would appreciate it! I'm still gunning for primarily interdisciplinary programs at the US universities as well as Art/Archaeology, and for the UK universities I've been going by
  2. Hi, @Pasiphae! I know I'm super late to this, but Villanova University has funding for their MA, which you can do either completely online or hybrid. You can choose a Latin or Latin/Greek if you want to focus on languages, and there is a Culture option where the languages are optional. I would say if you go for VU, do the Latin/Greek track and that'll give you more of a background before going to your PhD. If you want to know more about the Tuition Scholarship, or VU's MA, please don't hesitate to message!
  3. I have two potential museum jobs I need to hear back from, I'm working on proposals for UK universities, and I got into the UPenn Post-Bacc, but didn't get the funding, so I need to figure that one out now. Hope everyone else have things going well for them!
  4. Yeah, so I just have to wait to see if anyone turns theirs down, but I'm uncertain how likely it is. I also don't know where I am on the alternate list 😅 So I'm just anxious about that.
  5. Update: I was placed as an alternate for the Fellowship.
  6. Thank you! I really appreciate that. Getting the information from them and a few other places are going to help me make my next steps, so I'm really hoping to hear from someone soon!
  7. I still haven't heard back from UPenn about the certificate funding, so I'm really hoping because it's finals that they haven't notified anyone yet, but I'm getting really nervous
  8. You're welcome! It's no problem. Oh, that's good to have more information about the course. For the course I take with Belfast Classics, it's 10 weeks (one a week) of a course that follows a GCSE book until you get all the way through it (right now I'm in the "post-beginners" course, so in my second set of 10 weeks, and then I have already paid for the Summer Intensive for two weeks. It's for one hour and she walks us through the instruction for the grammar/vocabulary in each section, and we'll do some exercises together and she assigns us exercises to do over the course of the week. You
  9. I am totally okay with speaking privately and having a group 😄
  10. I'm sorry it worked out that way, @Catalystica. It is incredibly frustrating when you have to wait past the due date for decisions when schools might not be as gracious with their due dates for submitting our materials. I'll definitely be here for the next cycle!
  11. Just here to say I'm crossing my fingers for everyone who got waitlisted to get off the list and accepted since I'm seeing a few of those come out now!!! 🤞
  12. Not sure if you've decided yet, but. Echoing what's already been said here, but I would say consider cost of living, but also consider where you would be living: Arizona's weather is very different from Colorado's weather. Which place do you think you would be happier at, which environment do you think would be more conducive to your studying? Obviously, choose the program that has more of what you'd like to focus on in the future. I would suggest to go and search both of their sites to see what courses have been offered in this past Spring / what they're offering in the Fall if the
  13. I hope you get off the waitlist soon!!
  14. So, while it's a bummer I didn't get into any of the PhD programs I applied to, I did have one other thing I was waiting on: I officially got the acceptance offer for the UPenn Post-Bacc! This year they're also offering a Fellowship, so I'll be waiting to hear back about that later in the month. But, this means I'll be able to strengthen my languages (usually it's 1 Greek, 1 Latin class per semester for the Post-Bacc, but I'm going to ask if I can do 2 Greek, 1 Latin per semester) while I do my next round of applications. Here's to hoping it helps on my next go. 🤞
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