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  1. I just declined Tufts's exceptionally late offer.
  2. As I noted in another thread, I have accepted Indiana University's offer.
  3. I've accepted the offer from Indiana University! Consequently I've turned down the offer from Brandeis and removed myself from waiting lists at UW-Madison, Michigan State, CU-Boulder, UC Davis, and the University of Virginia. I hope that helps someone here. It's been great to have an outlet for all the frustration this process caused, and to have more people who understand what I'm going through to share these moments with. I wish you all the very best, and perhaps I'll (unknowingly) meet some of you again in the future. Cheers!
  4. I know at Indiana there will be movement on Sunday, since I need to let them know my answer by 9 am EST Sunday. Maryland's deadline was 10 am EST Sunday.
  5. Thanks! I was not told in the original notification, but after the visit I was told I was told I was fourth on the waitlist.
  6. I've been admitted off the waitlist at Indiana! I'm very happy about this offer and will likely accept, but I'm still waiting to hear back about a fellowship at Brandeis and a couple of waitlists that might change my mind.
  7. I declined an offer with a TAship from Maryland (PhD), as well as a fellowship offer from UW-Milwaukee (MA).
  8. I've been sending solicitations with roughly this format and almost always gotten replies.
  9. I wish I knew the answer to that question (incoming jumbled thoughts). Assuming none of my remaining waitlists come through, I'm leaning towards one of the MAs but not decisively. This process is brutal, and while my odds after finishing one of those MAs would be good they aren't pristine. To be in at any PhD program is an accomplishment. I also resent the pedigree-bias that I have against Maryland, which makes me uncomfortable with declining their offer. On the other hand, I should probably scrap for every advantage that isn't unethical, knowing how difficult this business is, and it cer
  10. I just declined an offer of funding from VA Tech. Hopefully someone who wants it gets in off the waitlist.
  11. I turned down an offer from Virginia Tech and took myself off the waitlist at UConn.
  12. Perhaps they are also using a pool, but they understand that we're trying to make decisions and that it's very unlikely any one of us will be chosen so we're better off thinking of Arizona as a rejection.
  13. I think this is the right answer. I received a similar email which, rereading your earlier posts, actually seems to be exactly the same wording, except that I am #4 on the waitlist "as things now stand."
  14. Removed myself from the waitlist for the HPS program at Indiana University-Bloomington.
  15. I almost forgot why I came here. Accepted to Brandeis with a $20k scholarship, TAship, and fellowship nomination.
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