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  1. Hi all, Do we need submit the undergraduate transcript when we apply for Ph.D programs from our MA program?
  2. Why don't you go to Oxford? Tufts is better than Oxford?
  3. It's so kind of you.Thanks a lot! I'm hesitating to apply for a TA. I'm a international student and my spoken English is not as good as native speakers. Maybe I will have trouble with listening and communicating with professors during classes at begining. Is it a better choice to do a TA in the second semester? I aim at applying for good PhD programs. If get a TA will help me a lot, I will try my best to do so. Sorry to bother you to ask other thing. I hear that the program has many graduate students. How many will be showing in a class? I want to prepare myself better before attendi
  4. Thank you! metaphysics, Aristotle, early modern, philosophy of religion...I think. Are you in a Ph.D program now?
  5. Hi friend, I just recieved an email from sfsu. It says "Department of philosophy at San Francisco State University has recommended your admission for fall 2018. Your application has been returned with our endorsement to the Division of Graduate Studies, which will send official notification to you." Do you know how long will I have to wait until recieve the official notification?
  6. Wow, I heard its reputation! The top1 university in China, especially its humanities. You must be very smart. My firends says its analytic tradition is weak, but it seems just a misunderstanding.
  7. I have a friend in China, and I never heard something good about philosophy education in China from him... Which school did you get your BA and MA from? Your offer is really really amazing...
  8. Hi, I note the deadline of SFSU is July 15, if so when do they send offer? A rolling basis?
  9. "a silent rejaction"? Will they reject a student without informing the student?
  10. If you are serious about philosophy and want to start a professional career with it, I would recommend a MA program which can put you into a top PhD program. I think a high-quality discipline training and the good reputation from a PhD program is very crucial for a successful career.
  11. Tufts is a bit unpractical for me, but it's nice to know more about it. Thanks!
  12. Many thanks NIU is one of my dream school, it's better to hear that it lies in a small town and has faculty working in these areas.
  13. It's very helpful! Thank you! I concern about interests out of a consideration for my future writing sample. I think if I could write a sample in a field I'm interested in, that might be much better for me to give some valuable points, and a professor who specializes in this field will help me a lot. After all, it would be very helpless if I can't find a suitable professor to advise me to write my sample paper. A question about SFSU. It's placement record seems not very clear, as someone says “The schools that students had been accepted into were aggregated into a list, so it was impossi
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