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  1. I'm no expert, but my impression is academic publishing is a really tough market these days, and having a PhD isn't the route it used to be... You're probably better served looking for internships, starting with this summer. But they're likely to be difficult to get and pay poorly, so ymmv... In any case, best of luck, and I love your handle!
  2. No experience with NYU or Columbia, but will weigh in to support Glasperlenspieler's use of "funded" to mean "no tuition, plus a decent stipend." The type of shifting of goalposts John2 is engaged in seems dangerous, except for someone independently wealthy...
  3. @classact Many universities' graduate school give funding information on their website. Trying a search like "[x university] graduate school funding/stipend" and go from there. Some schools offer the same stipend to almost everyone, and in others it vastly differs by department and even within departments. So it might be tough to figure out for a given university.
  4. (Also, AChinLitNerd, You might have more luck in the Languages & Literature forum then in the Classics one, since this one is generally ancient Mediterranean. But the comments by somethingClassics seems sound, that the GRE is low-priority when not required, especially if you're in an area where it's difficult to take or you think you would need to put significant study into it which could be more hopefully devoted to writing sample and other materials.
  5. I'll also chime in to both validate Expositor's experience (and thank them deeply for sharing), and say that their experience doesn't match mine. Mine is much closer to Carta's, esp. about things like departmental culture. But, basically, I think both of them are in different ways highlighting the utmost importance of two factors: economics, and mental health. On the economic point, I'd say it really depends. Expositor is dead-on, of course, that many people have financial trouble, even at top institutions. But many top institutions do pay reasonably well, relative to local cost of living
  6. PMing you, happy to share my sample on ancient.
  7. My impression is that some Canadian universities are less likely to give Master's funding to Americans than Canadians, but PhD funding for Americans is quite comparable to America. (I don't know how admissions take into account international status.) When I was applying for F19 start, Toronto offered me iirc $23k CAD stipend, which was later upped to 30k. Toronto isn't a cheap city, but the buying power on that stipend struck me as sufficient, and similar to stipends in America. But I ended up not choosing it for other (benign) reasons, so others would be able to say more.
  8. No, programs expect people to change their interests, and anything is fair game. In my experience, no one remembers one's statement of purpose much, and goes both ways on the sample.
  9. Heads-up, this is the Philosophy forum, @ccomotti00
  10. Yeah, Effective Altruists, and in general some utilitarians okay with demandingness, think something like that. But most folks don't think that living ethically requires doing maximum good, or think pure altruism (i.e. focusing on others) isn't best.
  11. Yeah, big difference where there are semesters in America. I had 11 or 12 courses required for my undergrad major, and some places require even a little less.
  12. Like the vast majority of applicants, you'll sink or swim on the strength of your writing sample, along with letters. So focus on making sure those are great. Perhaps one of your letter writers can speak to the relevant experience you gained in your other major. And you can apply to some funded MAs to increase your odds, so you have more than enough courses to get into those.
  13. Nah, an offer's an offer. Lots of people have gotten offers after the 15th. Sometimes schools aren't able to let people know before (sometimes culpably, but often not). Wafflotron should absolutely do what's most economical, even if it means backing out from where they accepted.
  14. I also know nothing about the MA program but will chime in to say I had a great experience as an undergrad at Rutgers
  15. I know very little about MA programs, but in the interest of a timely response given your deadline, FSU sounds way better. FSU has a good reputation on this board, and its placement is solid, even if not the very tip-top. What matters most for future applications is the work you do in the program, as it translates into writing sample and letters. But during the program, the funding difference here is *huge*. Not taking on the extra financial burden of $8,000/year will give you much more flexibility, whether you decide to apply on to PhDs or not.
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