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  1. In admissions, it seems to make little sense to focus on hot fields, unless one's interests won't be palatable to major programs (but then in that case the program probably isn't a good fit). When choosing a dissertation topic, seems to make sense to pick a hotter topic over a cooler topic ceteris paribus, but only if the hotter topic is also something only really likes.
  2. Yes, good point, and I also should've specified that I was thinking about asking current students, not necessarily faculty.
  3. I'll briefly echo what others have said. At least in my program, several international students intend to spend summers and sometimes winter break abroad with family and that's been welcome, and after classwork even more common (esp. those with partners elsewhere). But as noted above some supervisors are less understanding. Definitely a question to ask at campus visits after being admitted!
  4. Hi Vasileios, it sounds like you've had an interesting life! I think a lot of the qualifications you mentioned are going to be secondary to writing sample and letters of recommendation, so it's tough to judge your chances without knowing about those. I t's worth nothing that, fairly or not, some (especially top) schools might be unwilling to fund someone middle-aged. But there are probably plenty of programs that are good fits.
  5. It looks abundantly clear that next year (and probably future years) will be significantly more difficult for applicants. The question is how much more difficult. Most schools will probably admit fewer and some might admit no one. And many schools (including mine) this year, as Thylacine have noted, aren't admitting anyone off the waitlist this year.
  6. Much of the guidance in this thread is about writing samples:
  7. I can't speak to GSU, but I can speak very highly of Juan and Allison Piñeros Glasscock!
  8. Yale canceled its visit. (If you've been admitted or waitlisted, feel free to message me to chat.)
  9. I don't have inside info on Harvard and Princeton, but many schools don't get around to sending rejections until long after their acceptances are out. It's rather unlikely that those two schools would be rolling (top schools don't need to since they expect a decently high yield). For what it's worth, Princeton sent its rejections just a couple days after its acceptances last year iirc, but that may not mean much. Theoretically possible though unlikely for there to be a hidden waitlist.
  10. I'm not sure how much help I can be, but here's a question that might provide more context: What do you want out of a Classics program specifically? (Also, I don't know of a difference in American terminology between Classics and Classical Studies, except for one interdisciplinary program at Columbia that uses the latter term, so I don't know how you're using the terms differently.) If your goal is to work mainly on ancient philosophy, one can do that in a Classics department (I do), but it'll likely be very difficult for you to get into a Classics program with these credentials, to be blunt. How good are your languages? If you can show they're very good, that would help, but it sounds like you'll have little language training on your transcript/official record. I'd prioritize having letter writers who can attest to your language skills if you don't have lots of language on your transcript. It sounds reasonable to discuss in your statement the lack of Classics in Russia, but that'll probably only get you so far.
  11. My guess is that an AdCom member who sees that you posted work online will assume that you consider it good work unqualifiedly, not an undergrad-level work-in-progress. And there's a big difference between a professor's WIP and an applicant's. In my experience, early-career folks don't tend to post WIPs online much either. (Much of this post is anecdotal and guesswork, so I invite those with more inside information to correct me if indicated.)
  12. Do you have evidence for this claim? I haven't talked to any professors about online research they do on applicants, so I don't actually know, but my instinct is opposite yours about what impression a less-than-stellar paper online would give.
  13. Also, don't post anything on academia.edu that's not high quality. Since your writing sample is presumably your highest quality piece of work or close to it, it seems like it could be a bad idea to post lots of other stuff there.
  14. "All my students are equally the best because change is an illusion!"
  15. Also saw this yesterday about a funded MA at Notre Dame! "The Department of Classics at Notre Dame offers a funded, 2-year M.A. in Classics program, covering the language, literature, history, archaeology, and culture of the Greco-Roman world, as well as its reception. The chief purpose of our M.A. in Classics is to prepare students for doctoral study in these or other related areas, and we have an excellent record for placing our students in top PhD programs. The program also provides a depth and breadth of exposure to classical antiquity worthwhile in its own right.Over a dozen regular and concurrent faculty of the Department of Classics offer specialties in a wide range of fields covering Greek and Latin literature, Greek and Roman culture and history, linguistics, archaeology, and material culture from Archaic Greece through Late Antiquity, as well as the reception of antiquity in various forms.https://classics.nd.edu/faculty/faculty-by-alpha/https://classics.nd.edu/faculty/affliated/Our students benefit from the rich and round intellectual environment created by strong graduate programs at Notre Dame, such as the M.A. in Early Christian Studies (operated jointly by the Departments of Classics and Theology), the Ph.D. in the Medieval Institute, the Ph.D. in Philosophy (which offers ancient philosophy), the Ph.D. in Political Science (with expertise in ancient political theory), and the M.T.S. and Ph.D. in Theology (with strengths in late antiquity and patristics). There is also a recently-established group for Byzantine Studies.For the M.A. in Early Christian Studies, seehttps://classics.nd.edu/graduate-students/ma-in-early-christian-studies/Full tuition scholarships, stipends, and health insurance subsidies are available. We normally admit two to three students per year.Our application deadline is January 15.For questions about the program, please direct your inquiries to Prof. David Hernandez, DGS, dhernan2@nd.edu, or to Prof. Luca Grillo, Department Chair, lgrillo@nd.edu .For questions about details of the application process, please visit the Graduate’s School’s website: http://graduateschool.nd.edu/admissions/"
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