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  1. Its under "announcement" and titled "2021 ACCEPTANCE/WAITLIST THREAD"
  2. Accept the offer at Brandeis (MA) off the waitlist
  3. May I ask which are the 3 programs?
  4. It looks like that I will hear back from WLs close to or on April 15. I am trying to get as much infor as I can, so I know what to do. I have been talking to some current graduate students at programs where I have been admitted and waitlisted, many have recommended doing a visit, but I won't be able to do so. Has anyone visited any terminal Masters programs? How did it go? I can, of course, take it to PM.
  5. It will be better if you do not need to take any loans, but since all of the three are not fully funded, I'd say Tufts. It is one of the best program and cheaper than Brandeis in your case. As for CUNY, I think, for the reason you pointed out in 3, a terminal MA would be a better choice. Try talk to current graduate students at Tufts & Brandeis before you make the decision.
  6. I am not sure if this will help at all, but my overall GPA was once lower than 3.0 (the sophomore year I think), then I was able to boost it a little later on by concentrating on Philosophy classes. (For several semesters I take only Philosophy classes). I applied this cycle to MA programs with a 3.29 overall GPA. For what it is worth, my Philosophy GPA is not as high as I wanted to either (somewhere between 3.6/3.7) and I have an embarrassingly low GRE score (even for an international student). I did mention it to my letter writers. I was told by many that the most important thing is your wr
  7. I thought NIU does not have a PhD program? Am I wrong about that?
  8. did you reach out? or get an email from them?
  9. Can someone claim the SFSU acceptance? When did you submit?
  10. Thank you! I did apply to Virginia Tech.
  11. Well, I am not sure how much information you are going to get about a particular person/class online. Why don't you contact her and ask about the class and probably go to the first class session? I am an undergraduate and cannot speak about the grad-level, but I have attended her talks several times and she is great!
  12. Thank you! Yes, you are right. I will probably add them to my list. I was searching people who work on both value theory and feminist philosophy and left out some of the good programs.
  13. AOI: moral, social and political philosophy, feminist philosophy. The (current) list of programs: Brandeis, GSU, SFSU, Tufts, UW- Milwaukee, Calgary, SFU, Toronto, UBC, Western. Please let me know if I missed any master program that has faculty members working in my AOI.
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