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  1. So if you look up previous acceptances to UCI's LPS, someone last cycle has said, "Those invited to the interview (11 this year) are essentially already accepted. LPS is just required by the university to interview candidates in person before formally admitting them." My guess is that this is what is happening. In years past, those accepted to the LPS seem to receive a formal email in early to mid-Feb. which coincides with those who are also formally accepted to UCI's regular philosophy track program. I would imagine that the LPS is allowed to get a jump on early because of university's extra
  2. CMU initially required it for the start of this application cycle, but changed their mind. At least that's what I seem to remember.
  3. Meh, I wouldn't worry about the possibility of more applicants. It isn't like getting into philosophy programs is easy when there isn't a pandemic. It is always going to be hard. Just control what you can control. If you have a solid application and you applied to a decent amount of schools, you should be fine. Just because there are more applicants does not mean that the quantity of quality applications has also gone up. Of course, applying to grad programs can be a crapshoot, but I think that if your writing sample adequately demonstrates your philosophical skills you should be alright.
  4. Hi jackb97, I am glad to hear that you have interest in UMSL. I am currently a graduate student at UMSL. One helpful note about our program is that funding is usually only given to people who take the GRE test. So if you would like to go to UMSL with funding(tuition remission and stipend), I would strongly suggest that you take the GRE. I know of someone who applied and was accepted, but because that individual didn't take the GRE, the individual was not given a full funding package. Also, in regards to the programs at San Fran and LA, there is no official funding that they will give. How
  5. Hello, I don't know if you have already considered these schools, but you might want to think about applying to Virginia Tech, UMSL, and NIU. I am assuming that you've already considered these schools since your tentative list looks pretty good. If not, these programs that I listed are MA terminal programs and I think they are pretty strong in moral, social, and political philosophy.
  6. Hello Nopun, My situation was similar to yours, but I just applied. I came from a very historical-oriented undergraduate program, but I knew that I wanted to do analytic philosophy. I applied to almost all the MA programs listed in the PGR and got into a good amount of them with funding. I will be going to UMSL this Fall 2018, they are really strong in Moral philosophy and Mind. I think my AOS is Metaethics and Action theory, so UMSL is a really good fit. I think they are also pretty good in Phil of sci. If you have any questions about applying or maybe a specific MA program, feel free to a
  7. Yeah, My AOI is early modern. I got the same generic waitlist e-mail from Virg. I don't really expect to get in, because I am pretty sure I am one of the last on their waitlist. My GRE was not superb, your probably ahead of me, my sample paper is what kept me afloat. But, if you want to turn them down, I would be forever in your debt...you can have my parents, my sister, my parent's house after I give you my parents, all my money...lol, I am not holding my breath for this one
  8. Congratulations on getting accepted! I agree with you, no funding is basically a rejection for me too. As long as you are high on the waitlist for three schools, I would expect that you would get an offer. I am hoping it picks up within a week of April 15...
  9. I have not heard from them, but it should be this week hopefully.
  10. I know that the PGR and the placement rate do not correlate, but I kind of use both to give me a general guidance. Oh, the 76% is just the university placement into PhD programs, some mid-level to lower level PGR schools, some I be happy to go to. Hmm, I did not know or think about your last point. I should probably see what universities do for their grad. students a year after they graduate, if they help provide temporary teaching position, thanks for the advice.
  11. Yeah, I applied and I got rejected. Haha, I was kind of surprised since I got into more analytic programs despite my background. Though I do think that I may have slipped up on my state of purpose that I submitted to GSU. Sometimes I wonder whether some MA schools have different ways of evaluating applicants. I think that some evaluate applicants based on how locked down one is in choosing a specific area/topic, while others are more open to the idea that applicants are wanting to explore more. Or maybe my application just sucked.
  12. Hi Descartes blanche, Yeah, I definitely agree with what you are saying and was thinking along the same lines of reasoning. The school that I am strongly considering is Ohio University, mainly because they have one individual that does Kant and phil. of religion-free-will and another person that does meta ethics and Action theory. My interests are all in analytic field, except I also have interest in Kant. I don't really want to go to a place where there isn't Kant, to my knowledge most of my analytic programs don't have at least one Kantian, mainly because I did so much undergrad. work in Kan
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